Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Project Operator: Aprelle will be leaving the company this April (yeah, sounds like a slogan, but it is true.) So because of the upcoming ML of my boss, the team's gonna be so busy that we wont have time for a vacation. But since we were all so cool, we have already formulated a plan to have a vacation, look for a possible operator/receptionist, man the lobby and eat our cake while enjoying it.

So when Aprelle finally leaves, Judith and I are gonna be switching places at the lobby (Again, if we couldn't find the destined operator). We have already plotted April 19 for our second Galera Trip, now with Judith, Jon, my besty Mela and Brenti and Jeni. Michi also says she wanna join too. So even if its gonna be for a night only, it would PROBABLY be so fun for all of us.


Mela and I thought of another trip too, if ever this Galera trip would be cool. Her Mayor Libunao of San Fabian is her uncle, and the last time we interviewed him for our BroadJourn class, he invited us to go there. Mela said that since he is still mayor there, and the invitation still stands, we should definitely grab it. But its still in the works. I'm not sure if it'll push through, but it is on our plans na. Yay!

Anyhow, Jon told me earlier that Manila Ocean Park gives 10% discount to Manila residents. At first, we thought its a little biased, but hey, we realized that we are from Manila and even born here. Haha. But still, as if it'll be discounted that much right? And we've been already there so I wont make a fuss out of it.


I'm so envious of my Mom. They have been to this Sampaguita Garden in Aklan and they went to the Precious Moments Doll Gallery. Waah! Anyhow, she bought me a doll, it is an angel with orange gown. The owner, Sam Butcher, extended his collection of Precious Moments so proceeds of the dolls would go to the homeless children in Aklan. And speaking of Dad, he's gonna leave today. For real na. Another three months without him. I was sad nga kanina when I was saying goodbye to him. And since I have work today, I cant go with Mom and Lester to send him off to the Airport. Sad.

I have to go. Hon is with Rai today having their haircut. So I guess I'd have to surprised later. haha. Gotta go! Muah! :D

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