Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ive been meaning to blog since Monday, but operator duties have sank in, then there was the dial-up problems at home, and the hectic workloads life has given me that I just wanted to creep into my bed once I get home. But I know you missed me. hehehe. (Parang Gossip Girl. LOL.)

Anyhow, US has already given a list of upcoming movies for 2008. And it includes so much of my favorite series, book and sequels. Come May 30, see the women of Manhattan while strutting their Pradas and D&Gs at Sex and the City movie. Yes, the famous Carrie Bradshaw together with Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte will finally be on the big screen. :D

Kung Fu Panda, an animated movie with Jack Black as the voice behind Po the Panda will make us all leave the cinemas laughing so hard. This one would be a riot, I hope. LOL. See it this June.

So I have seen Wall*E in this movie we went to before. Alas, its gonna be open at June 27 so I have to wait for more months. Argh.

He's Just Not That Into You is one of my favorite self-help books. There's gonna be a movie showing on August, but I guess the book was the inspiration to the upcoming film. Though, there's no word on the cast yet. Major waiting time. ehehe.

Another Part 2 will be Madagascar. Though I have to watch the first one muna. LOL. Another sequels will be X-Files 2 and the fourth Final Destination movie that will be shown in IMAX 3D. Now I'm not that sure how gory that would be.

Lastly, mark your calendars for November 21, because word says that Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince will be released worldwide. Hopefully, it'll be on IMAX again. Yay! I'm so excited. I hope it would push through that date. :D

Plus, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition is back. TV junkie again! hahaha.


Mom and Dad are still strutting the Visayan region. Called yesterday and theyre at my Tita's house in Antique. I'm not sure if theyre gonna spend the Holy Week there, but if I were them, I would like to explore the old churches, or Miag-Ao in Iloilo for that matter. I just wish I'm rich enough to see the world. My horoscope says there's gonna be lots of travel opportunities for me this year, although I just felt so sad and I hope it wont be JUST OPPORTUNITY, if you know what I mean.


Mela and I met last Monday. Had so much catching up to do. Apparently, she's also excited for our Galera Trip. See, she hasn't been there, so having her with us is a huge deal for me. I mean, having my best friend back, and going places with her.

Speaking of friends, I have been so hooked at Gossip Girl. I actually finished Season 1. I so loved Blar Waldorf, because she looked like this princess who couldn't do anything, but turns out she is a total biatch, while Serena, her bestfriend is like, the lovable and playful one who is an effortless beauty. I am also swoon with Dan, who is like one of the cutest "series" guys Ive seen. But then, you know, their issues are so high school, because their in it. hehe. Watch the series for a piece of controversial Manhattan elites.

So there, I have so much to blog, but I forgot the things I should say. Be back later? XOXO, Ria. LOL

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