Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Its not very often that I get a crush on someone. But at the street, when a potential hottie is in sight, I would nudge a friend I'm with, just because I am interested.

But this morning during Goodtimes with Mo Twister, Atty. Adel Tamano, a candidate for the senatorial position, caught my attention and potential crush right then and there. Until I saw his photo. God, I was just flabbergasted. :P

Yes, I will definitely put him as my number one in my list. :P

He participated during the Forbidden Questions, or let's just say one of the controversial radio segments in Magic 89.9. I dont know, he seems so confident in local issues, national concerns and all he has that drive that candidates need to secure a seat in the Senate. Plus, he has the credentials to back up his fight. But he's married. Oh, and he seems sweet to his wife. :P I loved the bit on how he described bullies, as I quote him "When you are attacked that way (by bullies), hindi mo naman pwedeng sagutin ng pareho, then you went down to his level. So bullied ka because you cannot fight the same way. There's a saying that, when you enter into an argument with a pig, what you're gonna end up doing is to wallow in the mud, youre both gonna get dirty, but the difference between you and the pig is that the pig enjoyed it." Strong. :P

Now this is his TVC campaign:

Now I'm really voting for this guy. Harvard Law? Awesome. No, I'm not promoting him. But it wouldnt hurt if he gets into the Top 12 this May. And yeah, we must know our candidates. Lemme get back to my research now.

And this is mixing politics and pleasure. Night guys! :P


Hi Ria! Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) I'm addin gyou to my blog reads.


Wow, thank you! Glad to be able to read something positive tonight :) Thank you for the trust!

Many thanks again,

Atty. Adel Tamano


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