Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Reunited and it feels so good..

I know, cheesy title right? But when it comes to renewing friendships, even the corniest line of songs may seem special to you.

Okay, see we haven't been THAT vocal about our separation. We were all in denial because in college, we were as SOLID as it looks and feel. But due to the fact that we had our own jobs, relationships and stuff, we became temporarily not good.

During the long break, Brenti and I have stayed friends. We see each other, not quite so often, but still, remained friends, as we were during college. But yesterday, the thing I have been waiting for so long happened. Mela YM'd me and the rest was followed by sorry, lets meet and love you besty.. AGAIN.


Going back to Mela, she is my very best friend during college. Lets just say that most of my UST History comprises her, talking to her, being with her and going full force with her. She was with me during the ups and downs, thesis, final paper, interviews, looking out for interviews and hates everyone I hate, etcetera. After college, we vowed that we will not grow apart. I guess, we were just too immature to make things worse that would lead us to separate.

So yesterday, a spur of the moment thing just popped into our heads. Because we were supposed to meet to talk things over, I also dragged Brent with me. Saw Mela at SM Megamall last night just to have dinner and all that. Our sorrys are beyond words, because anyone who really knows us back then could say that nothing could really break us apart. And I am so happy that now, we are all back again. Guess this will be a start of a meaningful friendship, for an encore run. LOL.


Mom confirmed that Dad will REALLY be coming home today. I'm just so psyched. I hope it really happens this time. Hehehe.

So there, I have to go now. I just blogged for a while and to tell the good news. 'Later! Muah!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Maxed Out!

Honestly, I couldn't remember the last time I spent my weekend at our house in Tondo. Dont get me wrong, I know I live there, but it usually means, going inside the house, eating dinner, doing night time thingamajigs, sleeps, wake up and get ready for another day. That basically comprises it. I don't even have time for my PC anymore. Or if I do, it would usually mean for me to check things I couldn't do at the office. Just swell.

But because my Mom and Lester went to Baguio last weekend, I maximized my weekend, inside or outside the house. Last Saturday, Hon and I hanged out and do things we haven't done in a long time. That is, dating during the weekend. haha. After that, went to buy stuff for Hunnies' Hive (where we feature swimsuits now! Yay!), and went to SM San Lazaro just to buy Hon Hon's new portable playstation. :D

Come Sunday, just spent my day doing our laundry, burning CDs because it'll be reformatted, clean the whole house (really spotless now!), and ironing the clothes. At the end of the day, it was uber tiring so I just had my Gilmore Girls DVDs to marathon.

Yesterday naman, went to meet up Hon at MOA, and may I add again, to develop my Mom's pictures, lunch at Sbarro's, then went to his house at Paranaque. Played with Sophie and Mico using Wii, PS2 and PSP. Haha. Console galore talaga!


Anyhow, this is where we'd spend the 3D2N trip to Boracay, Kikko's Boracay Resort. It looks nice, plus the seems spacious enough and we just love the fact that there is a wireless internet roaming around the premises. Of course, that is a MUST for Hon, plus I would be soooo happy when I get my own Apple iTouch because I could surf the net using it.

..Though Hon and I could use his phone and his PSP for the net. harharhar. I'm sOooo excited about it. First time eh. ehehehehe.


I'm loving Ne-yo at the moment. Its just that I couldn't take "Go On Girl" off my mind these past few days. And he's gonna be holding a concert here. I couldn't come. Aside from the pricey tickets, its so hard for me to go home late because I'm trying to be a good girl recently. Just so I would be in good terms with my Mom and all that.

Saw Oscar's yesterday morning. But didn't get to watch the whole show. Ive noticed kasi that most winners came from movies I didn't watch last year, so why bother. Though I saw Amy Adams (Giselle, Enchanted) sing "The Working Song". She got huge now. Or maybe it was because of the dress, I'm not sure.


That's how my weekend was summed up. But I'm looking forward to the two coming weekends. Hehehe. Muah! Gotta Go Now!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy 21st Month My Lovey 21..

Marking this Love Month, is the 21st month of our relationship. Actually, I feel speechless right now. Just that I never really thought that this would be getting this far. You see, I'm a klutz. I feel like ruining something, and I do it effortlessly. But this one, is special. Everytime I try to ruin it, it just comes back home, unharmed and more sweetly than ever. Maybe because it is meant for us. That maybe, today, it really is REAL.

Love you so much Hon Hon, and I hope to spend more years and months with you. Muah! :D


This day has also been good to some of my friends. Just found out that Nix has already passed the Nursing Boards Licensure Exams. And it definitely calls for a celebration. Congrats Nixee! CCD is uber proud of you! :D


Jen is inviting me to watch "My Big Love". I wanna watch it too, but time doesn't permit me to. Though I told her that I could maybe do it next week or something. Haha, Just that I have never seen a Tagalog Flick after One More Chance. Plus, its lead role is Sam Milby. Like I could resist him. Hahaha.

Dad's flight was postponed to next week. Apparently, his replacement needed to be trained first before he goes home. Asar. Just when I was hoping to touch my iTouch (cliche isn't it? LOL), I needed to wait for a few more days. Haay.

Anyhoo, I really need to go now. Weekend na naman! Super excited. Muahugz (Sai Mode LOL.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Driving Home to Life...

Dad is coming home this week! Yay! I could finally get the ITouch! I could finally get my old life back. I could go on dates during weekends again, plus I could guarantee my schedule once again. Hahahaha.

Pardon the tone, just that, I was so ecstatic when I heard the news because these past few weeks (or months) have been gloomy to my social life. But once Dad is home, someone could be with Mom at Nova again. I could stay at Tondo, and go anywhere I like without having to travel far. If you could only see me gloating right now. LOL.


Speaking of driving, my Tito Pol let me drive the Paj last Sunday after going to SM Fairview. Since our house is almost two blocks from the gate of our subdivision, he made me go in front of wheel and drove home. But my knees were all shaking during the five-minute drive. Waah. But I promised myself that I would eventually learn manual and automatic. Because I practiced automatic, he said that I could learn easily using that stuff. You see, I need to learn because how the hell am I supposed to drive the car of my dreams in the future if I am a klutz in front of the steering wheel? So frustrating.

But anyway, I managed not to bump my Dad's car, so IT IS an achievement already. I can see myself driving on a vacation, or a swell spot. Haha, like THAT could teach me how to drive.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop dreaming already. Bleh!


Weird Stuff: I already got my bag ready for the Bora Trip. EXCITED! Haha. For sure, come March 6, I would not be able to sleep. I don't know, its kinda natural for me when its my first time to go to a particular place. And considering that I have been longing to go there since I was a kid. I used to remember persuading my parents to go there everytime we go to Iloilo. My aunts always tell me that you just need to ride a bus and a ferry to go there if you're in Iloilo already. But when we go there, were usually lacking time or just too exhausted to make another long trip.

And now this is my chance, so the heck I would definitely grab it. Hehehe.


I am so looking forward to the weekend. PGMA declared Monday as a non-working holiday. Gimik galore! :D

Muah! I have to go now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hangovers and Such..

I feel as if I'm still bitten by the Valentine bug. Since he promised that this will be the most memorable Valentine's Day for me, he made it possible, more than I expected. He went to the office to deliver the flowers. Sweet! :D And he said that his Plan A was ruined (well, to buy the Pink Fone since it was out of stock), so he did Plan B, which was to get me Havaianas. He said that it would go together with the Bora trip we'll be having this March 7-9. And the night before Heart's Day, he already gave me the Starbucks Tumbler since I wanted to buy a pink one. So there, Valentines was a pink fusion for me. Hahahaha.

And because it is a special day, had dinner at Shang in House of Minis. Super huge steaks and all. Kewlness! After that, we went to Quiapo, bought DVDs and prayed that our relationship would last forever and ever. Its just that I believe that prayers make way for God to hear. And since our relationship have been tested too many times, it is only due to lay everything to HIM. And thankfully, we have been having a blast, and have been receiving so many blessing lately. So sweet. :D


The next day, I took a leave from work so we could spend Hon Hon's birthday together. But since I have to wait for him until he gets off from work, I had to do my other stuff like get my SSS Id and TIN Card. He was envious that I got to do it for a half day, Harharhar. And I picked up the cupcakes from Ms. Joanna. I got him the one with the Superman logo since he is his Hero. LOL.

When I went to Mall of Asia, remembered that the PTAA Travel Expo 2008's at SMX Convention Center, so I decided to attend it, hoping to see my old time friend and former office mate, Gerdah. Sadly, she wasn't there, so I just hang out at the Adam's Travel Booth with Ate Julie and Tita Amor. Plus I got to surprise Ate Pinky, Ate Weng and Ate Lorie. But then I got bored because they started working, so I just went around and saw some cool booths. I even got brochures just to get a glimpse of travel packages or attractions I could afford this summer. Hehe. But I didn't go back to their booth anymore, with the fear of facing MB again. I don't know, its just that I still have my pride to protect. When I left the company, I know that we haven't been in good terms. We just don't get each other. Though I respected him as a boss, I still feel as if I let him down. But its over now, and I'm happy to be home at Fortune Care anyway. :D

So there, went to Sakae Sushi to have a sushi feast. Super enjoy. The conveyor belt was so cool plus they have this sumptuous sushis you could chomp on. Am definitely going back there. Hon Hon even said to eat there on paydays. Like that is possible.

And his birthday celebration isn't over yet, went to Adidas and he finally got the shoes that he has been wanting for so long. Its a super nice birthday for him! Yay!


Anyhow, I have to go. Am envious of my Mom and Lester because they'll go to Baguio on Friday. Oh well, guess we'll just have to go to Pyrolympics that day. ehehehe.

Muah! Catch y'all later! :D

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Hearts Day 2k8

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

To HON: As we celebrate the second Valentine's Day together, with all the ups and downs, happy moments and fights, movies, vacations and all the laughter, I have came up with a million reasons why I should stay. It doesn't even matter now if you have completed THE LIST of what I wanted in a guy, but the way you love me proves that no prospective ideas could even match up to the way you feel about me. I know that these past few days were hard, and there are a lot of drama going on, but you know in the end, I would always be back home to you because you never gave me up. And I want to thank you a million times. :D Love you always Hon Hon.


Its Valentine's Day once again. Hon Hon said he has something planned for today, though I'm not quite sure what it is. He finally settled on not buying me the pink phone. Its just that it would be too much of a gift. But its enough that he has to pay our Bora trip naman right? That IS the greatest Valentine's gift already. hehe.

He also said that this would be the most memorable Hearts Day for me. I could remember last time, he tried to talk me out of the day. He said that we could celebrate it on other day or so. I thought he was the Valentine Grinch. Then when we saw each other, he was handing this bouquet of dozen roses and a heart-shaped cake. My mom was green with envy since Dad isn't home for Valentines. Hahaha. I still have the dozen roses until now, pressed carefully on my scrapbook. LOL.

Funny because last week, I was reading to him an article in Cosmopolitan about gift giving on
hearts day. Like, it is a day of women to feel special and men to show that they really are. And they said its a give and take situation, "He gives, She takes" hahaha. Funny but true. I believe its due that men show appreciation to women even just for a day. Take her shopping, treat her to dinner and movie, that's all it could take to make her happy. Of course, it helps for you to shoulder everything. And please don't expect a gift. Just so you could feel you have the balls to give exactly what the girl needs. Haha

After Valentine's Day, it is Hon Hon's birthday again! I will be on leave on Friday to get my other gift and maybe meet at MOA again or somewhere to celebrate. I also have my gift for his birthday ready. Sad lang because we were supposed to see each other on Saturday. Now I'm really praying for my Dad to come home, so I could go anywhere I wanted.

Anyhoo, I gotta go now. Have to endorse things first before I take my leave. Muah!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sands of Sands

Payment nalang yung kulang, our Boracay Trip on March will finalize already. Hence, we will not have to worry on whether we booked the plane, or checked different hotels. So right now, I am so loving the LEP Packages. So kewl.

Oh, and Mom finally said okay in us going, though, I wont be joining them on Panagbenga. But its okay since Ive been to Baguio since forever. Why forever? Lets just say that I was reproduced there. Haha. My Mom and Dad had their honeymoon there when they got married. Tita Fely even gave me this weird name that means "Baguio Made". Kamusta naman. But I feel a bit envious because it has been five years since Ive attended the said festival. Oh well.


Went to Nova again for the weekend. I feel sad nga lang because Hon and I might not be meeting at the sixteenth. We were supposed to do something nice like seeing a movie or something. But because my stupid brother hs practice every weekend, I have to go with Mom. Hence, Hon and I will just have to meet after work on Valentine's Day and I am on leave for his birthday.

..Yes dear God, I love my Mom so much, but please help me find a way so that my brother will have to suffer the way I do. LOL.


I guess I have to go now. Boring life couldn't take me anywhere for now. Though I really have a jam packed schedule this week. Lovey'all

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!

Happy Chinese New Year to All of Us!

Having parts of Chinese in my blood, the Yi in me celebrated the New Year by still being awake at twelve, watching fireworks at the terrace, Mom putting up fruits at the table, burning of incense, having a feast for dinner and putting red stuff inside the house.

Chinese predictions even says that this year will be lucky for me, more travel opportunities and will be good in business. Harhar. My brother may have the Chinese look in him, but Ive still got the brains and the talent. LOL.


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday so I went to Blumentritt to hear Mass. Had an awful number of people, and some are even inconsiderate of the situation. Just that they messed up the solemnity of the Holy day. So these people just went to church to have ash put up on their foreheads, without hearing Mass first. You know, the Catholic in me cant help but get disappointed.


Jessica Alba will star in the American Version of "THE EYE". Hope it would be great, as expected. I like her so much, plus I loved the Asian version of the movie. Elisha Cuthbert on the other hand, will be Sassy Girl. I just hope they would do justice to it. I mean, they are expected to do so since its Hollywood and all.

Speaking of Hollywood, Patrick Dempsey got an Actor's Guild Award. McDreamy sure is a hottie. hehehe.


Anyhoo, I gotta go. Thursday na! Weekend na ulit tomorrow! Yay! Heroes Marathon ulit. LOL.

Bye! :D

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mothers Know Best?

I just wish that this line suits for all mothers. I mean, I love my Mom, but sometimes, she just seems to unbearing to live with. If I tried to depend on my family, they would try to push me on my own. If I tried to be independent, they would treat me like a five-year old. So where does it take me? Like I said yesterday, I never tried to rebel because I wanted them to treat it as a favor for letting me do thing my way later on my life. But in my case, it STILL is the same. I feel as if my judgements and actions are bad that they still have to bail me out when I made a mistake. Parang si Claire ng Heroes. LOL.

But seriously, I feel so like five years old. Although she talked to me this morning that she'd talk to Dad about our Bora plans. Wala lang. I feel really bad. You know that feeling when she wouldn't let you control your own plans, and she doesn't even have to think about money when I go there, because clearly, that isn't the case. I understand that she needs my Dad's approval first, but for God's sake, I AM TWENTY-TWO. I am emotional, but I am capable of getting myself out of trouble. And besides, I learned, independently to do things, discover places. Maybe that is why I couldn't understand them. Like asking for permission is not enough for her, when I have done my part being a good daughter.

Drama Drama Drama...


Bora plans are already in sight. Have called SEAir this afternoon and I have to email the details already so they could check the hotels or something. Uber excited! :D Hon is even planning for us to go to Davao on the second half of the year. Said his tito has a house there and a beach resort we could go to. Plus his relatives could tour us around. This year is indeed a good one. LOL.

According to the Chinese Predictions, 2008 is good for the people who are born under the year of the OX. Plus Oxen and Rats are soulmates. Hence, Hon Hon and I are meant to be together. Harhar. I know, I just kinda believe in those things. But I do NOT live through them.


I started my Heroes Season 2 marathon last night. Whoa, super kewlness. Am definitely supporting so much of it now. Asar lang because Isaac Mendez died while Sylar still lives. Argh.

Anyhow, have to go now. Ash Wednesday today, and birthday of our EVP-GM. So Im gonna go to church later. Muah! :D

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Just around the Corner

There are full of red roses, Candy Hearts, Cupids and Piolo Pascual. LOL. Black Valentine. Harharhar.

And on the other side, there are tikoy, bidding Cats, Mickey Mouse in Chinese Costume and red calendars.

..Ironic how they could come up with Western Traditions and Asian Traditions in a month. They have all been commercialized. And they have all been too prodded with so many ideas to sell. But of course, everyone isn't expected to join the bandwagon. LOL.


Haven't much time to blog lately. Swamped with work, planning Hon Hon's birthday, leaving the office early so I could catch the earliest train home, doing my monthly report and finally through with my Heroes Season 1 marathon. Yeah, excuses I know.

Last Friday, Hon and I went to Divi. And bought uber affordable swimsuits. Now I'm thinking of selling some for Hunnieshive. If it clicks, why not right?

On the other hand, I spent the night at Nova that day. Lester still has school stuff and I am OBLIGED to go with Mom. So again, armed with my Heroes DVD, slept way too late just to reach the half of the season, then went on it again the whole Saturday and before going back to Manila on Sunday. So unproductive right? Though of course, we went to Grotto Church at Sunday and to my Tita's House in SJDM.


Have been the operator the whole day yesterday. Was effing tiring at the end of it. Though I felt satisfied in some part of me because I could answer their questions and have been thankful after. But not just my forte. The job is too draining for me. Gawd.

As for Hon, he already started orientation for his new work yesterday. And he was uber happy to get 2 regular tickets and 2 IMax Cinema tickets. Sad lang because boring movies are shown in Imax right now, and I wanted to watch 27 Dresses, which he is happy to do for me, considering it is a chick flick. LOL.

My Dad's not yet home. Just that I'm so excited to get THE present. I mean, I couldn't really wait to get my hands on it. Haha. Since Hon got his new phone, I wanted something nice for myself too. And I feel as if this means power for me. Yeah, because I could put a lot of songs and photos and could even browse the net outside. Now THAT is what I really call power. LOL.


Speaking of power, Heroes is one of the hottest and super outrageous series Ive seen. I so love Ali Larter's character, Nikki/Jessica. Its just that she's so hot, has an alter-ego, plus she's so powerful. Though I also liked Claire's indestructible power. Though Peter has the best one. Now I couldn't wait to start Season 2. Yay!

Anyhow, I have to go finish something. I feel that this would be a good week. I could sense it. hahaha. Love yah guys. :D


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