Friday, January 27, 2006


The UST Community is waiting for LIVRE CONCERT to take place tomorrow.

It's nice having sugarfree, mojofly, sandwich, join the club, parokya ni edgar and other bands to rock the celebration of our Feast day. And it's free. You just have to bring a book as a donation.

But then, rain happened. And actually, I haven't seen flood in a long time until this afternoon. So I guess expectors would be disappointed because chances are, it wouldn't happen. Well, we just have to wait.

So happy that we just had a discussion for PD. It feels so great to just do that. At least I won't be slaving myself that much. I just have to be prepared for the late prelims of 6 readings. But I'm bibo in his class tonight. Well, I have to be..

Internet's gonna be my bestfriend for a few days. Mela got me stuck with the Electronic Trail (I would want to have the undercover but my parents wouldn't allow me), I have to find the UST basketball players that has jersey numbers of 11 (since the quadricentennial year of UST is 2011), Jam asked me to download these Korean stuff, and other stuffages for school. Jonnah's already mad at me for not texting because "Internet na daw ang pinipili ko!"

I mean, i have too many things to do that I can't fit them into my teeny-weeny sked. Thesis defense is only days away. We haven't been practicing it yet. No mock defense until next week since were too busy with other stuff. Good thing we don't have classes on Saturday, or else, I'll be toast.

I had difficulty breathing these past few days. I dunno why. I hope I don't have asthma. But really, I tried everything just to normalize it. I'm not sure.

Haven't finished thesis defense powerpoint yet.

Gotta go!

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