Friday, February 26, 2010

I've always adored how the Stepford Wives are so perfect, but I prefer to be like Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman). Because no matter how dark and twisted she may be described, she is definitely REAL. She kept her flaws, no matter how perfect the girls at Stepford Village are.

So here are foolproof ways to be pretty on the inside:
- Stop imitating others, be yourself. Imitation is suicide.
- Have you own style, way of talking and acting
- Don’t overdo yourself.
- Don’t speak as if you know everything. Just be yourself.
- Admit if it’s your fault then apologize.
- If someone tells you that there’s something wrong about your attitude, assess yourself. If it’s true, change for the better, if it’s not, ask him what’s his problem.
- Don’t try so hard to fit in. Be yourself. Maybe by then the people around will love you more.
- Respect others regardless of age, status and ability.
-Be generous. Don’t be selfish.
-Don’t think about yourself alone. There are billions of people in this world aside from you.
-Don’t forget where you came from and don’t be ashamed of that.
-The world doesn’t only revolve around clothes, bags, shoes, gadgets, make up and hot guys. ----There’s more to life that material things.
- Never squeeze in yourself to situations wherein you are really not involved. It only makes you look stupid for wasting your time to things that won’t really benefit you physically, emotionally and spiritually.
- Never pretend to be helpful when you just want other people to praise you for being helpful.
- Reflect every night: What have you done wrong that day. The next day, don’t do it again. Make it a habit, believe me, you’ll be a better person in the future.

So love your flaws. Know your worth and never ever start to be shallow. Because its better to be yourself that be a plastic bimbo.

And always, know your worth. Now I do. :)

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