Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Definitely my song for the moment. Though, I'm on the verge of leaving already. Karch and Mench told me to just enjoy the ride for now. Yes, I enjoyed the motorcycle ride, thank you very much. But I'm not sure where it is leading, nor do I understand how he feels. And no, I won't shortchange myself for another person again. It's beyond my rules already. :P

My weekend is eventful. To sum it all up, I must say that it has been bittersweet. I'm not complaining by the way :)


Hope we'd be lucky with the dragon's force with us. :P

Chinese New Year was a blast! Since we will be sponsoring the event for the Binondo dwellers, we staged a parade, a mini concert, the dragon dance and all those stuff. Met Chie for lunch then went to Ongpin. The sad news, my camera got stolen. A holdupper slashed my bag and got my cam effortlessly. I only noticed it when Chie wanted us to take a picture at the pedicab and saw the big cut at my bag. Sad, sad. But anyhow, I guess I should be thankful because my iTouch, wallet and two phones were not taken. Or else, I wouldnt be able to show my face to my parents anymore. hahaha! :P

Yummy Chinese Treats!

So at Binondo, Chie, Mench and I had our lunch at this quaint restaurant that offers Chinese food. We were so full because Chie ordered a lot for us. Then we went back to the plaza to catch the parade, or the remains of it because were already late.

When were already bored, I had my fortunes read at the tarot card booth. I can't believe how accurate my cards were. That a.) Its hard for me to move on (always), b.) I don't seem to listen to my family's advice because I'm so hard headed, c.) that my problems right now are financial (thanks to my credit card bill) and d.) I will meet someone, but I'm having problems with him because my standards are high. I know that my standards are far to reach most of the time, but I'm not sure about that meeting part yet. My Mom butted in last Sunday and told me that I shouldve asked the tarot card reader if the person I'm gonna meet is a policeman. How about THAT Mom? :P

They said YES! Twice! :)

Malyn and Angel arrived at the later part of the afternoon, so they brought us to the Buddhist temple to pray and have our fortunes told (again). This time, two wooden bars are all you need and a question answerable by yes or no. I got a Yes, twice for the same question. I am so psyched, by the way. Then Malyn took us to this store that sells Fried Siopao. Mench was so ecstatic because its her first time at the area. I was also supposed to meet Cris, yes, the ex's ex-girlfriend, whom I became buddies with after the breakup and the fights, but she was with her boyfriend and we keep on losing track of our schedules so we havent had the chance anymore. Funny, because again, we were at the same vicinity. LOL.

The purple truck is rubbing into me! LOL.

Lastly, went to Eng Bee Tin to buy my favorite Ube Hopia. Happiness! Oh and to celebrate my remorse over the stolen camera, I bought a cute pair of shoes. So Lily Aldrin of me. :P


I celebrated the Valentine's Day with my family and my RSB Family. Come to think of it, this will be my first Valentine's day without a someone special. Of course, I know I have friends, but who needs a guy to be happy anyway right? Sorry, rantings of a single gal.

Under the Sea, Under the sea....

Despite being loveless, I was under the sea, with the mermaids! Because the bank is in partnership with the Manila Ocean Park, we got to watch the mermaid show for free and had a live band which we sponsored for the night. I had the chance to sing onstage again. And because its Heart's Day, I sang Especially for You. And yes, I am thinking of J when I was rendering it. I just hope he knows how I feel. That a lot of people are already rooting for me.

Happy Heart's Day Everyone!

Oh well, at least I got to belt out a tune again. That's all that matters for now. Regardless of when he'd hear it or not at all.

It was a happy happy two days for me. Alone, but not lonely. I had my How I Met Your Mother DVDs too, so I'm kinda preoccupied for a while. Now I just wish I could watch Dear John and Valentine's Day on screen, that would be super swell.

Happy Tuesdays everyone! Long week ahead indeed. :P

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