Monday, January 30, 2006

15 minutes of fame

15 minutes of fame

I think I know how my next boyfriend would be like.

He would be mestizo or chinito.

He would have these pair of amazing eyes, brown, not black.

He can speak different languages. Or play my imagination on different levels.

He would hold my hand all the time. And I would always feel safe with him.

He can play the guitar and piano. And violin would be nice.

He loves to sing, because i find him sensual that way.

Nah, dreams are unreal. And besides, I don't think this guy exists. Well if you do, humabol na sa Valentine's. hehe. Just kidding.

Nababaliw na ko due to information overload. Masyado nang tumatatak sa utak ko yung Eleven Minutes. Though I still haven't finished reading it, I learned so many things regarding *bleep*. Uy, sensitive. but really, I think there's a MARIA in all of us. We tend to love pain because some people may say that it could lead to pleasure, but as Ralf Hart said, it doesn't. We discover the pain because we want to struggle out of it and for such noble things, and that's because of love.

A friend once said that I was a semi-masochist. Ewan ko kung totoo. Maybe before, but not to the extent that I would cut my wrist to hurt myself. But I guess, instead of hurting other people, I would just resort to hurting myself. That I would remind myself every waking moment of the things that happened. And by them, I could contemplate the wrong things I've done. Actually, I hate it when I still regret the things in the past. That instead of moving on, I would just move forward, but not the memories, and that forever haunts me.


Nalaman ko din na "Mean Girl" pala ko. But I think I'm doing myself and this guy a favor by not investing in a relationship. I thought it wouldn't matter to me, but I expected too much. I got scared of the people around me, of the people who know me. Hindi naman ako materialistic, but I think I've changed to seeing reality my own way. So because of guilt, I went to church today and asked God to just take the situation out of my hands. I asked Him to decide on what should happen. And I would gladly accept whatever His will is.


Waah! I wanna watch CLOSE TO YOU. I don't care if I'm seen watching the movie. I'm just so in awe seeing SAM MILBY. Lakas ng impact. I would trade places with Toni Gonzaga if I could have a chance. hehe. Lucky gal that Toni!

I had my much needed rest this afternoon. I mean, yesterday afternoon. Since our house in Nova doesn't have a computer and a telephone line, I didn't have the urge to bug someone. Ayoko na magpuyat. Pero OL pa din ako. Labo. Kasi Ria the red-nosed petite ako ngayon. I have to zap this zit already. Even tried Panoxyl but didn't work that much, maybe I need to re-apply more. And I hope it wouldn't ruin my skin.


May namimiss akong kausap sa fone. Haay, tapos na kasi unlimited ko. Should have texted you first. Wala lang. I had to tell you something. Nakakainis. iba na talaga pag "Instructor" na. Bigatin na.hehehe.

Crap, my tummy hurts. I'm hungry again. Pero since I'm trying to lose weight, I'm eating lesser and sweating with the exercise videos I borrowed from a friend. My dad even caught me doing those exercises. Dyahe talaga! Pero totoo pala yung mga exercise videos na may mga nagrereact pa sa likod pag cool yung exercise. They're so funny. (^____^)

gotta go. Too much space wasted. I wish this downloading stuff would finish ASAP.

And I'm gonna try sleeping for once!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

I'm not sure if I spelled it right, but Happy Chinese New Year. I remember something about saying to Ms. Leah before that I don't have a chinese blood just so I wouldn't have to do her research work. But I'm proud to be part chinese, though I don't look like one. But my brother has inherited the looks.

We went to the Jose Villa Panganiban Lecture yesterday and the guest speaker was Mam Eugenia Apostol. She's so cool. Founder of Inquirer, already 80 yrs of age, but her memory's still good. And she's so kalog. Instead of lecturing about "by the book" infos, she just let the audience ask questions about journalism. Ang nice pa niya. Wow.

After that, the happy THREE friends with Jam and Badet went to SM Manila to help Mela buy a dress for her friend's wedding. It's just nice there so we took lotsa pictures and stuffs.

This afternoon, since there are no classes coz of Feast of St Thomas, i decided to meet Jonnah. Well, I kinda missed her, and its nice that she called before I was going so napadaan sa Binondo and there are dragon dancing and all. It was cute actually. I loved the firecrackers.

basta, Happy chinese new year y'all!mwah!

Friday, January 27, 2006



The UST Community is waiting for LIVRE CONCERT to take place tomorrow.

It's nice having sugarfree, mojofly, sandwich, join the club, parokya ni edgar and other bands to rock the celebration of our Feast day. And it's free. You just have to bring a book as a donation.

But then, rain happened. And actually, I haven't seen flood in a long time until this afternoon. So I guess expectors would be disappointed because chances are, it wouldn't happen. Well, we just have to wait.

So happy that we just had a discussion for PD. It feels so great to just do that. At least I won't be slaving myself that much. I just have to be prepared for the late prelims of 6 readings. But I'm bibo in his class tonight. Well, I have to be..

Internet's gonna be my bestfriend for a few days. Mela got me stuck with the Electronic Trail (I would want to have the undercover but my parents wouldn't allow me), I have to find the UST basketball players that has jersey numbers of 11 (since the quadricentennial year of UST is 2011), Jam asked me to download these Korean stuff, and other stuffages for school. Jonnah's already mad at me for not texting because "Internet na daw ang pinipili ko!"

I mean, i have too many things to do that I can't fit them into my teeny-weeny sked. Thesis defense is only days away. We haven't been practicing it yet. No mock defense until next week since were too busy with other stuff. Good thing we don't have classes on Saturday, or else, I'll be toast.

I had difficulty breathing these past few days. I dunno why. I hope I don't have asthma. But really, I tried everything just to normalize it. I'm not sure.

Haven't finished thesis defense powerpoint yet.

Gotta go!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pinoy Pride.

Pinoy Pride

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friends, Nina and Icy! Wish you both the best this world has to offer! =)

Everytime I hear the song PINOY AKO, I get inspired.

Fine, we hear it everyday, during our long rides or blaring at our neighbor's house and on our own mp3 players.

But yesterday, ABSCBN set the song on my mind again. I was having LSS because Manny Pacquiao won. He's really good. I was actually disappointed amd didn't want to watch the fight at first. There's some spoiler friends who said he didn't win, that he was knocked out at the fourth round.

Yeah right! Say that again after Morales gets out of the hospital! :P Hate know-it-alls.

I missed the Central Library's internet. Coz its faster here, or in any other computer shops for that matter. I hate it at home. I cant download songs faster. SO instead of waiting for the taskbar to load, I'm indulged to talk to people in the MIRC.

And I came across this person last night...

I was feeling sleepy, but then this guy made me wake up angrily. He was asking me to find him a suitable girlfriend, but since his standard's are too high, or as he says "non-bitchy features". I was compelled to give him a friend's email add but says he didn't want her.

That's why I hated pairing up! If someone doesn't want the one paired, you'd be responsible for it. And besides, i haven't seen the guy before. How would I know if he's worthy for my friend. Oh anyway, I hope I wouldn't come across him again.

Sir Opiniano went to class earlier to announce the schedules of defense. Now this is what I call SCARY.
I really hope we'll do good on it. Kaya nga we joked about the place of defense nalang. Kasi outside the campus is forbidden, but since the carpark in USTe has different shops and fastfoods, ano kaya kung sa ICE MONSTER kami mag-defense? Ipapasara ni Mela. Hehehe.

I love this pic. Its from Postsecret I think I can relate to it. But I guess I wasted too many wishes from a lot of guys. Because if I didn't, I wouldn't waste my time looking for someone I could be with. In a relationship kind.

Image hosting by TinyPic

Have to go while Internet's faster.


Sunday, January 22, 2006



Langya, kung di pa ko nagkainternet sa bahay, marami pala kong hindi alam.

1. May sound pala yung blog ko sa blogspot

Wahaha, this actually got me so amazed. I thought I'm hearing a Harry Potter soundtrack. Tapos when I closed the blog, nag-stop din yung music. So much for being tanga.

2. Sobrang bagal pala ng limewire sa dial-up.
Lo and behold, may LIMEWIRE na rin ako. Actually, it took me a week to actually download the program. The downloading's kinda fine, but still, its slow. Or maybe I was just used to faster connection ng limewire nung intern pa ko sa Times. And the worst part is, kung 89% na yung downloading tapos biglang may nakasulat na "needs more resources"..grrh!

3. Madali lang pala lagyan ng layout yung friendster
May mga tools kasi to personalize it. Pero di ko tuturo ha? Explore niyo na lang din. Mas maganda if you discover it yourself.

5. Madami ka talagang makikita sa friendster
Mapa-ex, ex ng ex, current boyfriend ng ex ng ex mo. At kung sinu-sino pang sinumpa mo noong Grade school ka pa lang. Minsan nga nakakagulantang kasi sobrang iba na yung looks nila and all.

I made a big mistake just this moment. Had the chance to chat with this amazing guy, but I guess I blew it. I undermined him. And I really feel sorry for that. I was being the tactless lady again, and said mean things to him. I'm horrible. Maybe that's why I'm alone. But its just that I have to push him away because I'm not used to real life. The adventurous life. I can only travel when I'm with my parents and the farthest place I've ever been to with friends was in Subic. Just so if ever your'e reading this, I'm really sorry. I know it isn't enough. But it doesn't hurt to try.

And BTW, I'm really loving Limewire now. Its a new friend. I just wosh I wouldn't be bad at it too.

....and i feel like junk

Friday, January 20, 2006



I'm bored

I haven't had classes for two days now. And my money's not adding up so I had to resort to waking at midnight just so I could have unlimited access to the Internet. And besides, our fone wouldn't ring if I'm connected. My mom would kill me if I missed an important call.

Good thing Bezzie went here this afternoon. She didn't bring Googoo though. And when were finally done with the chatting and checking her friendster and other internet stuffage, I walked her home. Googoo was very excited to see her mom. She was so cute with dancing too, I wish I have a kid too, but not now. I have to graduate first, have a job, get a stable salary. And not welcome unemployment. Or if all else fail, I'll marry rich. Nah,just kidding.

Something with the President's security is happening now. And it involves the Oakwood Mutiny soldiers. My dad says the soldiers are already killed, but again, it is his hunch. He doesn't believe in PGMA kasi. But I think security should be followed well. And I still think it's stupid that we are afraid of our own countrymen. Some people sure has different values.

And I'm saying this because I'm a peace lover. In a would-be profession where you are in one with pursuing the truth and giving out infos for people, its a big deal to be balanced with all the judgements. After all, everyone's the same. It's just a matter of choice.

BTW, a guy asked me what my course is. I said JOURNALISM. And then he asked me a stupid request.

"sige nga, gawan mo nga ko ng poem"

I was pissed then told him

"JOURN po ako hindi literature"

Guys, when you're pretending to be so cool, don't be such a know-it-all. It just shows your weak sides. Sheez..

So I guess he was embarrassed so he asked,

"meron ka na bang na-interview?"

So I thought this guy is full of himself. Please, just don't try to be like him. I'm saying this for your own good.

*Number one, nasa USTe ako. Does he think I'd waste my 4 years sitting around looking for inspiration? He really doesn't know journalism.

Second, a current senior student wants herself to be published. Not just in school papers, but also in a nationwide paper. It is a longing if youre into writing. It actually gives a sense of fulfillment. Also, you cannot pass the whole thing without having internship. I may be writing inside the Times office without so much legwork, but they're published and were given bylines. And it's good to write there. =)

And third, most of our articles are non-fiction. We would sometimes write imaginary-based stories but it's in the real stories were focusing on.

Im still not done with Mela's "11 Minutes" book. I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow. It's a good book actually. Its kinky with all the stuff about sex but it's good. And it's not porn. It's just a matter of leveling your mind into other ideas. About desire, and about love.

And although I haven't experienced it yet, I know time will come that my first would be the best one I ever had. A friend once said that I should be "oriented" with it. (and cmon, he's a guy) He insisted on making me ask questions about making love and all. So I decline his offer and brushed him off. I don't know if we should really be oriented, but I think it's silly. It shouldn't require great moves and all. And I believe that once 2 bodies and souls unite, you'd be better with it. Forget Kamasutras and those stuff. Some people have great relationships just by being too much in love with each other.

I'm not sensual. I just think this way. And since I'm still focusing on major goals (to graduate, to have a job as a writer or photojournalist, and be stable with my life) I don't need it yet. I'm contented with kisses and a whole lot of hugging for now because when that time comes, I want to feel so free. As if nothing in the world matters at that very moment..=)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Santo Nino festival

Santo Nino festival

The past few days have been very stressful for me. And I still can't stop thinking about all those frenzies.

I went to Shang's house last Sunday to celebrate Sto. Nino's Fiesta. I was expecting, like, at least 10 XZENOs there but I ended up being disappointed.

To add being badtrip, I like, walked from North Bay to Shang's place because traffic was very terrible and no matter how much scrimping the driver could make, he's just wasting his time for no vehicles are moving.

When I went there, only Eden and Jeisen were actually the Xzeno visitors Shang has. No Marian, Jeng,Jen,Jhile, and some people who promised to be there. And still, no Jayson. Actually, that part was when I really got disappointe..XD

So anyway, Eden and I fetched Ann at her house. I was hoping to go home at 3pm but got delayed since Jen said she'd be at Shang's. 3pm came, and still, NO JEN.

And then, someone finally went in.

Okay, I'm being a drama queen again, but I felt so kilig when he stepped into Shang's house. Maybe because I haven't seen him for years. The last time must be Eden's birthday 2 years ago. And since we both didn't go to Shang's birthday last year, it's been too long since we haven't spent time with one another.

Jayson is Shang's cousin. I have a huge liking for him. You know the feeling when someone calls you and you get all tangled up because his voice would already cause you thrills? That's what I always felt. And although I've TRIED giving up, he's one of my friends, I can't shut him out of my life. Like when he called last Christmas, I thought nothing could ever bring back my feelings for him. I guess I was so WRONG!

He was all dressed-up and saw that he looked really good. I would've controlled my feelings but I felt that kilig in that instant. I wish I didn't, though.

First things first, he said hi. I said hi back. But was suppressing everything inside me. I don't really know what to do but he didnt sat beside me first. Eden gave way. It was cute actually.And pictures, of course we took pictures! Why wouldn't we right?

Then it was already 6:30 pm so I really have to go because my Lola's alone at our house. He said he'd walk me to the jeepney stop. Ok, slower Ria. He said ihahatid niya ko. I asked him if were going to ride in one of the pedicabs. Then asked him if he usually rides one whenever he goes to Shang's place. He said he just walks. So to make it longer for me to be with him, I insisted we just walk even though my feet were already aching because of walking earlier. Chika, Chismis and other stuffage. Fireworks. And fireworks in my heart.


The end because I feel as if it wouldn't go far. WHY?

He doesn't like me, period.

Or if he does, I can't really feel it. Maybe I'm just feeling that giddy because I haven't felt mushy and kilig for nine long months. I'm not saying I need someone who would care for me, but if there could actually be one, I hope he comes now. I can't help feeling alone everyday.

As for this guy, I don't really know what'll happen next. Tama yung testimonial ni Meri. Ako ang babaeng kinikilig. But it stops there. I even made our picture my fone's wallpaper. I'm nuts. And I need saving from my insanity.

Were friends, I know, but I can't stop thinking of you.
I can't shut my eyes without dreaming of that day
And I can't focus because all that's been running in my mind are thoughts of you.
And I feel as if I'm only kidding myself
Because I'm the only one who can feel it.

Tama ba ko? Totoo naman diba? Wawa naman ako.


jayson and ria XD

Oh diba? Were so bagay? I don't know if you'll agree though..

luv ko xzeno!

ann and eden_XZENOs
Hope you read this one of these days.

And I hope you wouldn't realize this when I'm already over you.

We watched this movie yesterday. It was star-studded. Great Movie! Thanks pala to Mela and her family. I hade a blast :D

Image hosting by TinyPic
The Family Stone

Sunday, January 15, 2006


I can't sleep.

It's one of those days when I feel so alone and I really need someone to talk to. But I guess, no one would because everyone's busy with their own lives. Good thing i now have a connection or its one of those sleepless mornings when all I could do is to stare at the ceiling and think of stupid and unreal thoughts. Or it might be real but it hasn't happened yet.

My best friend dropped by 2 nights ago to check if there's something wrong with the PC, but we ended up playing Text Twist. On the way to her house, we managed to have a little Chismax..

moi: Bubut, 9 months na wala pa din akong boyfriend. Panu kung tumandang dalaga na lang ako?
bubut: Alam mo, hindi ko talaga alam kung anong problema sayo, may iba naman dyan na hindi naman maganda (*name witheld) pero nagkaka-boyfriend. Nagsusungit ka ba nitong mga nakaraang araw?
moi: Ano ka ba? Ako pa tinanong mo kung masungit, e ang bait ko kaya sa lahat ng tao!
bubut: Malay mo naman, bata ka pa naman eh.
moi: Bubut, mukha lang akong bata. Pero hindi na.

And it ended there. There's no gossips actually, just gossip about my love life and why HE couldn't show his face to me yet.

Mela said, "Ria kung desperado ka na, papatulan mo na talaga si Mark. Eh kung yung tao nga na walang tigil na nangungulit sayo, ayaw mong bumigay, ibig sabihin, alam mo kung sino talaga gusto mo"

Since Mark can't read this because, heck, he doesn't even know what a blog means, I told Mela " Hello? may balak pa kong mabuhay no? Kung sa kanya lang ako mapupunta, e di magpapakamatay na lang ako kesa maging mas miserable yung buhay ko!"

Do I sound mean? I think I should explain why I'd rather jump off a billboard at EDSA than to be in a relationship with him:

1. He has air for a brain
i.e. he spells liar as liayer. And when were still together, I texted him the quote about "wala lang" is the subconscious mind's way of saying i miss you and then he snapped at me, telling that I dont care about him. jeez! saan bang eskwelahan nag-aral yan!

2. He lives in Olongapo
Do I still need to give a reason? I'm not meant for that place,you know.

3. He stopped studying
Im shutting my mouth right now.

I think I'd rather die alone than be with him. I know it sounds so mean, but it's really true.

It's already four am, still cant sleep, and still in front of the computer. See? my life really sucks..

Ta ta! =)

the car chase and all the stuff

First of all, sorry for the verrrry looong delay of not posting in my blog. Actually, ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng Internet connection.. Alleluiah, my mom finally bought us a PC..

So anyway, we went to Arlene's mom's wake last Tuesday, but before going there, it actually took us a lot of patience waiting for the other car (no offense, Anne!), bangayan ng ULTRAELECTROMAGNETIC JAM, and the popular car chase. Yeah, tristan broke a rule and an MMDA almost got us. Fortunately for Tan, he went speeding just to escape the "would be lechon manok" for the MMDA official.

Just in case you wanna know, it felt as if we're in a roller coaster of some sort. But it was really fun, muntik na nga lang akong mabukulan coz i was at the back seat. And imagine how fast Tristan is going just so we wouldn't be given a ticket, or worse, end up in jail. Wahahaha..

Last Thursday was indeed a lucky day. After slaving myself to study, our long quiz for Mam Perena turned out to be an open notes one. And Poldy? Sir Trillana couldn't make it on class due to his so busy schedule for the accreditation..I am indeed lucky!

So yun, update update lang, and was just trying kung gagana internet sa house. Sorry, sobrang overwhelmed lang ako..

gotta go.. will update tomorrow about the fiesta in Tondo, but not here Tondo.. anyway, I really gotta go.. =)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quiapo day


No, Quiapo day was held yesterday but since I was itching to have new CD's and MP3's because my thirst for new beats are kicking in, I persuaded Brent to go with me since were going to have this 4-hour class gap. And I wasn't disappointed of what I bought. (^____^) all smiles here!

Anyway, we went to SM to look for new clothes for Brent and saw this 7 inches logo in one of the shirts there. Was cool! I told him to buy it, but he said it was too revealing (he meant the logo) for him. I actually think it is cute. If I have a boyfriend, I would buy him one. (Crazy ideas running on my mind right now. Luckily, I don't have a boyfriend so he doesn't have to be embarrased if I did something that crazy!)

Then went to the CD's shop. Yeah, piracy is cheap. Actually, may MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA na sa Raon. If you like an advance copy, just go there. I'm not suggesting it, it's just that since were THAT busy with our studies, who has time to watch movies in cinemas?

A classmate's mom died last night. The whole class is planning to go to her mom's funeral after class. It's just so sad to hear stories about those. I mean, when my Grandma died, I felt as if that was the worst day of my whole existence. It's just that I really love her so much (more than my parents, actually) because she took care of me for 19 years. And imagine being swooped when you find out one morning, still sleepy, that the person you love so much just dies.

Condolences to Arlene's family. I know how you feel. I hope that our presence would be enough to let you know that we really care..
Gotta go again. Sorry for the short post. :D

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back to normal

I made this title because now, were gonna be able to go back to our boring lives now that thesis is finally over and is pending for defense. I can't believe that thesis-writing days are through. As Brent and I walked to Recto this evening for him to escape the traffic that's been building out in Quiapo, I asked him to carry LAPPIE because it's getiing heavier every minute. And then he answered:


And of course, I rolled my eyes (if you know what I mean!) and told him how big of a user he is, that after he used Lappie in thesis and non-thesis days, he would do that to me and to beloved laptop.

But you know I'm just overly dramatic.

Same goes for our acknowledgement for thesis. Though we don't really said super mushy words, it goes without saying how much we thank Sir Jeff, Sir Jere, Mam Arriola and other people who worked with us and imbibed (kamusta naman!) our knowledge in thesis making.

Drama Queen ikaw ba yan?

But really, I'm so glad I could concentrate on major subjects and all.

And hopefully sa blog ko.


Oh wait, love this song..

Lagi na lang umuulan
parang walang katapusan
tulad ng paghihirap ko ngayon
parang walang humpay
Sa kabila ng lahat ng aking pagsisikap
na limutin ka
ay di pa rin magawa
Hindi naman ako tanga
alam ko na wala ka na
pero mahirap lang na tanggapin
di na kita kapiling
iniwan mo akong nagiisa
sa gitna ng dilim at basang-basa pa sa ulan
Pero hwag mag-alala
di na kita gagambalain
Alam ko naman ngayon may kapiling ka nang iba
Tanging hiling ko sa'yo
na tuwing umuulan
maalala mo sanang may nagmamahal sayo.....
Lagi na lang umuulan
parang walang katapusan
tulad ng paghihirap ko ngayon
parang walang humpay
Iniwan mo akong nagiisa
sa gitna ng dilim at basang-basa pa sa ulan
Pero hwag magalala
di na kita gagambalain
alam ko naman ngayon
may kapiling ka nang iba
Tanging hiling ko sa'yo
na tuwing umuulan
maalala mo sanang may nagmamahal sayo....ako

But no, it isn't really for me. Though I'm agonizing the fact that I'm loveless (And the possibility that I might be alone this Valentine's, just when I promised myself that I would bring someone special this Lovapaloooza ths year!) I have already moved on to my past relationships and I wish them all well.(I guess..joke!)

Gotta go finish other Internet stuffage.


Sunday, January 08, 2006


I can't believe it, I actually found a teeny-weeny time for blogging!!

Well, Christmas Break was so divine, gained lots of pounds because of the house to house celebrations and again, screamed my lungs out to videokes at home. It was fun, really, coz I used it as an outlet to all those "cold xmas nights", especially now that im still *sigh* single and lonely. (huh?)

Good thing my high school friends decided to plan a party, but sadly, only 6 of us actually came. But albeit the number of those who came, it still three's already a crowd right? We still rocked Eden's house. Though Im hoping to join them in their Pyro Olympics rendezvous, I wasnt able to join them since my grandma would be stuck alone and I would have guilt trip all over me.

But Im proud to announce that our thesis (breathe) is finally over. Just revisions from Sir Jeff and were ACTUALLY! passing it to Sir Jere. Now I'm terrified of defense.. Also have to pass our letters to panelists (Sir Ian and Maam Pusta)..

Oh and by the way, the most exciting part of the Christmas break is when I dreamt that Sam Milby was finally mine. It brought me to the highest point of the day. I just hope it's real. But I guess I have to stick with the fact that he's real, and I'm a goddess. Bad combination. (^____^)

Mela just lent me her ELEVEN MINUTES book. It was catchy and straightforward acutally, I'm not sure if its for the "conservatives" or anything but I'm having fun reading it. I just hope that one day, I WOULDNT be like the first lines of the book. Kamusta naman ang "once upon a time, there was a prostitute named Maria".. yeah right! me?

UST still has the glowing lights. I got a picture of it last Paskuhan but I couldnt upload it since it is still on my phone. Super ganda nya coz it looks like Hogwarts. really, glowing and shiny.

gotta go back to the revisions and stuff..


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