Friday, September 19, 2008

Finally, my PC is up and running again. And I finally get to put stuffs in it again. Thanks to the person who tried fixing my pc again. Wont name names anymore. Basta thank Sir. hehehe.

Its a Friday again. And I'm having upper back pains. And whenever I try stretching, it hurts even more. So I couldn't continue doing so. I just hate that it friggin' aches. Seriously, I wanna curl up my bed already. Argh.

But the good thing is, I have finally recovered from my loss. hahaha. I'll just try to laugh about it. Maybe it is a sign of something that Miss Che and I have been planning these past few days, or something like that. Although it'll come on early December or January at the latest. And here's to keeping my fingers crossed. Oh, and I could finally wear my uniforms, the repair lady came this morning to fix them. Shempre si excited. hehehe


To go or not to go to Baguio? That is the question..hmm, Am not sure. Sana matuloy. :D

Hon said I should go but he can't come because he has work. Judith and Jon are up for it. Jeni's unsure. Sino pa sasama?


Sabi niya may surprise daw sha. And everytime he has one, kinakabahan nalang ako. hahah. :P

Anyhoo, I have to go. Later. Muah!

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