Friday, February 26, 2010

“Isa lang ang puso mo, kaya dapat isa lang ang laman niyan.”

Of all the lines that struck me during this movie, Alan's (John Lloyd Cruz) dilemma between the two women he both love relates to me the most.

Mia Samonte (Bea Alonzo) and Alan Alvarez (JLC) met through depressing thoughts written in stones. When they found out that their worlds are completely different from each other, but their happiness lies within the moments that they are together, Alan took the risk of falling in love, regardless of his commitment with his girlfriend Daphne (Maricar Reyes).

"Time is meaningless when you're in love", Lolo Yuli, the fortune teller that Mia met few years ago told her that she will be with her true love on February 24, 2010, but requires a great deal of effort for a lot of trials may come their way. But as Alan tries to decide who will she choose, Mia went back to Malaysia and decided to not see him again when he didn't show up as he promised.

Just when Alan finally man up and chose Mia, he then found out that she has also found someone who would love her unconditionally. But what if the one you love asks for her freedom? Would you give her up just like that despite the feeling in your heart that SHE.IS.THE.ONE? Or will their love surpass distance and time? And will February 24, 2010 come as it intended to be?

John Lloyd and Bea has been polished by time. Their magic as a love team never fails to make us all feel mushy and happy at the same time. They kiss as if its it is natural for them. Their chemistry is very undeniable. You'll get kilig and you'd laugh when they act clumsily, especially John Lloyd. :)

The story line is kind of twisted. One can be confused by the flashbacks and the present time. But adding sceneries from Malaysia are the best. It makes you feel like you've been there at the same time.

“Bakit ka ba nagpa-panic? Kahit nga hindi mo ako hinahanap nagkikita pa rin tayo!”-- And indeed, love is found when you least expect it. This movie is not just for those who are "coupled up", but also for the hopeless romantics a.k.a. singles like myself. :P It makes you believe that no matter how long you look for love or be in completely different places at the same time, if two people are destined to be together, they will find each other. No matter what.:)



i love the movie


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