Friday, September 12, 2008

First of all, kindly pardon my un-posting of recent events. I on the other hand couldn’t get hold of the computer-slash-internet these past few days. I know, its really sad, but its my reality for now.

Can’t wait for later. Hon, his friend, Migs and I will go to the 29th Manila International Book Fair later at MOA. Well, I was hoping to go to Mega jus to see this other expo, but cant. And since I can’t also get out of the house tomorrow, I’ll just let it pass.

Speaking of books, I felt sad for my set of books that were eaten by bookworms. Sobrang eew talaga. Ang dami nila, and they really ruin your books. Good thing they spared my novels, some of my Archie comics have huge holes already, while some of the Sweet Valley books that I have can now b considered trash. : (

Saturdays and Sundays at Nova again this weekend. And it’s like Big Brother all over hahaha. Though of course, I’ll have the TV and phone. And this weekend, I will be doing Tokyo Juliet marathons (Ariel Lin and Wu Zun). I know, its Chinovela addictions again. I just can’t help but be one. :D


Colleagues and I are planning to go to Baguio at the next long weekend. Hopefully, it wouldn’t storm that week, but for sure that it’ll be so chilly there. I remember one time when we were just, I think seven or eight, Mom’s friends and their children (including us) went to Baguio and it snowed a bit. Ang cool talaga. I don’t know if it’ll happen again. Well, hopefully.

Anyhoo, its still a plan. But I really hope it happens.


Im thinking of a new layout for my multiply site. Not that Im tired of Blair ha. Maybe I’ll don a season 2 kinda thingy. If I do find something inspiring soon.

Oh about GG, I don’t like Marcus, even though he’s a Lord. I just hope Chuck and Blair would finally get together. But its up to the viewers for more surprises.

..Oh, and I loved the Serena’s goddess-inspired dress.

And my hunnie’s watching it too. Hahaha. He actually enjoys it a lot na. Kamusta naman.

Gotta go prepare my sanity for tonight. I’ll have an overload of books again. Then off to Novaliches with my DVDs to prevent boredom.

You know you love me. XOXO

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