Monday, March 24, 2008

So the PBB House is open again..

For sure, I would still have my bets and the people inside the house that I might loathe. rofl.

So the cast comprises of Alex Anselmuccio, Beauty Gonzalez, Ejay Falcon, Jieriel Papa, Jolas Paguia, Marc Josef Elizalde, Kevin Flood, Linda Backlund, Arnan Clenuar, Nicole Uysiuseng, Priscilla Navidad, Robert Domingo, Rona Marie Libby and Valerie Weignmann. (credits to PBB's Multiply)

It is an interesting lineup since there are at least four (or more) foreigners inside, one has a handicap, two are from rival schools Ateneo and La Salle (But I personally like the one from ADMU. Go Robert! LOL), and all sorts.

Again, get ready for more sleepless nights because for sure, controversies will rise again. That we're gonna be sure of.hahaha.


Enough of PBB, since we know that I'll be hooked again this succeeding months.

I feel sad again. Dad's gonna leave tomorrow. I know, work comes first, but I feel as if the timing is off. Plans of going out again will be different than planned. But anyhow, we know that he's doing it for the family, so kudos to him.

..But I'm really feeling sad. Argh.

On a lighter note, Ive finally made contact with my childhood friends again. Yay! My tita saw Alydee this morning so she got her number and the rest is history. Its just that they are the same guys who were with me while growing up. But since my Mom took me to study in Manila, we were kinda separated for a long time. So thanks to recent technology, we are back in being in contact. haha. And a forthcoming reunion is in the works. :D


Anyhow, Ive gotta go. Have to finish more things. Muah!

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