Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am not letting anyone rain on my parade. So I have the happy vibes today. :)

It started over YM. Asked him if he wants to go with me to his cousin and watch a sappy movie with us. He said he'd try. And since all our plans of meeting together gets cancelled, I mustered up my courage to this one time event. And boy did it make wonders to my night.

With a pizza box in one hand and my heart on my sleeve, I marched to Shang's house since he said yes to my invite. At first, he teased me that he was still in Batangas and asked if I could wait for him to get home first. Of course, I got mad because I kind of expected him to come already. He then confessed that he was joking and will be waiting for my text when I get to Shang's place.

When he got there, I noticed that he isnt the same guy Ive been crushing for six years. His arms got buffed, he has this fierce look that made him look way hotter. And yeah, suddenly, I felt like Bella and he was my Jacob. LOL. But seriously. That was how it looked like. After catching up and the movie, Shang asked him to send me off. But he refused and told her that he brought his motorcycle and he'd drop me home instead. And yeah, I can't tell my Mom that. She would probably kill me. But anyway, I know I'm safe with him. But sadly, we had to part ways already because I only had one street more to pass by.


And still, we couldnt be together. Why it happened? There was always a timing issue. He would always be in a relationship, while I was also unavailable. Everyone in our barkada knows how much I like him and I think some of them are just waiting for him to ask me. They were rooting for us. But I'm not sure how he feels anymore. I was hoping that after last night, things would be different. I'm not sure YET. But I'm hoping and crossing my fingers for the best.

You know what's different and so strange about it? It feels so right that I didn't have the need to pull out my camera last night to remember the perfect moment. Everything, recorded inside my head.

My heart is happy now. I don't know where it would lead me, but I am definitely wishing this is for keeps. As my friend KC Tan said, "It's more than a crush and a little less than love" :)

Keep the fire burning! Muah!

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