Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Exercise your right for our future...

Politics and law was never been my forte during college. Political dynamics interested me during the third year, because I enjoyed the arguments of our professor, the paradigm shifts, the dynasties that we were under and all those stuff. When my friends decided to be lawyers, I was envious because they wanted more than the usual curriculum.

I also wanted the same, in time. But not Law. That is beyond for me to handle. Investigative Journalism is what I wanted, but the odds of me being one is, well, risky. But I do have a knack in it. :P And well, I always get to use my brain cells. hahahah! :P

During our seminar this morning, I learned that there is a law for the banks not to report the money deposited by candidates during election. You see, some financial institutions has the right to report suspicious sums of money deposited in a day.

How about that for transparency? We so live in a twisted place.

Sherlock Holmes thinks super awesome. :P

You know what's funny? My sudden interest to be an investigative journalist was influenced by Sherlock Holmes. I used to have this maze and puzzle book when I was younger and you have to solve nifty mysteries, just for the heck of it. Now I love puzzles, I am fond of reading every piece of paper that is handed to me and I love solving whatever it is that I see something shady.

I remember Kyle with this grayish area stuff. And now he's someone I wanted so much to forget.

Adam is such a sweetheart! :)

Anyhow, Mom and I watched the premiere of It's Complicated last night at Glorietta. I adore Adam (Steve Martin) because he is this nice, sensitive guy who seems like he doesnt even know how to hurt a fly. Plus he's an architect. Oh my God. I am so attracted with Ted Mosby types now. But anyway, I'd rather be with a nerd that with someone who doesnt know how to speak his mind. And it wouldnt hurt if he says I love you immediately. I mean, I don't mind. hehehe. God, why does Kyle always step into these blogs anyway? Maybe I needed to get myself closure with him. If there is anything like that.

Today, I found out that the more you ignore a person, the more likely it is for him to come back running to you. As I was about to leave the house this morning, my Lola told me that Ryan called last night. WHAT UUUP?!?! I sensed that this would come up again, but anyway, since that date with the certain SWAT team member. (Hey, I mentioned his name twice already, I dont need to stress it anymore!) I burdened him to listen to my complaints about that guy to R. I'm just not sure why he felt the need to defend him instead of me. So I stormed out at him and figured that if he really is my friend, he would at least side with me. Then he went M.I.A. for weeks, until I didn't hear anything from him anymore.


That my friends, is what I call missable. Dont worry, I would end his misery soon. I just needed to teach him a lesson for a while. :P


I received a call earlier, asking me if I am interested for a job interview for a copywriter position in an online advertisement site. With my free time, I could do the part time job, but if it will be for a full time position, that would be risky. Maybe I would consider it, if I didnt have a maxxed out card as of the moment. But now, I have to arrange all my finances first before jumping into cold water.

Now I just have to convince myself that these trials are small rocks, and my big rocks are yet to come. But to think of it, my big rocks are slowly materializing. Now I only have to nurture them so it wouldnt got to waste. And with my baby coming in October, I know I have to save up now. And fast. :) Excited much! :P

Have to go now. Huge migraine again. I wish I couldve taken a leave today instead of yesterday. hahaha.

Bye y'all! :)

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