Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its as if my house has burned down to its last ashes.

Now I know the feeling how you worked hard for two years and everything suddenly, with you unknowingly, vanishes. And the worst part is, you have tried really really hard to build them up.

Now when Maam Kit asks me, I'll say, "I'm sorry Maam but stupidity has taken its toll on two people."

..Sadly, I am the only one who'll pay for that stupidity.


Wanna know what really happened?

Imagine this: working your ass off for projects, deadlines, databases and reports, only to find out that your pc has to be formatted without them knowing that you haven't even backed up ONE HALF of your files. My office PC has been like a portfolio for me. There are things I never knew I could possibly do, and files I have been working on learning for my whole lifetime.


Try retyping all reports?

Try redoing the layouts? I cant make them understand that ITS FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE.

But then, only stupids can understand that its easy. Its like starting from scratch


Damn. Yun lang.


I was still happy this morning. Screw ups really happen when you least expect it. And I'm just mad because, you know how spoiled I am and always used to getting what I want.

At kahit iiyak ko pa, it wouldn't make sense anymore.


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