Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hear ye! I'm so tired, and its just Tuesday. I have been doing so much not just in the office, but also at home. Our Project Smile will take off on Friday, and I have to cover the event. A tie-up between the company and the largest-growing fastfood chain in the country is also in the works, which I would cover too. Plus, the aforementioned largest-growing fastfood chain is inviting the team to go to their event, and I will be the representative. And the worst thing is, my boss will be on her maternal leave, and couldn't be there to support me. So basically, I have to be the shiniest and most polished star of them all.

..Just when I'm thinking about leaving my comfort zone.

So ironically speaking, it will not yet be the end of me. I have all the opportunities coming up, and the possible employment to this big company, though not really my forte, is piling and still in the decision. But its not like I have to buy an IN and OUT tray or something, I just needed another time, a mundane time to recharge.


On a lighter note, I am enjoying watching movies at Tuck. I even put up my workout video in him so that when I couldn't hog the TV, I'll be locked in my room and have instant multimedia by myself. Or if it doesn't work, I just have to blast them with Paramore or Sean Kingston. LOL.

Anyhow, I'm excited for Friday. Jon and Judith will be presented to the company. Plus the project where I belonged to, is kicking its way already. Though I really am hoping I could get a real vacation this summer, you know, because I still have the Boracay hangovers every now and then.


I have to go now. pending works have all lined up, and I'm just down on my ten minute break. hehe. But before I leave pala, let me greet a Happy April Fools Day and Happy Birthday to my fellow Xzeno, busmate and friend Tatin. We all miss you gurl. Muah! :D

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