Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm so excited for Saturday. Its gonna be my third outing. MY officemates even said that I must hate my color so much that I wanted to make it even more darker. But actually, it isn't my last one for the summer yet. 4Journ1 2006 Batch is planning another swimming too. Anne texted us last night and it'll be held in Zambales. I hope it'll push through din. Hon Hon, on the other hand is thinking that I'm weird because I wanted to go out more often. I don't know, I just wanted to maximize this summer. Something tells me that someday, I couldn't do this anymore. That maybe I would have too much responsibilities that I wouldn't be able to really go out that much. Or maybe because I hadn't gotten the looks of my Mom, I got her attitude of seizing places and travelling.

Actually, my Mom is telling me to go places too. BTW, she just got home last Saturday from Banaue and Baguio (again, Baguio. Di pa nagsawa! LOL). But its her first time in Banaue. And the view is really breathtaking. I wish I couldve come too. Then they went to PMA and Strawberry farm. The problem about going up North is they have the same sights over and over again. I remember being there since time immemorial. Though I really feel lucky because growing up, I can say that I have experienced it all. You know, riding a horse, almost being thrown out of the horse, going out with old-time friends, experiencing the ukay-ukays and if I remember, my first night-out-slash-disco is at Baguio. Weird, but true.

But from her pictures, Banaue is beautiful, if I may add. The hanging bridge is fantastic. I'm just not sure if I could take an hour walking. When Hon and I are at Bora, and going to Regency to see Joedy, my feet were already sore walking 30 minutes. Compare it to an hour, and I would be barking in pain already. haha.


So anyhow, second time time to Galera on Saturday. But with a bigger crowd this time. So it'll be so much fun. Ive also seen that C2 will have an event there, so the odds of being intimate with few people is impossible.

Though for sure, I'm gonna experience sun, fun and sand again. My three essentials this summer. I know its restless, but hey, good company and the chance to swim and have the beach is worthwhile for me already. And again, I was so excited that I am packed and ready to go. harharhar.

Gotta go finish things before the take-off. So many things to do, so little time. Ciao! :D



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