Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Because my Dad finally came home, went to Tagaytay and Cavite this weekend for some moments of fun, and fresh air. :D

Went there with the whole family to attend Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and had lunch. Even Edmund was with us plus Kuya Jun Jun, Ate Leny and Ate Love. After lunch, went to Tito Bong's farm, Dad's friend, where he has so many pineapples. Cute ones. haha. And they have coffee there. If I could only pick some, I would, but then we have to roast them and all. Drag.

I missed them, my cousins. I just wish we could like, spend time together. And go on KTV spree again. Haha.


Anyhow, Ive been really excited about Friday. Boracay, here I come! hahaha. Thankfully, the sun has finally made up his mind to shine again. Sabi ko na, swerte talaga ko sa mga trips. hehe. But this time, Im gonna relax, watch the sunset, see the famous Bora Sandcastles and just feel the serenity.

Rewind to Last Month: Our Bora Trip wasnt supposed to happen this March. Hon and I were checking up our budget so we could go by May, our second anniversary, but then I saw this SEAir package that says basically a landslide for the budget and all. On the schedule naman, we were about to go the weekend before Holy Week but Sunday will be the Palm Sunday. My mother has this no-fun-on-Holy Week policy so we just settled on March 7. But really, Mom is not gonna permit us during that week. SInce we were young, she never allowed us to, but its okay considering you really have to reflect during Holy Week and not play or something. That's at least we could do to pay respect to Jesus Christ right? :D


So no time for long post now. My bags are also packed so Im good to go. Haha. Muah! Another work coming up again. Gawd Aprelle, do you really need to take a leave today? haha.No, seriously, I like our operator, just that Im taking her job now. That goes for the overqualified thingie.

Really leaving now. Bye! :D

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