Monday, March 31, 2008

Dormant as to Ria, As to Catalyst is Malyn

Malyn, one of my longtime friends, went to our house yesterday after hearing mass. Just that its been so long since we saw each other and the need to meet was really necessary.

Why am I blogging about her? Well, let's just say that she isn't any ordinary friend. See when we were in high school and some of our batchmates are against her, I still stood up to be her friend. We'd hang outside ICAM or surf the net and look at pictures of Yukito (because Sakura was popular back then). She was with me when I was taking my UST entrance examination, phone calls with the first REAL boyfriend, and even during the bloody fights, she was there. And will always be.

On our last year in ICAM, I recalled Ms. Penaranda, our Physics Adviser, gave us the names as in the title. I, the dormant one, and her my catalyst. When this other barkada gave me up, she had the most active reaction one could have. That as if she was the one being thrown at my barkada. Memories.

Nah, I just missed her. She might be crazy as she sounds, but she's one helluva great friend. And a scheming one too. I showed her this picture of a girl I hate and she made so much comments a person could ever give. I know, she couldve been a writer herself. Too bad she chose Nursing as a profession. LOL.


Anyhow, Hon and I went to MOA last Saturday to watch Fool's Gold. This is the second Kate Hudson-Matthew McConaughey tie-up in a movie. If How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days is a romantic movie, well in some sort, this one is a bit adventurous and fitting for summer. But if youre looking for THE GREAT movie this summer, Fool's Gold may be a little by-the-book, if you know what I mean. There are scenes that might not be so believable for me, but since Kate Hudson's there, plus McConaughey's drool-worthy abs, I'm in for it. Hahaha. (No offense..)

Then afterwards, went to Divi because we thought that lights may close due to the Earth Hour. Tutuban never participated, so we just had our sumptuous dinner (the ihawans at the back of the mall) and went to the night market.

..Sadly, I didn't get to watch PBB. Argh...

So here, I have to go now. Love yah pals! :D

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Caldereta Chips Anyone?

Just when I thought there's nothing to blog about, our Team had quite a weird discovery yesterday afternoon.


Meet the new addition to V-Cut's delicious flavors. When I believed Sour Cream was swell, they have provided yet another breakthrough in the food industry. So here, let me present you, V-Cut Caldereta Flavor. Yeah! hehehe.

This is how it goes, one day, you and your friends decided to have a round of drinks. But since you have an uber conservative mother who thinks drinking is evil, the chances of her cooking a sumptuous pulutan or any dish like Caldereta is slim to zero. So you and your friends think of an alternative for your inuman, so you go to your favorite sari-sari store, and voila, instant pulutan, of course without the usual discussion of whether the meat is goat or beef. LOL.


Dude (not his real name of course), says the snack, is delish, but it needs something more. He even assumed that would be rice. But of course, chips and rice is crazy, but so is Caldereta as chips right? But to make the long story short, the snack is good, just don't overdo it as lunch or dinner okay. But really, I'm having Charlie and the Chocolate Factory flashbacks. Remember Violet? Willy Wonka gave her a gum that tastes that of an alternative to a full meal. So this must be the closest thing to it. Hahaha.

I don't work for Jack&Jill, but I might recommend it to everyone. Try it and be amazed, SERIOUSLY! :D

Gotta go now. Toodles. :D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scouring for the Next Operator

Project Operator: Aprelle will be leaving the company this April (yeah, sounds like a slogan, but it is true.) So because of the upcoming ML of my boss, the team's gonna be so busy that we wont have time for a vacation. But since we were all so cool, we have already formulated a plan to have a vacation, look for a possible operator/receptionist, man the lobby and eat our cake while enjoying it.

So when Aprelle finally leaves, Judith and I are gonna be switching places at the lobby (Again, if we couldn't find the destined operator). We have already plotted April 19 for our second Galera Trip, now with Judith, Jon, my besty Mela and Brenti and Jeni. Michi also says she wanna join too. So even if its gonna be for a night only, it would PROBABLY be so fun for all of us.


Mela and I thought of another trip too, if ever this Galera trip would be cool. Her Mayor Libunao of San Fabian is her uncle, and the last time we interviewed him for our BroadJourn class, he invited us to go there. Mela said that since he is still mayor there, and the invitation still stands, we should definitely grab it. But its still in the works. I'm not sure if it'll push through, but it is on our plans na. Yay!

Anyhow, Jon told me earlier that Manila Ocean Park gives 10% discount to Manila residents. At first, we thought its a little biased, but hey, we realized that we are from Manila and even born here. Haha. But still, as if it'll be discounted that much right? And we've been already there so I wont make a fuss out of it.


I'm so envious of my Mom. They have been to this Sampaguita Garden in Aklan and they went to the Precious Moments Doll Gallery. Waah! Anyhow, she bought me a doll, it is an angel with orange gown. The owner, Sam Butcher, extended his collection of Precious Moments so proceeds of the dolls would go to the homeless children in Aklan. And speaking of Dad, he's gonna leave today. For real na. Another three months without him. I was sad nga kanina when I was saying goodbye to him. And since I have work today, I cant go with Mom and Lester to send him off to the Airport. Sad.

I have to go. Hon is with Rai today having their haircut. So I guess I'd have to surprised later. haha. Gotta go! Muah! :D

Monday, March 24, 2008

The New PBB Teen and all that

So the PBB House is open again..

For sure, I would still have my bets and the people inside the house that I might loathe. rofl.

So the cast comprises of Alex Anselmuccio, Beauty Gonzalez, Ejay Falcon, Jieriel Papa, Jolas Paguia, Marc Josef Elizalde, Kevin Flood, Linda Backlund, Arnan Clenuar, Nicole Uysiuseng, Priscilla Navidad, Robert Domingo, Rona Marie Libby and Valerie Weignmann. (credits to PBB's Multiply)

It is an interesting lineup since there are at least four (or more) foreigners inside, one has a handicap, two are from rival schools Ateneo and La Salle (But I personally like the one from ADMU. Go Robert! LOL), and all sorts.

Again, get ready for more sleepless nights because for sure, controversies will rise again. That we're gonna be sure of.hahaha.


Enough of PBB, since we know that I'll be hooked again this succeeding months.

I feel sad again. Dad's gonna leave tomorrow. I know, work comes first, but I feel as if the timing is off. Plans of going out again will be different than planned. But anyhow, we know that he's doing it for the family, so kudos to him.

..But I'm really feeling sad. Argh.

On a lighter note, Ive finally made contact with my childhood friends again. Yay! My tita saw Alydee this morning so she got her number and the rest is history. Its just that they are the same guys who were with me while growing up. But since my Mom took me to study in Manila, we were kinda separated for a long time. So thanks to recent technology, we are back in being in contact. haha. And a forthcoming reunion is in the works. :D


Anyhow, Ive gotta go. Have to finish more things. Muah!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Strutting at Serendra on a Saturday...

Our families don’t usually hang out on a Holy Week. Mom says we should be observing things like respect for Jesus because it is HIS week and all that. So after 22 years of existence, this would be the ONLY time that I get to go outside of the house and had fun. Hehehe.

So anyhow, since we didn't’t see each other yesterday (our 22nd monthsary, btw.) and since my bezzie Bubut has been talking nonstop about Serendra, we decided to take a look on the in’s and out’s of the premises, and boy, did I was ever amazed. LOL.

Being one of the bookworms of this world (or maybe this country), Hon and I decided to see the BIGGEST Fully Booked in the Philippines. It has five floors of books, CDs, DVDs and school supplies you could ever see. There even has Starbucks inside. Super WOW! And because he is the greatest boyfriend in the whole wide world, Hon Hon bought me two Paolo Coelho books. It was a rat race at first because I was hoping to see Coelho's new book, Brida, in a mini version. That way, it wouldn't cost much, but he didn't budge. ROFL. And he also bought The Witch of Portabello, because they now have a paperback. Yay! They even carry these superheroes/star trek/narnia/LOTR action figures, so it is really one of the coolest bookstores-slash-libraries I've ever been into. I'm saying this because in UST, we have a six-floor library, but doesn’t really contain the books I'm into. Well, at least they have Zafra or I wouldn't go near the building except for free internet. Haha.

Moving on, Serendra is so nice. It has huge everything. It has a huge Nike Park, huge Animaland, huge Fully Booked, and all that sorts. Though children might enjoy it too much without having their parents fear that they might get lost or anything. In short, you are like living into Stepford Village at the city and minus the robots. If you know what I mean.

I also loved the cupcakes at Sonja’s. They have this quaint restaurant and smoothies shop that will never fail your tastebuds. Plus their Victorian style makes it more interesting to look and be at. So cute.

After that, went to Market Market and Hon Hon bought me this medium sized baby Tweety that I have always wanted. I am so loving late monthsary celebrations. Hehe.

There, I was just so thrilled with what this day has become. But I'm so tired now. So till next time. Buh bye! Muah!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Resting on a Maundy Thursday

Finally, a much rested-vacation. I just hope my weekends are all like today. hehehe. I had my 7th Heaven Marathon at first, but got tired because I feel that Ive grown up on it already, so I just had my Gilmore Girls DVD reruns instead.

I finally finished Diner Dash on Lester's PSP. Hahaha! Ive finally beaten Hon Hon in a game! Yay! No really, I was gloating when I told him that. Proves I'm not really a klutz in those nifty digital games or anything.


Ive been having problems with my internet. The only thing that's opening is google and my trusty multiply. I have to ask Hon Hon to check our office inventory. Sad. Cant open friendster! Drag!

Anyhow, I have to go now. I'm starting to relax, but I'm suddenly losing my cool again.

Blog again tomorrow. Muah! :D

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Movie/TV Loco..

Ive been meaning to blog since Monday, but operator duties have sank in, then there was the dial-up problems at home, and the hectic workloads life has given me that I just wanted to creep into my bed once I get home. But I know you missed me. hehehe. (Parang Gossip Girl. LOL.)

Anyhow, US has already given a list of upcoming movies for 2008. And it includes so much of my favorite series, book and sequels. Come May 30, see the women of Manhattan while strutting their Pradas and D&Gs at Sex and the City movie. Yes, the famous Carrie Bradshaw together with Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte will finally be on the big screen. :D

Kung Fu Panda, an animated movie with Jack Black as the voice behind Po the Panda will make us all leave the cinemas laughing so hard. This one would be a riot, I hope. LOL. See it this June.

So I have seen Wall*E in this movie we went to before. Alas, its gonna be open at June 27 so I have to wait for more months. Argh.

He's Just Not That Into You is one of my favorite self-help books. There's gonna be a movie showing on August, but I guess the book was the inspiration to the upcoming film. Though, there's no word on the cast yet. Major waiting time. ehehe.

Another Part 2 will be Madagascar. Though I have to watch the first one muna. LOL. Another sequels will be X-Files 2 and the fourth Final Destination movie that will be shown in IMAX 3D. Now I'm not that sure how gory that would be.

Lastly, mark your calendars for November 21, because word says that Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince will be released worldwide. Hopefully, it'll be on IMAX again. Yay! I'm so excited. I hope it would push through that date. :D

Plus, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition is back. TV junkie again! hahaha.


Mom and Dad are still strutting the Visayan region. Called yesterday and theyre at my Tita's house in Antique. I'm not sure if theyre gonna spend the Holy Week there, but if I were them, I would like to explore the old churches, or Miag-Ao in Iloilo for that matter. I just wish I'm rich enough to see the world. My horoscope says there's gonna be lots of travel opportunities for me this year, although I just felt so sad and I hope it wont be JUST OPPORTUNITY, if you know what I mean.


Mela and I met last Monday. Had so much catching up to do. Apparently, she's also excited for our Galera Trip. See, she hasn't been there, so having her with us is a huge deal for me. I mean, having my best friend back, and going places with her.

Speaking of friends, I have been so hooked at Gossip Girl. I actually finished Season 1. I so loved Blar Waldorf, because she looked like this princess who couldn't do anything, but turns out she is a total biatch, while Serena, her bestfriend is like, the lovable and playful one who is an effortless beauty. I am also swoon with Dan, who is like one of the cutest "series" guys Ive seen. But then, you know, their issues are so high school, because their in it. hehe. Watch the series for a piece of controversial Manhattan elites.

So there, I have so much to blog, but I forgot the things I should say. Be back later? XOXO, Ria. LOL

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Under The Sea..

Since Hon and I were so late yesterday (Stupid Ria has so much to do at the office), we decided to just go to SM Manila because I missed it sooo much, instead of heading straight to Manila Ocean Park. LOL. Went to the first day of the 3-day sale and all.

But this Saturday, we have the whole day to explore the newly-built oceanarium. Met up at Kalaw (where I hid at some part because my old office is near and I might see MB.), and after a 15-minute walk to Luneta, we have finally made history happen. Hahaha. See Ive been waiting for it to open since I first saw it at the news late 2006. And I have expected for it to open last December because they freaking said it'll open that date. But long story short, it finally is open.

Okay, so the oceanarium has eight parts, the AGOS, BAHURA, LAOT, BUHAY NG KARAGATAN, ANG KALALIMAN, OVERHANG TANK and PATING. Now, you could easily go in because they let at least 60 people come in once in a while, but when visitors take too much time taking pictures,well, that sort of makes it stressful. Anyhow, the fishes are great, plus you could touch the starfish. So kewl!

MOP even has a falls inside so you could feel the nature trip inside. Though when you take pictures, bear in mind to turn your camera flash. Mostly, I soo loved the Buhay ng Karagatan section where you see all ocean creatures swimming upwards the glass dome. It almost feels like experiencing the deep sea itself. But it was somewhat bitin because I was expecting that the whole place was the dome itself. hahaha.

So there, to top it off, MOP is enjoyable for kids and kids at heart. :D People from age 1-100 couldn't help but get amazed from what they could see inside the place. But as they have said, it is still incomplete. I think they're trying to build a mall inside, but I would prefer if they widen the glass domes a bit, or lessen the sharks. It is really making me scary. haha. But really, go there, enjoy the view and the different experience.


Mom and Dad are at Bora already. Hon and I are just as envious. Three days isnt really enough for Bora. I just wish I could go back. Sad. So anyhoo, they didn't have a round-trip ticket, so if my Mom decides to go to Iloilo, they're gonna go there. Argh. I wanna come too. Its been almost five years since Ive been there. And I missed the famous Lapaz Batchoy. LOL.

Till here for now, I'm trying to watch Gossip Girl right now. XOXO, R. hehehe :D

Friday, March 14, 2008

TGIF repeat

Its been a week since I woke up early just to get in time for our Bora Trip. Time really flies so fast. Anyhow, back to work, I feel like wishing for another vacation. Or something.

Hon and I are going to Manila Ocean Park tonight, just to see if its beautiful or not. Just that we have a pending tour there and this is a nice time to go out. Or lets just say that Manila isnt that appealing to me lately. I wanted to go to the beach again, so the Oceanarium is kinda close to a whole sea. Hahaha. Or I dont know, lets just wait if we time permits us to go there today or something. Im just afraid there will be too many children there, considering its a great way to spend a field trip or whatever.


Speaking of beach, We have decided to go to Galera again this April, now with Jon, Judith, Mela and Brent. Though Sai said she couldnt come. And since Shasha told us to contact her before going there, we wanted to go to that beautiful falls she's been talking about since we last saw each other.

We were thinking the mid-week of April, so were kinda set on the 19th. Im so envious of my cousin, Ate Lorie. She's gonna have a vacation at her hometown in Iligan. Haay.

Gotta go now. Muah!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Left My Heart in Boracay...

I'm having Boracay hangovers. I'm missing the beach and wanting to walk at the powdery white sands. I missed the sand castle, D'Mall and the long walks to get to Kikko's. I feel as if I would go back there. When, that is still unsure. But I'm positive that there's a part of me that lives in Bora.

Anyhoo, now that I'm back in Manila, I will keep Boracay's memory for a while. Though I managed to bring home some sand, (yeah I know, its so kewl!) I still wanted to stay there. Mom and Dad are going there next week, hence, she broke her own "no fun at Holy Days" policy. But since Dad has been hinting that he'll go back abroad soon. Oh well.


So continuing my Bora Getaway, spent the three days and two nights with Hon Hon and managed to somehow be independent and away from my family. Got up at 3:35 AM just so we wouldn't be late at the airport. Dad and Lester sent me to MIA Domestic because they were concerned I could get in trouble while in the taxi alone.

Come 7:15, we were boarding the SEAir Dornier, a small plane, which carries about 30 something passengers. You could feel air-bumps but because the view was so breathtaking, I never had too much problems or got airsick. Got at Caticlan Airport at 8AM then rode a jetty to Boracay.

At Bora, everything is so divine. The sea is cool, the sands are so white that you could mistake them for baby powder and the fresh air is almost heavenly. And because I have a package for Joedy, (my friend who is now working at Regency) had a 30-minute hike under the sun. And that made me so red because I forgot to use sunscreen. DAMN! After dropping Joedy her donuts and thinking that we will meet again that night for dinner, went to the DMall to buy lunch and explore more about Boracay.

Went out again at 5PM to have shakes at Jonah's. Super yummy shakes while seeing the Boracay sunset is really mind blowing. I soo love to stay there again. At 7:30 pm, met Joedy at Station 2 and had dinner at this Mongolian restaurant where you have to set your own meal, and cook it for you. Had fun doing that, its like Mongolian Quickstop in Manila. And had my first drink, Mai Tai, which tastes like the medicines my Mom used to bring me home when I was still young. LOL.

Surprisingly, Bora was quiet at that Friday. There were fireworks at the holding open, but there were not much of a party. Plus the sky decided to rain for a while so we had to go back at Kikko's already.



Had an early start at the beach. I was savoring the moment because heck, the beach is sooo fine. Went to Station 2 again so we could have our Henna tattoos and had lunch at Seabird, this quaint restaurant where the marlin and the calamares are uber delish! Then saw the famous sandcastle and took a picture. Even Saw Angelica Pangilinan roaming around the beach. hehehe. Again, went to DMall to buy gifts for people.

Inclusive of our package is a dinner at Zuzuni. This Mediterranean themed restaurant has set meals that is kind of yummy, if you would ask me. I could have enjoyed the chicken, but it was too spicy, but otherwise, I liked it.

Then we took pictures again, of the places around Bora and stuff. Got tired so we just retired at the hotel, trying to connect the wifi and had vodka cruiser drinks so we could get to sleep. hehe.


Had mass at the Holy Spirit Church. The mass was held in Visayan language. So there were parts that we didn't understand. Afterwards, headed back to the beach for a last swim. Come 12NN, we were already packed and up to go to DMall for lunch. Saw Kim Atienza eating at Inasal. And then were off back to the Caticlan Airport.


So that was my Bora journal. Next vacation would be at Galera again with the CCD people, Mela and hopefully Brenti. That would def. be super fun.

I gotta go. I so love my life. Muah! :D

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Status:currently in bora

hon and i are currently in bora today.. and im wifying using my tuck right now. kikkos is the bomb though we discovered that the place is uber far from the hot spots. but im really enjoying the place. super!                                                                                                                   right now, here at zuzuni and stealing internet time is nice and the weather is sooo great.jeni will be so envious of the tan and all.                                                                                                                                                                                                             last night, hon and iI met joedy at this mongolia restaurant where you can put as much toppings you want and they will be the ones to cook for you. was a blast. and the fact that i missed joedy is reason enough to celebrate. so till here. next post tomorrow when i get home. its hard typing at itouch.muah! hope youre weekend's fun too!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Busy and Buzzing Bee

Ive been uber busy that I haven't had any time to blog. Really.

Well actually, Ive been meaning to blog since my PC was formatted last Saturday, but Ive been in lurve with Dad's new lappie. Mine when he goes back abroad. harharhar. So anyhow, being an operator for three days straight have been so stressful that I really needed a good massage once I go to Bora. Plus that would mark the start of my summer. I just wish I could have more fun after that. Friends have been inviting to go to Galera again. And this time, Mela would be coming with us, so I'm really excited.

Oh, and Shasha went here at the office last Monday and told me she lives at Galera now. She said she'll tour us at this beautiful falls there if we decided to go. Yay! Super summer fun talaga. Then Mela even said that we should go to Subic again. You see, the last time Mela, Brent and I went out of town was during our third year in college. So this one would be really nice considering that were back together as friends. :D

I hope this short post thingie will work for the past few days. I don't know, I'm bored being the operator and feel this urge to just write.

Gotta go, job's not waiting for me. Later!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Weekend Lung-over

Because my Dad finally came home, went to Tagaytay and Cavite this weekend for some moments of fun, and fresh air. :D

Went there with the whole family to attend Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and had lunch. Even Edmund was with us plus Kuya Jun Jun, Ate Leny and Ate Love. After lunch, went to Tito Bong's farm, Dad's friend, where he has so many pineapples. Cute ones. haha. And they have coffee there. If I could only pick some, I would, but then we have to roast them and all. Drag.

I missed them, my cousins. I just wish we could like, spend time together. And go on KTV spree again. Haha.


Anyhow, Ive been really excited about Friday. Boracay, here I come! hahaha. Thankfully, the sun has finally made up his mind to shine again. Sabi ko na, swerte talaga ko sa mga trips. hehe. But this time, Im gonna relax, watch the sunset, see the famous Bora Sandcastles and just feel the serenity.

Rewind to Last Month: Our Bora Trip wasnt supposed to happen this March. Hon and I were checking up our budget so we could go by May, our second anniversary, but then I saw this SEAir package that says basically a landslide for the budget and all. On the schedule naman, we were about to go the weekend before Holy Week but Sunday will be the Palm Sunday. My mother has this no-fun-on-Holy Week policy so we just settled on March 7. But really, Mom is not gonna permit us during that week. SInce we were young, she never allowed us to, but its okay considering you really have to reflect during Holy Week and not play or something. That's at least we could do to pay respect to Jesus Christ right? :D


So no time for long post now. My bags are also packed so Im good to go. Haha. Muah! Another work coming up again. Gawd Aprelle, do you really need to take a leave today? haha.No, seriously, I like our operator, just that Im taking her job now. That goes for the overqualified thingie.

Really leaving now. Bye! :D


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