Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just to Make up for the Lost Time...

Ive been meaning to blog really long earlier (but not for the sake of just blogging), but because Ive missed writing. It has been weeks since my last article for the company's website, and another one coming up. Ive pulled up a job that wasn't supposed to be mine. (Nonetheless, I was still happy!) And even though our Baguio trip hasn't pushed through, we have settled for another date. But I don't wanna jinx it so I'd rather keep silent about it.

Its my Dad's birthday today but instead of us buying him gifts, he was actually the one who asked us what phones we want, again, something techie. Jeni says I'm spoiled. But I don't really think I am. Or let's just say that he's been making up for the past years when our Mom wouldn't let us tell him what we really want. Like for instance, she wanted me to ask my Dad for a Mickey Mouse watch. So I asked for it, but deep down, I don't really like to have one. I'd rather add another Barbie to my collection than asking for a watch I didn't even begin to like. In the end, it is now collecting dirt, together with my not-so-good stuff.

(Okay, sounding like a brat na talaga. LOL)

Anyhoo, it will be a happy happy Christmas for my brother and I. Supernova here I invade. hehehe.


I wanna try something new. Bungee jumping or swimming ng bumabagyo? hahah! I remember Jon telling Judith to wear two-piece when we go to Baguio. Kamusta naman.

I'm not that serious ha, I'm not scared of heights pero I'm scared of falling. nyahaha. And I don't wanna go swimming ngayon no. Siguro baliw nalang talaga ko pag nag-beach ako sa panahon na to. hehehehe. I can wait for summer, thank you very much.


Oh, and how I love St. Francis Square now. Ive seen this quaint stall that sells books for a cheaper price. And they even have the new paperbacks and Gossip girl books. Hello S and B. :D

Speaking of Gossip Girl, I am sooo loving the twists of Season 2. I'm so excited to see how thay adapted the book, and how they didn't entirely screw some parts. If you know what I mean.

And since I have Hon Hon to download the episodes for me, I still have to wait every Friday for us to meet so I could get my usb to watch them. So sweet.


And to you, even though you think I'm cold towards you, it just means that I wanna distance myself so you would know how much I care for you. That somehow, I want to make you see that I'm right. But no matter what, you know my love would never cease.

At least that's what I could promise you. And in the end of the day, I'll always come back running to you, because you are my home. :D

Have a happy and rainy holiday everyone! :D

Another Day to Rest..

It'll be a holiday tomorrow! Yay!

And it will be a general cleaning day, or a general splurging day. I dont know which of the two will happen. But I really do hope I could still splurge, considering Ive bought new shoes and all that stuff yesterday. hehehe.


I feel a bit old.

Or something, its just that I found one of my former classmates just got married. And even though Ive only seen their pictures at multiply, I felt a bit nostalgic of my college days. I know, it has only been two years, but when you see your classmates and their little kids already, or they get married, you would feel a little left out.

Well of course, I know that I couldnt afford to have my own family for now. And I have so many things to achieve.


I'll blog later (or so I hope) Gotta go and get home first. Muah! :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And In Case of Typhoon..

Nina (The typhoon) ruined our Baguio trip, thank you very much.

A friend of mine went to Baguio this weekend and said that the area is under zero visibility. Mom called up my Tita Fely to ask for her house and she also said that its been raining cats and dogs and there's no way we could roam around.

To mix things up, a landslide has been reported last night.


I vote for Jon. LOL.

So were planning to reschedule it come mid-October or early November. Figured it would be a little sunny that time. With fingers crossed. :P


And with so much unluckiness this September, my hunnie has been confined at the hospital. So we vowed not to each much (Yay! Diet!) or go vegan (or so I hope I could). No more uber oily foods or sodas and all that.

That's because were vying for a healthy heart from now on. And since I need to lose weight, I have to eat healthy too.

Goodluck on your suicide mission Ria. LOL.


Anyhoo, I couldnt seem to download Gossip Girl's fourth episode. And with Hon still at the hospital, no one can do it for me. Sad.. but its okay, there's still another time for that. hehehe.

Have to go. Nothing's that exciting anymore. The only thing that keeps me from looking forward to weekend just blew up because of the DAMN STORM. Oh well, resked.Again.

Muah! And still weekend at Novaliches. huhuhu.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday's Best

When we were younger, it is always taught at home and school that we should dress up our best outfits when we go to church. For one, my Mom would always tell us that before we strut our new dress to everyone, we should be able to let God see it first.

Sadly, it is not applicable for anyone these days. Last Sunday, I saw a guy wearing a shirt, with Katrina Halili wearing the skimpiest swimsuit Ive ever seen (or was it Iwa Moto's?, Im not that sure) but not the point, I mean, doesnt he know that he's at church or would hear mass that time? Or doesnt he even have the plainest shirt? I know, its kind of disappointing. Im not that conservative either, but a church is still a sacred place. He couldve dressed right just for that day right? At least have some decency facing God.


Im moving out of my comfort zone. Or at least I think I am. I must admit that it will be very difficult, considering that I am a very touchy-feely person, but I have to be independent to really know what I really want. Or if time and space could let me belong with the future.

Im crying inside, and they dont even know it. hahaha.

I have to live for me. And not for anyone else. Selfish as it may be, but sometimes, I have to be firm to myself. Or it will be the end of me.

I have to learn to forgive and forget. Because it forever haunts me. And some people continue haunting me.

..But your smile is Tatooed on my mind. I just never thought I would feel this way.

I wish I could try some more. Or maybe I hoped you would fight for me. That you would tell me that Im wrong and this will be the biggest mistake I will ever make.


Well, at least I have the memories to look at. And it was the best in my life...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Reunited with my blog(s)

Finally, my PC is up and running again. And I finally get to put stuffs in it again. Thanks to the person who tried fixing my pc again. Wont name names anymore. Basta thank Sir. hehehe.

Its a Friday again. And I'm having upper back pains. And whenever I try stretching, it hurts even more. So I couldn't continue doing so. I just hate that it friggin' aches. Seriously, I wanna curl up my bed already. Argh.

But the good thing is, I have finally recovered from my loss. hahaha. I'll just try to laugh about it. Maybe it is a sign of something that Miss Che and I have been planning these past few days, or something like that. Although it'll come on early December or January at the latest. And here's to keeping my fingers crossed. Oh, and I could finally wear my uniforms, the repair lady came this morning to fix them. Shempre si excited. hehehe


To go or not to go to Baguio? That is the question..hmm, Am not sure. Sana matuloy. :D

Hon said I should go but he can't come because he has work. Judith and Jon are up for it. Jeni's unsure. Sino pa sasama?


Sabi niya may surprise daw sha. And everytime he has one, kinakabahan nalang ako. hahah. :P

Anyhoo, I have to go. Later. Muah!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stupidity of all Stupidities

Its as if my house has burned down to its last ashes.

Now I know the feeling how you worked hard for two years and everything suddenly, with you unknowingly, vanishes. And the worst part is, you have tried really really hard to build them up.

Now when Maam Kit asks me, I'll say, "I'm sorry Maam but stupidity has taken its toll on two people."

..Sadly, I am the only one who'll pay for that stupidity.


Wanna know what really happened?

Imagine this: working your ass off for projects, deadlines, databases and reports, only to find out that your pc has to be formatted without them knowing that you haven't even backed up ONE HALF of your files. My office PC has been like a portfolio for me. There are things I never knew I could possibly do, and files I have been working on learning for my whole lifetime.


Try retyping all reports?

Try redoing the layouts? I cant make them understand that ITS FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE.

But then, only stupids can understand that its easy. Its like starting from scratch


Damn. Yun lang.


I was still happy this morning. Screw ups really happen when you least expect it. And I'm just mad because, you know how spoiled I am and always used to getting what I want.

At kahit iiyak ko pa, it wouldn't make sense anymore.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Chinovelas and then some...

Because i try not to limit myself with one movie or series genre, I always try to scour for something interesting at Quiapo. Then one day, while downloading one Fahrenheit song, I came across this series called "Tokyo Juliet". Then saw Wu Zun with It Started with a Kiss star, Ariel Lin. So during my birthday, I really looked for that series, just so I could see Ariel Lin without Joe Cheng (sorry for the Chinovela jargon. i just cant help but blog about it)

Anyhoo, watching the first ten episodes got me really really hooked. Though, I really feel biased since I'm used to seeing her and Joe Cheng together. But I loved the twists and turns of the series. Like they have to surpass so many trials just to be with each other, and the biggest rival happens to be the guy's father. On the other hand, the story is about these two struggling fashion designers who happened to meet each other when they were young. After so many years, Lin Lai Shui (Ariel) didn't cut her hair because she was waiting for the boy who loved her doll-like feature. And she promised never to fall in love unless she beats the most famous designer Chu Xing, the one who stole her Daisy dress design that she made for her mom when she was only five years old and the reason why their family was broken.

Armed with her passion for designing clothes, she studied at a fashion design college and met Ji Feng Liang (Wu Zun). There, she broke her promise of not falling in love with someone but then found out that he is the estranged son of her rival, Chu Xing. And he happens to be the most powerful designer in their country. So what happens when a budding designer and a renowned designer found out that they have someone (then later on found out that there are actually two people) in common? Of course, they schemed on tearing each other apart. But who will actually win that war? That I still have to find out on the remaining episodes. hehehe.

And in all fairness, I also got tickled with their romantic scenes. Plus Wu Zun really is an eye-candy. Nice.

And although I really enjoyed seeing them together, I still want Joe for Ariel. (Magulo? Sorry naman. Just got carried away). And there is still Love or Bread, which the two will be paired again. :D


So I guess we all know what I did for the weekend. In short, just that. My fangurling has exceeded its limits. I even asked my Mom to watch with me. From eleven am to ten pm, that was all Ive ever done. Good thing we went out that Sunday, or I'd be buried at the sofa and watching it again.

Last Friday, Hon and I went to the Book fair at SMX. And because we got there late, I only had an hour to roam around the convention center. And it was really painful for me because I feel as if i didn't have the best of the event. (tragic, I know, sige Ria, drama pa.) hahaha. Seriously now, I bought two books which were fairly ripped off its original price. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks and Gossip Girl: Because I'm Worth It by Cecily von Ziegesar and got four free magazines for it. hehehe. Too bad I didn't score other Zafra books unlike last year. Oh well. Out of frustration, Hon and I just pigged out at Sbarro's. hehehehe.

Have to go finish something. Catch ya' later. Muah!

Friday, September 12, 2008

BookWorm Mania Tonight

First of all, kindly pardon my un-posting of recent events. I on the other hand couldn’t get hold of the computer-slash-internet these past few days. I know, its really sad, but its my reality for now.

Can’t wait for later. Hon, his friend, Migs and I will go to the 29th Manila International Book Fair later at MOA. Well, I was hoping to go to Mega jus to see this other expo, but cant. And since I can’t also get out of the house tomorrow, I’ll just let it pass.

Speaking of books, I felt sad for my set of books that were eaten by bookworms. Sobrang eew talaga. Ang dami nila, and they really ruin your books. Good thing they spared my novels, some of my Archie comics have huge holes already, while some of the Sweet Valley books that I have can now b considered trash. : (

Saturdays and Sundays at Nova again this weekend. And it’s like Big Brother all over hahaha. Though of course, I’ll have the TV and phone. And this weekend, I will be doing Tokyo Juliet marathons (Ariel Lin and Wu Zun). I know, its Chinovela addictions again. I just can’t help but be one. :D


Colleagues and I are planning to go to Baguio at the next long weekend. Hopefully, it wouldn’t storm that week, but for sure that it’ll be so chilly there. I remember one time when we were just, I think seven or eight, Mom’s friends and their children (including us) went to Baguio and it snowed a bit. Ang cool talaga. I don’t know if it’ll happen again. Well, hopefully.

Anyhoo, its still a plan. But I really hope it happens.


Im thinking of a new layout for my multiply site. Not that Im tired of Blair ha. Maybe I’ll don a season 2 kinda thingy. If I do find something inspiring soon.

Oh about GG, I don’t like Marcus, even though he’s a Lord. I just hope Chuck and Blair would finally get together. But its up to the viewers for more surprises.

..Oh, and I loved the Serena’s goddess-inspired dress.

And my hunnie’s watching it too. Hahaha. He actually enjoys it a lot na. Kamusta naman.

Gotta go prepare my sanity for tonight. I’ll have an overload of books again. Then off to Novaliches with my DVDs to prevent boredom.

You know you love me. XOXO

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Now I Know How It Feels..

Mild lang dati eh. I can multitask. Switch positions from time to time, if needed be. Hold responsibility to those who cannot do their part. That was what Ive been doing for the past two years.

And then lately, she says Im losing focus. I beg to disagree. I want her to understand that if not for the gazillion things Ive been doing, (and to note that it isnt even my job) I also get tired once in a while. That no matter how I try to fight it, I still feel it. One Word, Thirteen Letters. But still a very disappointing thing to say.


For the past months, it has been a whirlwind. Though I thought I had it, it still. isnt. enough.

I never give up that easily. But circumstances make me want to break free.

That I never thought I would have an open mind to different options. And different people. Again

Just like before.

Now Im not sure how my future holds. If I wanna hold on to it, or if its time to let it end.

New faces and new phases.

AND ITS UP TO ME. I just hope I'd make the right one.

Wish me luck!

Monday, September 08, 2008


I feel so blessed.

Not so many people have the ability to have their cake and eat it at the same time. Well of course, I still dont have everything in this world, but everything Ive ever needed is just within reach.

And maybe, I'll skip to the next chapter. Who knows right?


Ive had too many birthday celebrations for my 23rd birthday. One with my CCD Family, Second was with Hon Hon at Dad's, third was with my College Besties and lastly with my family at Nova. Though they are simple celebrations, still, I couldnt ask for more.

On my actual birthday, went to Quiapo to hear mass before meeting Hon at MOA. The homily was nice because the priest stressed on how God's love can be overflowing. And just in lieu with my current situation. So I really hope it would last. At least for now.


Have been trying to marathon It Started With a Kiss last weekend. So kewl. Mom even joined me. Haha. Uber nosebleed sa subtitles. But it was really fun, going back to the funny and lovable scenes of Xiang Xin and Zhi Zu. :D

Gotta Go na. Muah!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Last Post Before Turning Twenty-three

I have realized that after 22 years, many things have changed. You discover new friends, enemies and frienemies (friend-slash-enemy).

That even though you try so hard to hold on to a person, you have to let go because it is for the best.

Give and take relationships are always crucial, but the end result is oh-so-sweet.

Dreams/ Aspirations do happen when you put your heart into it.

Being loyal to someone is the greatest sacrifice.

Giving up doesn't always mean losing, it is also a beginning to a new challenge.

Your talents help you a lot, so hone it even more.

Common sense can help you become a great person.

Loving too much doesn't mean losing yourself, but also knowing how much you are willing to give.

And that God is always, and unfailing to be there for you. Especially on times when you least expect HIM to be.


I know, its not a yet a happy, merry and joyful birthday for me. I just figured that since I may not be able to blog tomorrow, that I'd start my pre-birthday ramblings. Well, not in the bad sense anyway. :D

But I'm happy with how things are. Even though sometimes, I lose focus of things, knowing that a lot of people care, is worthy enough for me to be sane.

As I turn another year older (but still, looking younger), I just wish for uncomplicated things. That I have more wisdom to do my job well, be a good ate to my brother and daughter to my parents, be a friend who will always be there, a girlfriend who remains loving and a woman who fears God so much. I mean, no one is perfect, but we try so hard to be as decent as possible because we want to lead a blissful life.

And to that, I toast for a Happy Birthday and to those who are celebrating the same birthday as mine.


And thus, William Wordsworth parted:

"The mind that is wise mourns less for what age takes away; than what it leaves behind."

So I hope that I would somehow leave a mark in this world. :D

Thanks for all the peers who greeted me today and who will greet me tomorrow!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Of Pre-Birthday Celebrations and Gossip Girl Season 2..

Last Saturday, Mela, Brenti and I meet up at Greenbelt to have an early celebration for my birthday. The original plan was to watch a movie, then dinner, but since my Mom ruined my plans (and made me leave from Nova to Makati, then Makati back to Nova again), we cannot settle to watch something that will be shown below 8pm. So we just opted to look for a place to eat and talk.

And we settled for Kitchen. It was so cute in there, in a very retro way. And you get to eat in a very huge plate. No pun intended, it was the biggest plate Ive ever eaten on. But anyhoo, I missed our conversations. It is really not enough to talk to ym or texting each other. I guess its because Ive treated the two of them as family. Brent as an older brother, and Mela as the younger sister. Good thing I didnt have middle-child syndrome. haha.

As Ive told Brent after Mela left, time really flies when you're having fun. And really, for the three of us, a whole day wouldn't do any justice either.

Love you guys, really. And thanks for making the 23rd year uber special. :D


As for my actual birthday, I will be on leave this Thursday to celebrate with Hon. Sadly, he has to work in the morning, so I have to wait for his shift to be over, then we'll spend the day together. Awww.

So I really have to file my leave now. LOL.


Gossip Girl Season 2 starts today. Or rather, tomorrow morning in States. WHenever it is, I am so excited to watch it. The return of B and S, Chuck, Dan and Nate. And the more scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite. Male version B is excited to. We've been talking about it on our way home last Saturday pa nga. He was surprised pa when I didnt wear Blairbands. Thought I'd give it a rest first. haha.

Speaking of my favorite series, boyfriend is also watching GG. Last Friday, he asked me Erik Van der Woodsen's illness. I was really shocked because he said he never (and will never) watch girly series. I think his friend Migs might have influenced him to watch din. My friends say that he did that so he could relate whenever I blab about Blair to him. How sweet. :D

And now I have a reason for him to download Season 2. hahaha.


One thing to be excited this September:

Again, fill your days with books, books and more books in the upcoming book fair, now to be held in SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia. And I'll be book-whoring once again. :D


You know how it feels when you're not in front of your computer and have so many things to blog about but when its the time to do so, you'll suddenly forget what to write. And although I have blogged so much already, I feel as if I'm still missing something. Thank God for Twitter, I could update as much I want in a day. LOL.

Gotta go. Catch me on my countdown to my birthday! XOXO.


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