Monday, March 31, 2008

Malyn, one of my longtime friends, went to our house yesterday after hearing mass. Just that its been so long since we saw each other and the need to meet was really necessary.

Why am I blogging about her? Well, let's just say that she isn't any ordinary friend. See when we were in high school and some of our batchmates are against her, I still stood up to be her friend. We'd hang outside ICAM or surf the net and look at pictures of Yukito (because Sakura was popular back then). She was with me when I was taking my UST entrance examination, phone calls with the first REAL boyfriend, and even during the bloody fights, she was there. And will always be.

On our last year in ICAM, I recalled Ms. Penaranda, our Physics Adviser, gave us the names as in the title. I, the dormant one, and her my catalyst. When this other barkada gave me up, she had the most active reaction one could have. That as if she was the one being thrown at my barkada. Memories.

Nah, I just missed her. She might be crazy as she sounds, but she's one helluva great friend. And a scheming one too. I showed her this picture of a girl I hate and she made so much comments a person could ever give. I know, she couldve been a writer herself. Too bad she chose Nursing as a profession. LOL.


Anyhow, Hon and I went to MOA last Saturday to watch Fool's Gold. This is the second Kate Hudson-Matthew McConaughey tie-up in a movie. If How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days is a romantic movie, well in some sort, this one is a bit adventurous and fitting for summer. But if youre looking for THE GREAT movie this summer, Fool's Gold may be a little by-the-book, if you know what I mean. There are scenes that might not be so believable for me, but since Kate Hudson's there, plus McConaughey's drool-worthy abs, I'm in for it. Hahaha. (No offense..)

Then afterwards, went to Divi because we thought that lights may close due to the Earth Hour. Tutuban never participated, so we just had our sumptuous dinner (the ihawans at the back of the mall) and went to the night market.

..Sadly, I didn't get to watch PBB. Argh...

So here, I have to go now. Love yah pals! :D

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