Thursday, March 30, 2006

Graduated Batch 2006

... I've studied almost 17 years and felt like it is my first time to be on top of the stage.

When Sir Jere announced our names tonight at the PICC Plenary Hall, I really felt proud of us Journalism students. Not because our whole section bonded together through ups and downs, but because we all deserve to have a place in that crowd. That we strived hard to be in that moment. That we worked real hard to achieve that day.

So there, 4Journalism1 and 2002 1Journalism1, I'm gonna miss you all. these classes are both the best. Hope to see you all as excellent journalists. As to the future lawyers of the batch, good luck to you all. Because you graduated as journ students, I know you'd be fine lawyers. =)

(OMG, I sound like the valedictorian. I'm not gonna sing though!)

Seeing the professors flock there made me reminisce about the four great years that I have been in UST. It was all fulfilling to see them there, some gave me bad marks, some are great ones, but it was all erased during that instance because they've honed us to be good journalists. Let me say that I'm not gonna be a teacher, because it is a very honorable title. I will leave it to the ones who got passion for it. And I would be forever grateful for our mentors because in a span of time and within the four walls of the classroom, they will always leave an mark in your personality.

I'm excited to go to the real world now. The one without teachers guiding you. Where you could be independent and face the challenges without having to be spoonfed. Where you can really learn to stand up on your own and learn through your mistakes. I am (hopefully) being interviewed on Friday. Jops got a text message from Miss Sunny Rose fr0m ABS CBN, and since my fone was lost, I think she also texted from my then-globe number. So to be sure, I'm going to call them up tomorrow and confirm. Wish me luck guys! =)

Gotta go now, I'm beat. my hair's still in curls. And I think I'm gonna sleep happy.

Congratulations to UST Students Batch 2005-2006! We all did great! Viva Santo Tomas!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Nina's Baby Shower

Just got back from Ana Victoria's party. hehe. It's kinda cute, especially now that were all excited for Nina and Rolly. They even had the nursery set up already. I just wish thaty someday, I could also experience the bliss that a baby could give to parents. But since I'm still very much single and trying to figure out what would happen after college, I'm gonna invest in my future first but hopefully have someone to share my life with. I don't wanna get too sentimental. I might cry or something.

But anyway, I belted out again tonight. Hogged the mic since they have this huge videoke machine and people are not using it. With Nina's permission, I took the liberty of being the night's entertainer and didn't care whoever hears how I sing. Since everyone has their own right to criticize me or say if I have the worst voice, I still didn't care. I'm just frustrated of what's happening these days, and I hope we resolve it ASAP.

Last night was our Baccalaureate Mass. Of course, people couldn't help but be too nostalgic.

It is our last night in school to stay up late, our last time of singing the UST Hymn at school, the last mass, and of course, the highlight of the night and one of the best things in UST, the FIREWORKS, what else?

After the mass, we had the oath taking, it was giving me goosebumps when the lights around the school grounds were being lighted and produced a starry and beautiful effect of the school. They even lighted the Main Building again for us. Asked Brent to take a picture of myself with the building as my background. Cool! >___<

After the candle-lighting ceremony, the fireworks went a-banging. It was bongga since last Paskuhan, it was kind of shorter. And since I don't have my fone anymore, I couldn't take a picture of it. Good thing I brought a cam with me, but I plan to use some of it for the actual graduation.


Well, after my last post, things have become a little different and I learned a lot of things from my friends.

1. Sadly, I am now terrified of going home late, riding a jeep and men who flock together, with me thinking that they might be hold-uppers or such.
2. My phone won't remain in my bag anymore. My ID's are placed on my pockets, and my fone, wherever I could hide it. And sadly, I went back from MotoE398 to Nokia 3310. Sad fate. And I'm missing my fone terribly. Especially when I wake up and couldn't feel anything up my pillow.
3. Am planning to buy pepper spray in case it happens again.

Well, that's it. Am not going to tolerate evil in my surrounding. I learned my lesson. And from now on, no more miss nice girl who would cry when someone or some devil takes away my bag.

Gotta go sleep and lessen the bags under my eyes.

And I'm out again!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I never feared about losing my life...until last night happened.

Have you ever lost a phone in your life? Wallet? Identification Cards?

Usually, people would misplace things one at a time. It never occurred to me that it would happen all at the same time, and twice as hurt.

Yesterday, we sent off our dad to the airport because he's gonna leave for abroad again. I was even in a hurry going to his office because earlier, Brent, Mela and I were going from companies to companies, looking for a job. I was even teasing Mela that it is a lucky day because it didn'€™t rain and we weren't late or such stuff.

Apparently, I was wrong.

After going to the airport and went to Baclaran Church to pray my dad and our family's safety, Mom, Lester and I went to SM Manila to look for a suit since Lester's Prom is already on Monday. Even though Mama and I are already tired, we still went to that mall because we promised him that we would go there. At around 7pm, we already went tired, going from shops to shops, but found no inexpensive ones that we decided to go home.

Funny thing is, we usually go home by LRT. But this time, we decided to ride a jeepney to Abad Santos. After passing through Blumentritt, a suspicious guy, with a cap, white shirt, wearing shorts got into the jeepney. I was even looking at him because I noticed that his eyes were already red. I thought maybe the guy was drunk. I was even looking at him funny because I took a nap at the jeepney, and just woke up at that time.

Minutes passed, I saw him took out something from his back. It was a huge knife. With holes in it. Big holes actually. Still in shock, I saw him point the knife to the driver then asked him to stop. Then he pointed the knife to the lady, one seat apart from me, then took her pink bag. I was trying to cover my bag, but he noticed me, that he pointed the knife at me too. I was hesitant to give it to him because all my things were there and it dawned to me that this is the very first time that I forgot to put my fone, my beloved fone, in my pocket.

When I never gave him my bag, he stressed pointing the knife at me and mumbled something, that I never remembered what, due to fear and the thought that it might be the last day of my life. Remember my belief about graduating students nearing danger when they're counting days till graduation? That was the only thought that I had in my mind. He pulled it in my hand and I just cried then and there. What was my other defense right? The other passengers were also scared because they said the other guy with him has a gun. Of course, they would fear for their lives too.

I never thought that this would ever happen in real life. I used to tell my friend I never had my bag slashed, fone snatched, wallet lost or stuff like that. Although I was feeling sorry for my fone, I am more worried about my IDs and friends' pictures. I just hope I'd get them back. I even dreamt of getting hold of my wallet again last night. I know it'll never come back again, but I think I'm luckier that I'm still alive.

My mom never promised me a new fone. And I think I'm still in shock and trauma, whenever I think about that knife pointed at me. Felt like I was only acting and I'm in a movie. But this morning, when I woke up and didn'€™t touch something above my pillow, I knew it was all real. The surroundings were already eaten up by too much evil. I just hope that someday, I could work in a paper or something, and try to make a change in these situations. It is also better if we could have better lawmen, policemen, and officials who would really try to really do their job. I remember the last time I was with my dad, we saw a man inhaling a bottle of rugby, and guess where the officials were? On the other side of the road. If I weren't inside a jeepney at that time, I would tap the officials and report the guy. BTW, this was in front of St. Jude College. It is even a school zone! It's really irritating.

So there, just recalling my so-called experience. I'm just thanking I'm safe. And since my globe and sun numbers were all gone, please email me at for your contact numbers or send a message on my friendster. I'll update my directory. And if by chance, my numbers texted you or anything, just disregard it. It'€'s the snatcher. Grrr.

Hope you all learned by this. Always be safe and always be on guard.

Thursday, March 16, 2006



I'm sick right now. I can't breathe and usually, it would take me days before I get well. But anyway, I'm hoping to be better by tomorrow before we go job hunting and all. My dad's gonna leave again too. His flight's gonna be at 5pm. So tomorrow is a really long day. I just hope I could be as giddy as ever.

Watched Fever Pitch this afternoon and I recalled our SportsJourn Mag creating days. Back then, we had a crash course with Baseball, researching for Baseball Terms, Teams, and anything about the sport. I just couldn't believe that we wouldn't do that anymore.

My PC's not behaving well. I couldnt open my mail without having the debugging sign. Help!

Uh, I guess there's nothing more to blog about. Funny how I forget the things to blog about when Im in front of the monitor already. Hope to be back again tomorrow. But as of now, I have to be "un-sick" and rest. Blahblahblah.

And still no lovelife. 13 days to go before graduation. Full moon tonight, and I'm alone.

But life is good. Thanks to friends.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Drenched in Rain

Drenched in Rain

I feel exhausted everytime I wake up. I mean, its normal but the thing is, I haven't been productive these past two days. Seems like I'm stressed, but not that much. Weird.

My family members are barging me too. Yesterday, I have to wake up at 5 am to help my brother with his research statement. Feeling nya talaga, walking typewriter ako. The nerve of him to even get mad at me for not helping him the night before. And tonight, he wanted me to "help" him make his assignment. But hello? I know him that well, that I would end up doing the entire paper for him! So I declined to help him and said that I wouldn't read the assigned reading and make the article at the same time. At siya pa yung may karapatang magalit? hmmp!

After finishing his research statement, I took a nap again. At 8 am, my mom was asking me to have my dad's picture be scanned or developed. Still with my eyes halfway open, the 'responsible' daughter that I am didn't complain anymore and got up to do it. I just shut my mouth because I didn't have the energy nor the courage to argue with them.

And this morning, I found out that my dad would leave on the 16th for work again. Meaning he won't be at my graduation. Ironic because back when I was young, I was eager to see him off, but now, I'm kinda getting used to him being in the house. and I anticipated that he would be on my graduation. Oh well, I'm speechless now.

....sometimes, i regret that I wasn't able to complain.

Last Saturday, Kai, Les and I went to Paco to conduct the survey testing for her thesis. Was stressful because its hard to search for 40-54 year-old women. Its actually a slum area, and the roads are very narrow. Not that I am complaining, but it is time-consuming and energy-sucking. On the other hand, you would feel lucky to be blessed with all the luxuries in this lifetime. Most of the women I interviewed didn't even had the chance to finish high school or elementary.

Luckily, most of them are accomodating. They have their own stories and stuff to at least ease our tired faces. I just wish that whatever happens, they could get on with their lives. They're good people, just unfortunate with luck.

Mela and Brent went here this afternoon. Had a movie date with them. Instead of splurging to cinemas, I asked my dad to buy me a pirated dvd of 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. 'Twas a good movie. Happy ending for her, although, mistress pa din sya. But Ziyi Zhang was good. She was so cute. hell, cute..

And this past days, I also had a movie marathon of my own. Saw Walk the Line to observe why Reese Witherspoon got the Best Actress in the Academy Awards and she was good playing June Carter. My tears welled-up again, especially when Johnny Cash was proposing to her. Aww, love.. <3

Also watched Bewitched and The Perfect Man. Next goal, Brokeback Mountain, Cinderella Man and Fever Pitch.hehe..

Oh well, its a long day. and its gonna be one tomorrow. I hope the sun would be up, I'm really hating the rain now. Bye! XD

Friday, March 10, 2006

par-tay on!

par-tay on!

Just got from Trixie's birthday at her house today. Was fun, I never thought I could have uber delicious foods again. The baked mac was divine and the "fondue" was mouth watering. Of course, since I am a chocoholic, I tend to be that dramatic when it comes to them. I feel bloated already..nah, just kidding.

BTW, friendships and I went to RobPlace earlier to buy Sir Jeff, our thesis adviser, a token of appreciation for all the help he's done for our thesis. First impressions really are deceiving. And we actually wanted to not try him to be our adviser at first, but he made us sky-rocket to 1.0 for the thesis. The thesis, for heaven's sake.

Nothing interests me nowadays except sleep. It has been my buddy since our "vacation" started. But Im planning on a movie marathon this weekend since I dont have classes anymore and I bought whole lotta DVD's. I'm lagging behind new movies, and I need to be in the know about which OSCAR movie was really deserving. Got Memoirs of a Geisha, Brokeback Mountain and Walk the Line. Well, its Reese Witherspoon so I insisted my dad to buy me one. XD And yeah, I know its piracy. I just can't help it. Money's really hard to earn. I just hope someone from the companies' I passed resumes on would finally call and schedule me an interview or some sort. Like Badet, I'm desperate to find a job already. And no offense, but I really really hpe I could get a job in line with my course instead of being a CC Agent.

I also am loving PBB Celebrity Edition. I want Gretchen to win. So kewl, a kick-ass lady for sure.

Gotta go get some more sleep, because I intend to finish Memoirs tomorrow. bye!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

eternal youth

I can't get over the fact that I was being mistaken to join the PBB Teen Edition!

Last Tuesday, Jops and I went to ABS CBN to pass our resumes for the Creative Department. Didn't really have the chance to see a whole lotta stars but the fact that I'm in the building still excites me. So anyway, after giving our resume, Jops asked me to see the PBB house. So off we go, but since the sun's really up, she told me to wait until there could be a shade for us to walk to. Beside the guard house, I asked the one assigned there if Jasmine Trias already went out of the house. he said he didn't know. But the next statement really burst my laughs out.

Guard: ilang taon na po kayo?
Moi: 20 po.
Guard: Sayang, akala ko sixteen ka lang, mag-audition ka sana sa teen edition.
Moi: kamusta naman manong!

Emmalyn says I have eternal youth. ewan. Parang ayoko nga. But its nice in a way.

gotta sleep.mwah!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Feeling nostalgic and all that jazz

Feeling nostalgic and all that jazz

After contemplating whether to post or not, I decide to since it is only fitting to say my farewell to pressure and hell week.

We snagged an interview with Mr. Cordero last Friaday. It was such an experience going to San Miguel and all the hard work that we experienced during the interview. As in trabahong JOURNALISTA talaga kami. Well, after that ineterview, now I can feel I could do anything and Pressure is just a word.

I finished my part in business journ just this moment. Mela would just edit the whole article and do the revisions and stuff. Thankfully, I could now sleep and relax. Being online is another thing because our fone's not working and I have been swiveling and shouting this afternoon after it dawned to me that it isn't doing its job.

But I have plans to go to school this week. I could finally watch Memoirs of A Geisha this Thursday and make Sir Jeff sign our Thesis Cd. Thankfully after that, we'll just have to deal with practice (if there's any or something of that sort.)

Jops, Karch and I were planning to go to ABS this Tuesday to apply for the cReative Dept. Hopefully, we could acquire something from them. And really crossing my fingers.

Gotta go. Wish our fone would work when I get home. Tata!

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Most Disappointing Day of My Life

The Most Disappointing Day of My Life

"Ria, ga-graduate ka na ba this year?"
"Opo sa March 29, 2pm sa PICC"

Now I'm not sure if I can get through graduation for God's sake. I have this huge dilemma in our Press Ethics Finals. I woke up this morning feeling positive that we could interview the famous Ed Cordero, but ended up being much disappointed and exhausted.

Here goes:

The Alumni Affairs has no right to be called so. Why? because their data are not updated and what's the freaking use of an alumni directory when you can't find a decent contact? huh? No wonder Ateno and La Salle can easily have funds for their whims if they want to because theyre supported by alumnis. Whereas to our beloved school, you could only find a measly and old investiture list, with an address that's been since 1980. And it's 2006 already.

So we thought it was luck that it led us to have the address. I even swallowed my pride to ask my Ninang for directions to that BL Subd. (I just don't want her to think I'm not making efforts, but since I'm not aware nor interested about Paranaque, I asked for her help) So anyway, it's do or die for us that we decided to scour Paranaque and wherever that subdivision is. On the way there was kinda fine. Our only problem occured when the Tricycle driver pissed us and took us on the wrong way. But since it is already over, I decided to keep my mouth shut and just curse him after he dropped us.

We found the house, and found out that he isn't residing there anymore. The house was in disarray since it is being renovated. We talked to his brother, Junn, and he accomodated us and texted Mr. Ed that we were actually there and were students of Mam Perena. Sir Ed took Mela's number and promised to call her that we decided to scram already since we can't expect him to be there and presently having his meeting.

Hoping that he'd actually call, I guess we had our hopes up for nothing. Mela stayed up late and waited, even sacrificed not seeing her boyfriend (or maybe they did, Im not sure) but still, he didn't call. No nothings. Mela even checked her number if its correct in case everything fails. But our only fault is we didn't get Sir Junn's number or their home phone. I guess we got excited and all that we didn't bother to since Sir Ed promised to keep in touch. We didn't get Sir Ed's number too since he asked for us naman. We respected his "decision" of not having his number. Journalists' code. privacy.

That is why, ladies and gentlemen, I am compelled to kill myself or something to make it easier for me to take it if I fail MY LAST FINALS and won't be able to graduate. (serious: now sobbing)
I always thought that graduating students shouldn't be pressured anymore since they would leave already, but no, some paper could ruin my life in an inch for my diploma and my transcript of record! (read: REALLY, NOW CRYING)

I never thought I would ever cry while posting in my blog. Tomorrow is another day, but so is the submission for the finals. And I still have the PolDy test, so this really sucks right now. I just wish there could be a bright future for us tomorrow. Or else, it's goodbye world for me.

Have to go figure out my future (if I still would allow myself to have one)

And she's gone.


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