Wednesday, February 03, 2010

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I must say that we have been through A LOT. Guys went along, sleepless nights because of the thesis, mad boyfriends, and petty fights surpassed. But here we are again, proving that friendships are WAY more important than any guy. After almost a year, Mela and I started talking again. In spite of the loss during the previous year, I gained friends, old and new. Now I'm back with one of my best friends. :) And I'm so, so happy that we reconciliated again.

Finally, SILA NA TALAGA! :)

During our first year in college, Karch and I are in the same group of friends, same projects, plays, etc. But after graduation, we just got so busy that we only say our hi's and hello's at multiply. But if my breakup has taught me anything, it showed me who my real friends are. When my heart was torn apart, Karch has been there to listen,drop by to our office just to bring me dessert, and basically beat the sh*t out of my ex. :) So last Saturday, I never missed going to Jet and her party to celebrate "SILA NA!". I'm just so happy for the two of them since I've somehow witnessed how their lurve story evolve. :)

Now, if anyone would ask me how my heart is, I would gladly tell that I feel loved. I am overflowing with joy because I have friends who stood by me through everything. I haven't mentioned most of my friends yet, but if I would sum them all, my gratitude is not enough for all of them. Guess I have to spend another lifetime more just so I could say thanks to them. :P

Love, Love, Love! Who says you need a date to be happy this Valentine's Day right? Friends are all I need for now, with or without a special someone. :D

Later! :)

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