Thursday, February 18, 2010

My application with this telecom company has built up problems in my life. I had a foolproof plan of having the phone that I wanted, save up for our Ilocos trip, and basically do everything in my list, according to what was written. But since they just have to piss me, I have to settle for something less. Something I wouldnt accept except when I feel desperate. And THIS is a really desperate time for me.

After talking to one of the most stressful customer services ever, Mench decided to take me to 50th Avenue at Robinson's Galleria just to make me feel happy. But we ended up watching the most talked about movie today, Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day revolved around different characters, from young at heart to couples who are tested by time. I personally can relate to Jessica Biel's character, blaming herself for not finding love and being alone during the most romantic day in the year. She even has this heart pinata for her I Hate Valentine's Day party. Jennifer Garner's story is also great. Because even though her bestfriend tells her that his boyfriend is cheating on her, she has to find out for herself. Kinda reminds me of me, dont you think? Stubborn, stubborn girl. But Ashton Kutcher is the best. Because he never gave up on the idea of Valentine's Day, even though a series of events happened to the worst of him. May I relate again?

Today, I found out the crushie has a girlfriend again. Thank you for the motorcycle ride though, I felt I was really special that night. I guess were both test driving that night. And were not really on the same page as I thought. Oh well. Fish number three, next please! :))

Like Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother, I still believe in the concept of love. No matter how painful it is. No matter how many lowdowns Ive taken. I'm still me, I'm still in one whole piece, and no one can ever take that away.

Weekend at Nova again. I'm sure as hell I will be bored again. But since I have plans for myself, everything's a done deal now. :) I will shun away the problem's my finances have been facing. Starting Monday, I have to revamp everything. And I really mean everything.

Happy weekend everyone! :)

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