Wednesday, May 25, 2005

i really think that XZENO should talk ASAP about the plans for Saturday..

and BTW, since Sir Allan's absent today, i still cant hold of my ID..

he smiledat me..'nuff said

im updating 3 blogs at the same about multitasking.. wanna know why? because i havent had real work since this week started..consolation nalang talaga yung pagkaka-publish nung article ko last Sunday.. tsaka yung picture ni Chad Michael Murray na binigay ni Ms. Terrie.. she's so nice talaga.. at shempreh, i poured my blessing to KAI, coz i also had this EWAN Mcgregor's Star Wars and Robotz pictures.. sabi ko kasi kay Ms. Terrie, instead of du,ping it into 'the trash bin, i'll take it home na lang..and she didnt refuse..thank God..

Grabe, since wala pa kong article, i have to do an analysis content about the Life and Times Section for the Month of May..well, okay lang sana..kaso we have a SURVEY kind of thesis so good luck din kung mabigyan ko ng justice itong analysis na to..pero on the other hand, okay sa'kin ang Life and Times..sorry biased talaga ako eh.. Pano, they have nice writers and a super marvelous editor.. isama na natin sila Sir Rome na ever friendly talaga, si Ms. Terrie na binigay nga sakin yung pics, tsaka si Ms. Ayn na hindi ako iniisnab-isnab unlike other people..

i feel bad that i kinda shouted at Jasmin last night.. im just relieved na ok na kami..sorry jaz.. ;)

happy birthday pala to my Xzeno Friend---Jheng del Rosario!!cheers!

work, work work na nga..puro blog at friendster inaatupag ko eh..

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