Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You know, I have the most fickle-minded family on Earth. Really. The outing was moved from May 1 to May 4. And the worst part, it will not be in a beach, but on a pool somewhere. JUST GREAT!

You see, I have already an perfectly laid plan of getting tired that day, while not being late on the next day we have work. Then Tita Sol suddenly has to screw up, that she couldnt make it to Thursday or Saturday even. So my supposed date with Hon has gone kaputz, because of them.

Then they lectured me about sacrificing for one day for the family. Sabagay, okay lang naman kasi sa kanila kasi hindi sila manggagaling sa Tondo and theyre all at Nova that time. As if that's not a big sacrifice I'd have to make!

So in conclusion, I am outvoted, and whatever say I have in my mind is completely worthless, because in the end, they will have the last decision and the most concensus. You know the feeling that its not enough for my Mom to allow me to go to our Anniversary's weekend getaway, but to sabotage even my date. The only time that Hon and I go out together and has been a must for so many times now since we couldnt see each other during weekdays.


Oh, and aside from that, my plan of looking for gifts to Mam Kit's babies' party will also have to go. I feel miserable and frustrated.

But I dont wanna get it to me, although it has already got me worked up and mad.


Anyhow, I just handed Maam Kit's invitation to the officers. I enjoyed doing so, I feel like the bearer of good news. hehehe. Party will be held on the 10th, and now, it would really be fun because I have Jon, Judith, Jeni and Grace with us. So nice. :D

Gotta go. Bored. Enraged. Kainis. Bye

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