Monday, September 15, 2008

Because i try not to limit myself with one movie or series genre, I always try to scour for something interesting at Quiapo. Then one day, while downloading one Fahrenheit song, I came across this series called "Tokyo Juliet". Then saw Wu Zun with It Started with a Kiss star, Ariel Lin. So during my birthday, I really looked for that series, just so I could see Ariel Lin without Joe Cheng (sorry for the Chinovela jargon. i just cant help but blog about it)

Anyhoo, watching the first ten episodes got me really really hooked. Though, I really feel biased since I'm used to seeing her and Joe Cheng together. But I loved the twists and turns of the series. Like they have to surpass so many trials just to be with each other, and the biggest rival happens to be the guy's father. On the other hand, the story is about these two struggling fashion designers who happened to meet each other when they were young. After so many years, Lin Lai Shui (Ariel) didn't cut her hair because she was waiting for the boy who loved her doll-like feature. And she promised never to fall in love unless she beats the most famous designer Chu Xing, the one who stole her Daisy dress design that she made for her mom when she was only five years old and the reason why their family was broken.

Armed with her passion for designing clothes, she studied at a fashion design college and met Ji Feng Liang (Wu Zun). There, she broke her promise of not falling in love with someone but then found out that he is the estranged son of her rival, Chu Xing. And he happens to be the most powerful designer in their country. So what happens when a budding designer and a renowned designer found out that they have someone (then later on found out that there are actually two people) in common? Of course, they schemed on tearing each other apart. But who will actually win that war? That I still have to find out on the remaining episodes. hehehe.

And in all fairness, I also got tickled with their romantic scenes. Plus Wu Zun really is an eye-candy. Nice.

And although I really enjoyed seeing them together, I still want Joe for Ariel. (Magulo? Sorry naman. Just got carried away). And there is still Love or Bread, which the two will be paired again. :D


So I guess we all know what I did for the weekend. In short, just that. My fangurling has exceeded its limits. I even asked my Mom to watch with me. From eleven am to ten pm, that was all Ive ever done. Good thing we went out that Sunday, or I'd be buried at the sofa and watching it again.

Last Friday, Hon and I went to the Book fair at SMX. And because we got there late, I only had an hour to roam around the convention center. And it was really painful for me because I feel as if i didn't have the best of the event. (tragic, I know, sige Ria, drama pa.) hahaha. Seriously now, I bought two books which were fairly ripped off its original price. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks and Gossip Girl: Because I'm Worth It by Cecily von Ziegesar and got four free magazines for it. hehehe. Too bad I didn't score other Zafra books unlike last year. Oh well. Out of frustration, Hon and I just pigged out at Sbarro's. hehehehe.

Have to go finish something. Catch ya' later. Muah!

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