Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Movie for the LOVE Month: Miss You Like Crazy

“Isa lang ang puso mo, kaya dapat isa lang ang laman niyan.”

Of all the lines that struck me during this movie, Alan's (John Lloyd Cruz) dilemma between the two women he both love relates to me the most.

Mia Samonte (Bea Alonzo) and Alan Alvarez (JLC) met through depressing thoughts written in stones. When they found out that their worlds are completely different from each other, but their happiness lies within the moments that they are together, Alan took the risk of falling in love, regardless of his commitment with his girlfriend Daphne (Maricar Reyes).

"Time is meaningless when you're in love", Lolo Yuli, the fortune teller that Mia met few years ago told her that she will be with her true love on February 24, 2010, but requires a great deal of effort for a lot of trials may come their way. But as Alan tries to decide who will she choose, Mia went back to Malaysia and decided to not see him again when he didn't show up as he promised.

Just when Alan finally man up and chose Mia, he then found out that she has also found someone who would love her unconditionally. But what if the one you love asks for her freedom? Would you give her up just like that despite the feeling in your heart that SHE.IS.THE.ONE? Or will their love surpass distance and time? And will February 24, 2010 come as it intended to be?

John Lloyd and Bea has been polished by time. Their magic as a love team never fails to make us all feel mushy and happy at the same time. They kiss as if its it is natural for them. Their chemistry is very undeniable. You'll get kilig and you'd laugh when they act clumsily, especially John Lloyd. :)

The story line is kind of twisted. One can be confused by the flashbacks and the present time. But adding sceneries from Malaysia are the best. It makes you feel like you've been there at the same time.

“Bakit ka ba nagpa-panic? Kahit nga hindi mo ako hinahanap nagkikita pa rin tayo!”-- And indeed, love is found when you least expect it. This movie is not just for those who are "coupled up", but also for the hopeless romantics a.k.a. singles like myself. :P It makes you believe that no matter how long you look for love or be in completely different places at the same time, if two people are destined to be together, they will find each other. No matter what.:)

Reblogged: Tips to be Pretty (Skin Deep)

I've always adored how the Stepford Wives are so perfect, but I prefer to be like Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman). Because no matter how dark and twisted she may be described, she is definitely REAL. She kept her flaws, no matter how perfect the girls at Stepford Village are.

So here are foolproof ways to be pretty on the inside:
- Stop imitating others, be yourself. Imitation is suicide.
- Have you own style, way of talking and acting
- Don’t overdo yourself.
- Don’t speak as if you know everything. Just be yourself.
- Admit if it’s your fault then apologize.
- If someone tells you that there’s something wrong about your attitude, assess yourself. If it’s true, change for the better, if it’s not, ask him what’s his problem.
- Don’t try so hard to fit in. Be yourself. Maybe by then the people around will love you more.
- Respect others regardless of age, status and ability.
-Be generous. Don’t be selfish.
-Don’t think about yourself alone. There are billions of people in this world aside from you.
-Don’t forget where you came from and don’t be ashamed of that.
-The world doesn’t only revolve around clothes, bags, shoes, gadgets, make up and hot guys. ----There’s more to life that material things.
- Never squeeze in yourself to situations wherein you are really not involved. It only makes you look stupid for wasting your time to things that won’t really benefit you physically, emotionally and spiritually.
- Never pretend to be helpful when you just want other people to praise you for being helpful.
- Reflect every night: What have you done wrong that day. The next day, don’t do it again. Make it a habit, believe me, you’ll be a better person in the future.

So love your flaws. Know your worth and never ever start to be shallow. Because its better to be yourself that be a plastic bimbo.

And always, know your worth. Now I do. :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Movie Date: It's Complicated

What if a divorcee had an affair with her ex-husband? Doesnt it smell trouble?Jane Adler (Meryll Streep) has been divorced with his ex-husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), for ten years. But when their son graduates from college, a flame suddenly sparked between the ex-lovers, only, Jake is already married to Agness (Lake Bell), a younger woman.

When they both realized that they still love each other, the two committed an affair that they never possibly thought would ever happen. But in the midst of their affair, Adam, (Steve Martin) Jane's architect was budding a strong feeling towards her, thus adding to a triangle. But as time pass, Jane finally had the guts to realize that she got herself in a huge mess, and its making her life more complicated than it already is. Will she choose Adam, the sensitive architect or her ex-husband, the man she loved her whole life?

Thanks to, I scored premiere tickets to this movie. If youre feeling kind of sad and is needing to laugh so hard, then Its Complicated might be the movie you should hit. Meryll Streep never fails to amuse me with her subtle antics. Alec Baldwin is someone you would love to hate but laugh at his crazy perceptions to their strange affair. Steve Martin is love, because we all want a good guy to equal with a bad guy.

What I love about this movie is not the love story, nor the funny affair, but Jane's love for her kids. I was so touched when she went all the way to ask her children's forgiveness for confusing them with their parent's relationship.

Definitely, girl power is in this movie. That you don't need a complicated relationship to be happy. That maybe, your family is worth more than a crazy affair. Kudos to Nancy Meyers for this great film...again.

Looking Back Last Night

We look like we just went into a field trip! LOL.

Went out with my former officemates last night to watch Miss You Like Crazy. Miss Cherry, Sahlee, Fernan, Jen, Violy and I met at Megamall last night to its first screening day. And somehow, I got a funny inkling at the scenario.

See, now that I'm at RSB, I'm kind of wondering how it is if I'm still working at Fortune CARE. I mean, I always get lucky there and my life was very much different than now. I was thinking if my life would still be the same, stuck in CCD office, be in the same relationship and be with the same people. But clearly, everything changed. Sahlee now has two kids, Miss Che got slimmer compared to before. Well I, you know how much changed. Some have been drastic, while some are for the best.

But no matter what happened the past year, I'm glad I stayed in touch with almost all of my former colleagues and friends. Their former EVP-GM, now President, even wishes me the best everytime I see her when I visit their office. And that, I think is enough for me to know that I'm dependable enough. Little things like these make me know my worth. :)

During these times, friends are all I have and need. Love waits patiently if its really for you. Guys may come and go, but these people are FAR more important.

Here's to more movie nights and coffee fixes with friends! :D

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He.Gets.My.Vote. SERIOUSLY.

Its not very often that I get a crush on someone. But at the street, when a potential hottie is in sight, I would nudge a friend I'm with, just because I am interested.

But this morning during Goodtimes with Mo Twister, Atty. Adel Tamano, a candidate for the senatorial position, caught my attention and potential crush right then and there. Until I saw his photo. God, I was just flabbergasted. :P

Yes, I will definitely put him as my number one in my list. :P

He participated during the Forbidden Questions, or let's just say one of the controversial radio segments in Magic 89.9. I dont know, he seems so confident in local issues, national concerns and all he has that drive that candidates need to secure a seat in the Senate. Plus, he has the credentials to back up his fight. But he's married. Oh, and he seems sweet to his wife. :P I loved the bit on how he described bullies, as I quote him "When you are attacked that way (by bullies), hindi mo naman pwedeng sagutin ng pareho, then you went down to his level. So bullied ka because you cannot fight the same way. There's a saying that, when you enter into an argument with a pig, what you're gonna end up doing is to wallow in the mud, youre both gonna get dirty, but the difference between you and the pig is that the pig enjoyed it." Strong. :P

Now this is his TVC campaign:

Now I'm really voting for this guy. Harvard Law? Awesome. No, I'm not promoting him. But it wouldnt hurt if he gets into the Top 12 this May. And yeah, we must know our candidates. Lemme get back to my research now.

And this is mixing politics and pleasure. Night guys! :P

Now Im Into It

Exercise your right for our future...

Politics and law was never been my forte during college. Political dynamics interested me during the third year, because I enjoyed the arguments of our professor, the paradigm shifts, the dynasties that we were under and all those stuff. When my friends decided to be lawyers, I was envious because they wanted more than the usual curriculum.

I also wanted the same, in time. But not Law. That is beyond for me to handle. Investigative Journalism is what I wanted, but the odds of me being one is, well, risky. But I do have a knack in it. :P And well, I always get to use my brain cells. hahahah! :P

During our seminar this morning, I learned that there is a law for the banks not to report the money deposited by candidates during election. You see, some financial institutions has the right to report suspicious sums of money deposited in a day.

How about that for transparency? We so live in a twisted place.

Sherlock Holmes thinks super awesome. :P

You know what's funny? My sudden interest to be an investigative journalist was influenced by Sherlock Holmes. I used to have this maze and puzzle book when I was younger and you have to solve nifty mysteries, just for the heck of it. Now I love puzzles, I am fond of reading every piece of paper that is handed to me and I love solving whatever it is that I see something shady.

I remember Kyle with this grayish area stuff. And now he's someone I wanted so much to forget.

Adam is such a sweetheart! :)

Anyhow, Mom and I watched the premiere of It's Complicated last night at Glorietta. I adore Adam (Steve Martin) because he is this nice, sensitive guy who seems like he doesnt even know how to hurt a fly. Plus he's an architect. Oh my God. I am so attracted with Ted Mosby types now. But anyway, I'd rather be with a nerd that with someone who doesnt know how to speak his mind. And it wouldnt hurt if he says I love you immediately. I mean, I don't mind. hehehe. God, why does Kyle always step into these blogs anyway? Maybe I needed to get myself closure with him. If there is anything like that.

Today, I found out that the more you ignore a person, the more likely it is for him to come back running to you. As I was about to leave the house this morning, my Lola told me that Ryan called last night. WHAT UUUP?!?! I sensed that this would come up again, but anyway, since that date with the certain SWAT team member. (Hey, I mentioned his name twice already, I dont need to stress it anymore!) I burdened him to listen to my complaints about that guy to R. I'm just not sure why he felt the need to defend him instead of me. So I stormed out at him and figured that if he really is my friend, he would at least side with me. Then he went M.I.A. for weeks, until I didn't hear anything from him anymore.


That my friends, is what I call missable. Dont worry, I would end his misery soon. I just needed to teach him a lesson for a while. :P


I received a call earlier, asking me if I am interested for a job interview for a copywriter position in an online advertisement site. With my free time, I could do the part time job, but if it will be for a full time position, that would be risky. Maybe I would consider it, if I didnt have a maxxed out card as of the moment. But now, I have to arrange all my finances first before jumping into cold water.

Now I just have to convince myself that these trials are small rocks, and my big rocks are yet to come. But to think of it, my big rocks are slowly materializing. Now I only have to nurture them so it wouldnt got to waste. And with my baby coming in October, I know I have to save up now. And fast. :) Excited much! :P

Have to go now. Huge migraine again. I wish I couldve taken a leave today instead of yesterday. hahaha.

Bye y'all! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Need Myself a Wingman...

I love Ted Mosby. I guess he's the guy I've been waiting for forever. He says the right words, he's a huge nerd, he loves babies, and he's not afraid to say "I love you" then and there.

When Shang asked me to watch How I Met Your Mother because she said I remind her of Lily Aldrin, I bought myself a copy of the series again, just for the heck of it. And last night, I had a realization on the news about crushie finding a girlfriend. And that was Season 4, smacking in front of my face. For those who haven't watched the season yet, this is quite a spoiler, so its your discretion to read or not. hehehe.

"And that was it. That moment I wasn't angry anymore. I could see Stella was meant to be with Tony. Kids, you may think your only choices are to swallow your anger, or throw it it on someone's face, but there's a third option, you can just LET IT GO. And only when you do that is, its really gone and you can move forward. And that kids, was the perfect ending to a love story. ITS JUST WASN'T MINE. MINE WAS STILL OUT THERE, WAITING FOR ME" -- Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother

What followed was looking at my phone and seeing that the date was one of my favorite days in the calendar. Or what used to be one of the most important date. Now I'm not sure about the time frame, but the characters at HIMYM stated different theories on how long does it take to get over your former relationship. Marshall said it takes half the time you were with a person to get over them. So it will take me a year and a half? God, I hope not. I would rather be like Barney's "the moment she walks out of the door, kablam! Over" LOL. But anyway, I don't suppose I am. After all, the dating and stuff, I think I need all the break I can get to be back in the game. I don't want to make the same mistake as I did with Kyle. Good thing I turned him down or I will be very miserable. Guess that only shows I love myself more than anything he wants to offer me right?

What matters now is accepting that my perfect love story is brewing somewhere. And just like Ted Mosby, I am making a pact that I will always believe in the concept of love. No matter how painful your last was, or when you felt like you're going to die of humiliation when you bump into his friends and they all think you're still together, or when you start dating and just feel like it still isn't what you're looking for, I AM NOT GIVING UP HOPE. Because no matter how shallow it is to find true love in this world, I know it still exists. And it will stay, mushy as it may seem. :)

So speaking of wingman, Karch is brewing something up. And I know it is best served hot. XD I can't wait for it, and if it doesn't work out, just like Kyle and Mcdreamy, then you move along to the next fish. Because that's life. It will happen, if its supposed to happen. And so, I quote Ted Mosby again with:

"The greatest moments of your life wont necessarily be the things you do, so also be the things that happened to you. Now Im not saying you cant take action to affect the outcome of your life. YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION, and YOU WILL. But never forget that on any day, you can step out the front door and YOUR WHOLE LIFE CAN CHANGE FOREVER. You see the UNIVERSE HAS A PLAN, Kids, and that PLAN IS ALWAYS IN MOTION. A butterfly flaps its wings and it starts to rain. Its a scary thought, but its also kind of wonderful. Are we all part of the machine? Constantly working, making sure that YOU END UP EXACTLY WHERE YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE, EXACTLY WHEN YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. THE RIGHT PLACE, AT THE RIGHT TIME"

Genius, just pure genius. What Up?!? God, Barney's rubbing into me. LOL.

Ive had my lucky moments and not so lucky period last Friday. But since I rarely win in contest, THIS made my day. Premiere night tickets to see It's Complicated! :) My friend was supposed to set me up with this guy, but I have to take a rain check. This month have been rough for my Mom and I, that I invited her to see it with me instead. After all, I need all the approval I could get. I needed her to accept who her daughter is, especially during this time. :( But I will be happy. Now I just have to wait for seven more months. :)

Anyway, I have to go. I'm supposed to sleep early now, whether I want to or not. That makes me sad. Just when I want to watch Season 5. :P

Night night dearies! :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

In the End, Love is All that Matters

My application with this telecom company has built up problems in my life. I had a foolproof plan of having the phone that I wanted, save up for our Ilocos trip, and basically do everything in my list, according to what was written. But since they just have to piss me, I have to settle for something less. Something I wouldnt accept except when I feel desperate. And THIS is a really desperate time for me.

After talking to one of the most stressful customer services ever, Mench decided to take me to 50th Avenue at Robinson's Galleria just to make me feel happy. But we ended up watching the most talked about movie today, Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day revolved around different characters, from young at heart to couples who are tested by time. I personally can relate to Jessica Biel's character, blaming herself for not finding love and being alone during the most romantic day in the year. She even has this heart pinata for her I Hate Valentine's Day party. Jennifer Garner's story is also great. Because even though her bestfriend tells her that his boyfriend is cheating on her, she has to find out for herself. Kinda reminds me of me, dont you think? Stubborn, stubborn girl. But Ashton Kutcher is the best. Because he never gave up on the idea of Valentine's Day, even though a series of events happened to the worst of him. May I relate again?

Today, I found out the crushie has a girlfriend again. Thank you for the motorcycle ride though, I felt I was really special that night. I guess were both test driving that night. And were not really on the same page as I thought. Oh well. Fish number three, next please! :))

Like Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother, I still believe in the concept of love. No matter how painful it is. No matter how many lowdowns Ive taken. I'm still me, I'm still in one whole piece, and no one can ever take that away.

Weekend at Nova again. I'm sure as hell I will be bored again. But since I have plans for myself, everything's a done deal now. :) I will shun away the problem's my finances have been facing. Starting Monday, I have to revamp everything. And I really mean everything.

Happy weekend everyone! :)

Valentine's Day

"Love is the only shocking act left on the planet"--Reed Bennett (Ashton Kutcher)

Valentine's Day is an all-star movie known to man. Stars Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace, Patrick Dempsey, Queen Latifah, Eric Dane, Emma Roberts, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift and a lot more.

The story revolves on different takes on couples during Valentine's Day, how commercialized it is and how it is considered one heck of a special day. From young love to serious relationships, Valentine's day is that one day to celebrate the most important act in the world. LOVE. The movie also portrays how one person can fully understand the concept of the three words that are commonly used but best felt.

Many of us can relate to the movie because no matter how shallow it may be, we are all sucked in the thing called love and we all wanna be in this perfect relationship where we get to be with the most important person in this world: OUR BEST FRIEND.

The best thing about this film is that anyone can watch it. It doesn't matter if you're single or attached. Just as long as you believe in love, Valentine's Day will surely tug your heartstrings and make you believe that it still do exist.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Win a Free Boracay Vacation Package by WOW Philippines Travel Agency

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Vacation Package Inclusions:
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Read More Information:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Take Me in This Whole New World With You...

Definitely my song for the moment. Though, I'm on the verge of leaving already. Karch and Mench told me to just enjoy the ride for now. Yes, I enjoyed the motorcycle ride, thank you very much. But I'm not sure where it is leading, nor do I understand how he feels. And no, I won't shortchange myself for another person again. It's beyond my rules already. :P

My weekend is eventful. To sum it all up, I must say that it has been bittersweet. I'm not complaining by the way :)


Hope we'd be lucky with the dragon's force with us. :P

Chinese New Year was a blast! Since we will be sponsoring the event for the Binondo dwellers, we staged a parade, a mini concert, the dragon dance and all those stuff. Met Chie for lunch then went to Ongpin. The sad news, my camera got stolen. A holdupper slashed my bag and got my cam effortlessly. I only noticed it when Chie wanted us to take a picture at the pedicab and saw the big cut at my bag. Sad, sad. But anyhow, I guess I should be thankful because my iTouch, wallet and two phones were not taken. Or else, I wouldnt be able to show my face to my parents anymore. hahaha! :P

Yummy Chinese Treats!

So at Binondo, Chie, Mench and I had our lunch at this quaint restaurant that offers Chinese food. We were so full because Chie ordered a lot for us. Then we went back to the plaza to catch the parade, or the remains of it because were already late.

When were already bored, I had my fortunes read at the tarot card booth. I can't believe how accurate my cards were. That a.) Its hard for me to move on (always), b.) I don't seem to listen to my family's advice because I'm so hard headed, c.) that my problems right now are financial (thanks to my credit card bill) and d.) I will meet someone, but I'm having problems with him because my standards are high. I know that my standards are far to reach most of the time, but I'm not sure about that meeting part yet. My Mom butted in last Sunday and told me that I shouldve asked the tarot card reader if the person I'm gonna meet is a policeman. How about THAT Mom? :P

They said YES! Twice! :)

Malyn and Angel arrived at the later part of the afternoon, so they brought us to the Buddhist temple to pray and have our fortunes told (again). This time, two wooden bars are all you need and a question answerable by yes or no. I got a Yes, twice for the same question. I am so psyched, by the way. Then Malyn took us to this store that sells Fried Siopao. Mench was so ecstatic because its her first time at the area. I was also supposed to meet Cris, yes, the ex's ex-girlfriend, whom I became buddies with after the breakup and the fights, but she was with her boyfriend and we keep on losing track of our schedules so we havent had the chance anymore. Funny, because again, we were at the same vicinity. LOL.

The purple truck is rubbing into me! LOL.

Lastly, went to Eng Bee Tin to buy my favorite Ube Hopia. Happiness! Oh and to celebrate my remorse over the stolen camera, I bought a cute pair of shoes. So Lily Aldrin of me. :P


I celebrated the Valentine's Day with my family and my RSB Family. Come to think of it, this will be my first Valentine's day without a someone special. Of course, I know I have friends, but who needs a guy to be happy anyway right? Sorry, rantings of a single gal.

Under the Sea, Under the sea....

Despite being loveless, I was under the sea, with the mermaids! Because the bank is in partnership with the Manila Ocean Park, we got to watch the mermaid show for free and had a live band which we sponsored for the night. I had the chance to sing onstage again. And because its Heart's Day, I sang Especially for You. And yes, I am thinking of J when I was rendering it. I just hope he knows how I feel. That a lot of people are already rooting for me.

Happy Heart's Day Everyone!

Oh well, at least I got to belt out a tune again. That's all that matters for now. Regardless of when he'd hear it or not at all.

It was a happy happy two days for me. Alone, but not lonely. I had my How I Met Your Mother DVDs too, so I'm kinda preoccupied for a while. Now I just wish I could watch Dear John and Valentine's Day on screen, that would be super swell.

Happy Tuesdays everyone! Long week ahead indeed. :P

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Happy Heart! :)

I am not letting anyone rain on my parade. So I have the happy vibes today. :)

It started over YM. Asked him if he wants to go with me to his cousin and watch a sappy movie with us. He said he'd try. And since all our plans of meeting together gets cancelled, I mustered up my courage to this one time event. And boy did it make wonders to my night.

With a pizza box in one hand and my heart on my sleeve, I marched to Shang's house since he said yes to my invite. At first, he teased me that he was still in Batangas and asked if I could wait for him to get home first. Of course, I got mad because I kind of expected him to come already. He then confessed that he was joking and will be waiting for my text when I get to Shang's place.

When he got there, I noticed that he isnt the same guy Ive been crushing for six years. His arms got buffed, he has this fierce look that made him look way hotter. And yeah, suddenly, I felt like Bella and he was my Jacob. LOL. But seriously. That was how it looked like. After catching up and the movie, Shang asked him to send me off. But he refused and told her that he brought his motorcycle and he'd drop me home instead. And yeah, I can't tell my Mom that. She would probably kill me. But anyway, I know I'm safe with him. But sadly, we had to part ways already because I only had one street more to pass by.


And still, we couldnt be together. Why it happened? There was always a timing issue. He would always be in a relationship, while I was also unavailable. Everyone in our barkada knows how much I like him and I think some of them are just waiting for him to ask me. They were rooting for us. But I'm not sure how he feels anymore. I was hoping that after last night, things would be different. I'm not sure YET. But I'm hoping and crossing my fingers for the best.

You know what's different and so strange about it? It feels so right that I didn't have the need to pull out my camera last night to remember the perfect moment. Everything, recorded inside my head.

My heart is happy now. I don't know where it would lead me, but I am definitely wishing this is for keeps. As my friend KC Tan said, "It's more than a crush and a little less than love" :)

Keep the fire burning! Muah!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Renewing Friendships

Est. 2002

I must say that we have been through A LOT. Guys went along, sleepless nights because of the thesis, mad boyfriends, and petty fights surpassed. But here we are again, proving that friendships are WAY more important than any guy. After almost a year, Mela and I started talking again. In spite of the loss during the previous year, I gained friends, old and new. Now I'm back with one of my best friends. :) And I'm so, so happy that we reconciliated again.

Finally, SILA NA TALAGA! :)

During our first year in college, Karch and I are in the same group of friends, same projects, plays, etc. But after graduation, we just got so busy that we only say our hi's and hello's at multiply. But if my breakup has taught me anything, it showed me who my real friends are. When my heart was torn apart, Karch has been there to listen,drop by to our office just to bring me dessert, and basically beat the sh*t out of my ex. :) So last Saturday, I never missed going to Jet and her party to celebrate "SILA NA!". I'm just so happy for the two of them since I've somehow witnessed how their lurve story evolve. :)

Now, if anyone would ask me how my heart is, I would gladly tell that I feel loved. I am overflowing with joy because I have friends who stood by me through everything. I haven't mentioned most of my friends yet, but if I would sum them all, my gratitude is not enough for all of them. Guess I have to spend another lifetime more just so I could say thanks to them. :P

Love, Love, Love! Who says you need a date to be happy this Valentine's Day right? Friends are all I need for now, with or without a special someone. :D

Later! :)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Searching for Destiny...

I wanted to make a DO or DIE thing. But I'm just scared.

I'm willing to take the risk, but I'm afraid of risking our friendship. If I tell him how I feel, I might lose him forever. But if I keep it to myself, I might find him in some other girl's arms. This has been bothering me for days. I kept on making parinig through my FB page, but it seems like he doesnt get it. I invited him to this event, but it he couldnt show up. I keep on dropping hints, but still, not getting it.

I'm not sure why he seems so dense. And I can't figure myself for liking the chase.


I have this thing for him for six years. Eventhough I had a relationship that time, I never failed to cross paths with him. But the weird thing is, we'd both be in a relationship. I never really imagined that this would happen, ever, because I thought my former relationship would be my last. But here we are, both single, free and unattached. So why is he still not doing the asking?

It happened again when I was feeling woozy from the vodka that my brother mixed out for our friends. I insisted my friend to call him, see how he is. He's still the same bubbly but knight-like person I used to know. He used to be like my protector. Whenever we go to parties with our friends, he would take me home safe. He never failed to go to my debut even though we barely knew each other that time. He was always there. Sadly, he never saw me more than a friend.

When he found out that I broke up with the ex, my friend told me that "Single na pala si Ria eh! Siya nalang liligawan ko!" Now I'm not sure if he was dead serious, but I felt happy that maybe the spark he was looking for would turn into this flame I had long been waiting for.

And that seems to be the problem.

I'm not sure how he feels. Everytime we talk to each other, it feels so right. All the signs point to him wherever I might be. When I go home at night, something or someone reminds me of him. I took one risk last week, but he couldnt make it though. And so I would quote Serendipity:

"Maybe the absence of signs is a sign"

I am not sure where the path will lead me to. But like Jonathan Trager in Serendipity, I will never fail the pursuit of my "long reputed soul mate". May it be McDreamy or not, my heart is always on my sleeve. And fate will surface soon. :)


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