Monday, September 08, 2008

I feel so blessed.

Not so many people have the ability to have their cake and eat it at the same time. Well of course, I still dont have everything in this world, but everything Ive ever needed is just within reach.

And maybe, I'll skip to the next chapter. Who knows right?


Ive had too many birthday celebrations for my 23rd birthday. One with my CCD Family, Second was with Hon Hon at Dad's, third was with my College Besties and lastly with my family at Nova. Though they are simple celebrations, still, I couldnt ask for more.

On my actual birthday, went to Quiapo to hear mass before meeting Hon at MOA. The homily was nice because the priest stressed on how God's love can be overflowing. And just in lieu with my current situation. So I really hope it would last. At least for now.


Have been trying to marathon It Started With a Kiss last weekend. So kewl. Mom even joined me. Haha. Uber nosebleed sa subtitles. But it was really fun, going back to the funny and lovable scenes of Xiang Xin and Zhi Zu. :D

Gotta Go na. Muah!

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