Saturday, March 15, 2008

Since Hon and I were so late yesterday (Stupid Ria has so much to do at the office), we decided to just go to SM Manila because I missed it sooo much, instead of heading straight to Manila Ocean Park. LOL. Went to the first day of the 3-day sale and all.

But this Saturday, we have the whole day to explore the newly-built oceanarium. Met up at Kalaw (where I hid at some part because my old office is near and I might see MB.), and after a 15-minute walk to Luneta, we have finally made history happen. Hahaha. See Ive been waiting for it to open since I first saw it at the news late 2006. And I have expected for it to open last December because they freaking said it'll open that date. But long story short, it finally is open.

Okay, so the oceanarium has eight parts, the AGOS, BAHURA, LAOT, BUHAY NG KARAGATAN, ANG KALALIMAN, OVERHANG TANK and PATING. Now, you could easily go in because they let at least 60 people come in once in a while, but when visitors take too much time taking pictures,well, that sort of makes it stressful. Anyhow, the fishes are great, plus you could touch the starfish. So kewl!

MOP even has a falls inside so you could feel the nature trip inside. Though when you take pictures, bear in mind to turn your camera flash. Mostly, I soo loved the Buhay ng Karagatan section where you see all ocean creatures swimming upwards the glass dome. It almost feels like experiencing the deep sea itself. But it was somewhat bitin because I was expecting that the whole place was the dome itself. hahaha.

So there, to top it off, MOP is enjoyable for kids and kids at heart. :D People from age 1-100 couldn't help but get amazed from what they could see inside the place. But as they have said, it is still incomplete. I think they're trying to build a mall inside, but I would prefer if they widen the glass domes a bit, or lessen the sharks. It is really making me scary. haha. But really, go there, enjoy the view and the different experience.


Mom and Dad are at Bora already. Hon and I are just as envious. Three days isnt really enough for Bora. I just wish I could go back. Sad. So anyhoo, they didn't have a round-trip ticket, so if my Mom decides to go to Iloilo, they're gonna go there. Argh. I wanna come too. Its been almost five years since Ive been there. And I missed the famous Lapaz Batchoy. LOL.

Till here for now, I'm trying to watch Gossip Girl right now. XOXO, R. hehehe :D

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