Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ive been meaning to blog since last week, but I haven't the time, or the energy to do so. hehehe.

Anyhow, our Project Smile took off successfully in public. Or at our lobby, for that matter. We were all hassled at first, but it was all worth it. Especially when they awarded us certificates. I now have a picture of Sir JAAC. hehehe. Kewl!

In fairness, we were all surprised. I thought it will just burn on my KRA. I never thought that I could add it to my portfolio. LOL. Oh, and Jollibee came to dance to our little event. Remember the largest-growing fastfood chain I was talking about last time? Yep, little miss spoiler here is very proud of what'll happen in the following weeks.


While last Sunday, I got the chance to be tan (again!). Super negra na ata ako. harhar. Hon and I went to Sta. Rosa Laguna with our mommies and their friends to celebrate Tita Day's Birthday. There's this quaint but nice place near Enchanted Kingdom that has a private pool and all. And since the celebrant was the former dean to the near school, she had the perks to use it. hehe.

I'm proud to have met new people. Tita Yoly's son, Paul. Tita Tess' son, Jeff and Tita Ellen's daughter, Joyce. Anyway, I never thought that I could be patient with Joyce. See, she's a special child but she's very talkative and she kind of knows what she's doing. She even prayed during lunch. Oh, and she's even keen about wearing a seatbelt and all that. Maybe, if she were like us, we couldve gotten along much better. :D


Yesterday naman, Mela and I met for our pre-Galera talks and for her to meet my officemates Jeni, Jon and Judith. Since we were all going together, we figured they might as well see each other. And thankfully, they all got along. Then we went to Megamall to have dinner and just go window-shopping for things we would want to buy. hahaha.

Actually, I kinda missed that with her. Our long hiatus has become dull for the two of us that we were still catching up on one another. Though I'm thankful that the same humor is still alive like the Voltes Five joke we were so fond of or how we make laits to other people. We're still like Blair and Serena, BFFs and sisters. :D

..I never realized that I have really MISSED IT. You know, having a younger sister whom you could confide to. I mean, its different with Mercie, that even though were the same age, she already has a family of her own. So she wouldn't be able to sort of understand the things I need to say. On the other hand, Jeni is a friend and colleague, so before I could tell stories about college and school, I have to give her a brief background, which will make stories longer and it loses sense. But with Mela, I don't need to give her a rundown of memories because she is actually there. Now I'm really looking forward to our Galera trip next weekend. Hope we could all sleep. hehehehe.


Gotta go. Since I pulled an all-nighter last night fighting with him, I wanted to just pull myself up. If you know what I mean. But you know I love you, you just don't seem to get me most of the time.

XOXO, Ri (^___^)

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