Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just when I thought there's nothing to blog about, our Team had quite a weird discovery yesterday afternoon.


Meet the new addition to V-Cut's delicious flavors. When I believed Sour Cream was swell, they have provided yet another breakthrough in the food industry. So here, let me present you, V-Cut Caldereta Flavor. Yeah! hehehe.

This is how it goes, one day, you and your friends decided to have a round of drinks. But since you have an uber conservative mother who thinks drinking is evil, the chances of her cooking a sumptuous pulutan or any dish like Caldereta is slim to zero. So you and your friends think of an alternative for your inuman, so you go to your favorite sari-sari store, and voila, instant pulutan, of course without the usual discussion of whether the meat is goat or beef. LOL.


Dude (not his real name of course), says the snack, is delish, but it needs something more. He even assumed that would be rice. But of course, chips and rice is crazy, but so is Caldereta as chips right? But to make the long story short, the snack is good, just don't overdo it as lunch or dinner okay. But really, I'm having Charlie and the Chocolate Factory flashbacks. Remember Violet? Willy Wonka gave her a gum that tastes that of an alternative to a full meal. So this must be the closest thing to it. Hahaha.

I don't work for Jack&Jill, but I might recommend it to everyone. Try it and be amazed, SERIOUSLY! :D

Gotta go now. Toodles. :D

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