Friday, March 14, 2008

Its been a week since I woke up early just to get in time for our Bora Trip. Time really flies so fast. Anyhow, back to work, I feel like wishing for another vacation. Or something.

Hon and I are going to Manila Ocean Park tonight, just to see if its beautiful or not. Just that we have a pending tour there and this is a nice time to go out. Or lets just say that Manila isnt that appealing to me lately. I wanted to go to the beach again, so the Oceanarium is kinda close to a whole sea. Hahaha. Or I dont know, lets just wait if we time permits us to go there today or something. Im just afraid there will be too many children there, considering its a great way to spend a field trip or whatever.


Speaking of beach, We have decided to go to Galera again this April, now with Jon, Judith, Mela and Brent. Though Sai said she couldnt come. And since Shasha told us to contact her before going there, we wanted to go to that beautiful falls she's been talking about since we last saw each other.

We were thinking the mid-week of April, so were kinda set on the 19th. Im so envious of my cousin, Ate Lorie. She's gonna have a vacation at her hometown in Iligan. Haay.

Gotta go now. Muah!

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