Monday, March 01, 2010

I've had horrible and not so horrible break-ups. But after a long time and suddenly, you see each other, can exes really be friends?

Two weeks ago, my ex and I decided to meet near his workplace because I was having dinner with a friend just across his workplace. He said he'd just drop by a while because he has work at 10PM. So he came and said our hi's and hello's, but he had to go to work already. After a while, I texted him, saying I was sorry we couldn't hang out much longer. He then said he missed me and asked me if we could hang out sometime, maybe grab a dinner or something.

See, that's where this goes wrong... HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND NOW.

Now, see is the only ex I've stayed in touch and friends with. When I was having troubles with my former relationship, he would listen and console me, telling me that there are million fishes in the ocean. Even though he just woke up or back from his shift, he never ignores any of my calls. That's how good of a friend he is. But now, asking me if I wanted flowers again when I texted him about the prom I've seen at his former school has been causing me confusion. Plus everytime I ask him to find me a suitable guy, he just wouldnt respond. The most bizzarre of them all, is asking me if I was telling him to go at OUR (as in him and I) house. Not that we have one, but still, not a good joke. :(

See, I wanna continue being friends with him, but him being a tease is a bit uncomfortable for me. It's just that he's one of the people I trust, and I don't want his girlfriend to lose it on me or something. I just hope everything will be okay. At least I'm praying for now.

No, I shouldnt be stressed by this. I am far more above the situation now. :P

Oh, its the first day of March. Also the first day of summer! Soo excited!

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