Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Honestly, I couldn't remember the last time I spent my weekend at our house in Tondo. Dont get me wrong, I know I live there, but it usually means, going inside the house, eating dinner, doing night time thingamajigs, sleeps, wake up and get ready for another day. That basically comprises it. I don't even have time for my PC anymore. Or if I do, it would usually mean for me to check things I couldn't do at the office. Just swell.

But because my Mom and Lester went to Baguio last weekend, I maximized my weekend, inside or outside the house. Last Saturday, Hon and I hanged out and do things we haven't done in a long time. That is, dating during the weekend. haha. After that, went to buy stuff for Hunnies' Hive (where we feature swimsuits now! Yay!), and went to SM San Lazaro just to buy Hon Hon's new portable playstation. :D

Come Sunday, just spent my day doing our laundry, burning CDs because it'll be reformatted, clean the whole house (really spotless now!), and ironing the clothes. At the end of the day, it was uber tiring so I just had my Gilmore Girls DVDs to marathon.

Yesterday naman, went to meet up Hon at MOA, and may I add again, to develop my Mom's pictures, lunch at Sbarro's, then went to his house at Paranaque. Played with Sophie and Mico using Wii, PS2 and PSP. Haha. Console galore talaga!


Anyhow, this is where we'd spend the 3D2N trip to Boracay, Kikko's Boracay Resort. It looks nice, plus the seems spacious enough and we just love the fact that there is a wireless internet roaming around the premises. Of course, that is a MUST for Hon, plus I would be soooo happy when I get my own Apple iTouch because I could surf the net using it.

..Though Hon and I could use his phone and his PSP for the net. harharhar. I'm sOooo excited about it. First time eh. ehehehehe.


I'm loving Ne-yo at the moment. Its just that I couldn't take "Go On Girl" off my mind these past few days. And he's gonna be holding a concert here. I couldn't come. Aside from the pricey tickets, its so hard for me to go home late because I'm trying to be a good girl recently. Just so I would be in good terms with my Mom and all that.

Saw Oscar's yesterday morning. But didn't get to watch the whole show. Ive noticed kasi that most winners came from movies I didn't watch last year, so why bother. Though I saw Amy Adams (Giselle, Enchanted) sing "The Working Song". She got huge now. Or maybe it was because of the dress, I'm not sure.


That's how my weekend was summed up. But I'm looking forward to the two coming weekends. Hehehe. Muah! Gotta Go Now!

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