Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Just when I felt soooo down last night, one thing made me happy. Kahit na its bad. hahahaha.

See, in my maldita world, I precariously live a vicious example. So this one thing really made me smile because finally, I won. Since it has been so long that I smudged this person, and this time, karma has taken its toll. So the maldita in me is smiling, a heck lot. LOL.


Anyhow, the HAPPY song still plays in my head. I'm excited for Friday. There'll be a presentation and I will cover it. Plus the fact that Ive helped to make the Project Smile possible is a huge effing deal. Its like my baby all over again. hehehe. Just like the website. :D

When I think about life, I feel as it it has become so inevitable for me. Jeni and I discussed the possible offices we could still have and that I should apply to other companies while I'm still young and could brag my resume. Though sometimes, I feel as if its hard to leave the people who has been there for you. Or people who've taught you everything you have to know about your current job. As for me, I am guilty to leave work because I feel as if I couldn't find another boss that's as nice as Maam Kit or scour great friends. But lately, Hon has been pressuring me that I do not deserve less. That there's an even better company I could work to. Maybe I couldn't understand him because I love what I do here, and the fact that I do not have much responsibility at home (like paying the bills and sending my brother to school) makes me at ease for now. Of course, I have the future family to think of, but that's too far from me now. And I promised him that I would marry him if I'm a hundred percent ready to do so.

Anyway, 22 palang naman ako, I have a lot of opportunities to discover. As Jeni said yesterday, "Mayabang ka kasi Thomasian ka". And so far, graduating in UST have been a part of the perks in my application, not just about work, but personality as well.

..But you know I'm happy, and I couldn't be greater, so no one could really bring me down now that my spirit's all up. So whoever you are that's provoking me, I am better than you, so watch your back, because you don't know who you're dealing with. Srsly.


Omigah! Rihanna's the cover for Cosmo this April! Cant wait to get later. I so want one. hehe. They didn't have pa kasi at 7-11 earlier. Basta, I'll look for it.

And I would recommend for you to watch "Love in The Time of Cholera". Or if you have read the book, the movie's great too. So contemporary and romantic. The movie is tailor-fit by the book. Though of course there may be some cuts, you could still see the book in it, unlike other movies.


Two weeks nalang, see you again Puerto Galera! Definitely becoming a beach bum this summer. hehe. Lurve it v.much. :D

Waah, I miss Gossip Girl. Cant wait for Season Two. :D GTG.

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