Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just when everything is so good, Apple decided to launch a new software, for less than $20. Kamusta naman yun!

So meet the new Apple Ipod Touch, with maps, notes, email function and weather provisions. Sadly, the Philippines haven't been graced with that kind of feature yet. For heck's sake, we don't have the iStore for the country yet. So sad. My Mom asked about it and she said to download it, but since I feel that the applications aren't so cool, (Yeah, I need games for mu Tuck. LOL) I would just settle him for the videos and the music that he has been feeding me for the past month. Oh well, maybe someday. Who knows.


Maam Kit finally conceived her bouncing baby girl yesterday! Yay! She said that she's gonna name her Ivannah. Wish I could see her soon. I so love babies. hehehe. The last time Jeni and I talked about babies, was when I was the operator and this little girl Justine came up to our mascot, MYA and she asked her grandma to take a picture of her with it. Then she sings Dora songs, and speaks english. Cuuute! She even bid me goodbye. Sana I could see her again.

But definitely, it would be way too long for me to have one. See, I still have responsibility issues and even though I love babies, I wanted to do more in my life. I wanted everything to be planned. I want to have a perfect wedding, and all the best in it. I don't want it simple, I kinda wanted it grand. I wanted my kids to study in exclusive schools (like myself?). And I wanted them all pampered.

Yeah, and those are just SOME plans. I haven't gotten to the good part yet. You know, my future house and their future bedrooms. Yeah, I have that all summed up inside me. I just hope it would come true. harharhar.


Enough ranting, I have to finish my war, I guess. Wish me luck. :D

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