Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I know, cheesy title right? But when it comes to renewing friendships, even the corniest line of songs may seem special to you.

Okay, see we haven't been THAT vocal about our separation. We were all in denial because in college, we were as SOLID as it looks and feel. But due to the fact that we had our own jobs, relationships and stuff, we became temporarily not good.

During the long break, Brenti and I have stayed friends. We see each other, not quite so often, but still, remained friends, as we were during college. But yesterday, the thing I have been waiting for so long happened. Mela YM'd me and the rest was followed by sorry, lets meet and love you besty.. AGAIN.


Going back to Mela, she is my very best friend during college. Lets just say that most of my UST History comprises her, talking to her, being with her and going full force with her. She was with me during the ups and downs, thesis, final paper, interviews, looking out for interviews and hates everyone I hate, etcetera. After college, we vowed that we will not grow apart. I guess, we were just too immature to make things worse that would lead us to separate.

So yesterday, a spur of the moment thing just popped into our heads. Because we were supposed to meet to talk things over, I also dragged Brent with me. Saw Mela at SM Megamall last night just to have dinner and all that. Our sorrys are beyond words, because anyone who really knows us back then could say that nothing could really break us apart. And I am so happy that now, we are all back again. Guess this will be a start of a meaningful friendship, for an encore run. LOL.


Mom confirmed that Dad will REALLY be coming home today. I'm just so psyched. I hope it really happens this time. Hehehe.

So there, I have to go now. I just blogged for a while and to tell the good news. 'Later! Muah!

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