Thursday, February 25, 2010

What if a divorcee had an affair with her ex-husband? Doesnt it smell trouble?Jane Adler (Meryll Streep) has been divorced with his ex-husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), for ten years. But when their son graduates from college, a flame suddenly sparked between the ex-lovers, only, Jake is already married to Agness (Lake Bell), a younger woman.

When they both realized that they still love each other, the two committed an affair that they never possibly thought would ever happen. But in the midst of their affair, Adam, (Steve Martin) Jane's architect was budding a strong feeling towards her, thus adding to a triangle. But as time pass, Jane finally had the guts to realize that she got herself in a huge mess, and its making her life more complicated than it already is. Will she choose Adam, the sensitive architect or her ex-husband, the man she loved her whole life?

Thanks to, I scored premiere tickets to this movie. If youre feeling kind of sad and is needing to laugh so hard, then Its Complicated might be the movie you should hit. Meryll Streep never fails to amuse me with her subtle antics. Alec Baldwin is someone you would love to hate but laugh at his crazy perceptions to their strange affair. Steve Martin is love, because we all want a good guy to equal with a bad guy.

What I love about this movie is not the love story, nor the funny affair, but Jane's love for her kids. I was so touched when she went all the way to ask her children's forgiveness for confusing them with their parent's relationship.

Definitely, girl power is in this movie. That you don't need a complicated relationship to be happy. That maybe, your family is worth more than a crazy affair. Kudos to Nancy Meyers for this great film...again.

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