Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm having Boracay hangovers. I'm missing the beach and wanting to walk at the powdery white sands. I missed the sand castle, D'Mall and the long walks to get to Kikko's. I feel as if I would go back there. When, that is still unsure. But I'm positive that there's a part of me that lives in Bora.

Anyhoo, now that I'm back in Manila, I will keep Boracay's memory for a while. Though I managed to bring home some sand, (yeah I know, its so kewl!) I still wanted to stay there. Mom and Dad are going there next week, hence, she broke her own "no fun at Holy Days" policy. But since Dad has been hinting that he'll go back abroad soon. Oh well.


So continuing my Bora Getaway, spent the three days and two nights with Hon Hon and managed to somehow be independent and away from my family. Got up at 3:35 AM just so we wouldn't be late at the airport. Dad and Lester sent me to MIA Domestic because they were concerned I could get in trouble while in the taxi alone.

Come 7:15, we were boarding the SEAir Dornier, a small plane, which carries about 30 something passengers. You could feel air-bumps but because the view was so breathtaking, I never had too much problems or got airsick. Got at Caticlan Airport at 8AM then rode a jetty to Boracay.

At Bora, everything is so divine. The sea is cool, the sands are so white that you could mistake them for baby powder and the fresh air is almost heavenly. And because I have a package for Joedy, (my friend who is now working at Regency) had a 30-minute hike under the sun. And that made me so red because I forgot to use sunscreen. DAMN! After dropping Joedy her donuts and thinking that we will meet again that night for dinner, went to the DMall to buy lunch and explore more about Boracay.

Went out again at 5PM to have shakes at Jonah's. Super yummy shakes while seeing the Boracay sunset is really mind blowing. I soo love to stay there again. At 7:30 pm, met Joedy at Station 2 and had dinner at this Mongolian restaurant where you have to set your own meal, and cook it for you. Had fun doing that, its like Mongolian Quickstop in Manila. And had my first drink, Mai Tai, which tastes like the medicines my Mom used to bring me home when I was still young. LOL.

Surprisingly, Bora was quiet at that Friday. There were fireworks at the holding open, but there were not much of a party. Plus the sky decided to rain for a while so we had to go back at Kikko's already.



Had an early start at the beach. I was savoring the moment because heck, the beach is sooo fine. Went to Station 2 again so we could have our Henna tattoos and had lunch at Seabird, this quaint restaurant where the marlin and the calamares are uber delish! Then saw the famous sandcastle and took a picture. Even Saw Angelica Pangilinan roaming around the beach. hehehe. Again, went to DMall to buy gifts for people.

Inclusive of our package is a dinner at Zuzuni. This Mediterranean themed restaurant has set meals that is kind of yummy, if you would ask me. I could have enjoyed the chicken, but it was too spicy, but otherwise, I liked it.

Then we took pictures again, of the places around Bora and stuff. Got tired so we just retired at the hotel, trying to connect the wifi and had vodka cruiser drinks so we could get to sleep. hehe.


Had mass at the Holy Spirit Church. The mass was held in Visayan language. So there were parts that we didn't understand. Afterwards, headed back to the beach for a last swim. Come 12NN, we were already packed and up to go to DMall for lunch. Saw Kim Atienza eating at Inasal. And then were off back to the Caticlan Airport.


So that was my Bora journal. Next vacation would be at Galera again with the CCD people, Mela and hopefully Brenti. That would def. be super fun.

I gotta go. I so love my life. Muah! :D

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