Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pinoy Pride

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friends, Nina and Icy! Wish you both the best this world has to offer! =)

Everytime I hear the song PINOY AKO, I get inspired.

Fine, we hear it everyday, during our long rides or blaring at our neighbor's house and on our own mp3 players.

But yesterday, ABSCBN set the song on my mind again. I was having LSS because Manny Pacquiao won. He's really good. I was actually disappointed amd didn't want to watch the fight at first. There's some spoiler friends who said he didn't win, that he was knocked out at the fourth round.

Yeah right! Say that again after Morales gets out of the hospital! :P Hate know-it-alls.

I missed the Central Library's internet. Coz its faster here, or in any other computer shops for that matter. I hate it at home. I cant download songs faster. SO instead of waiting for the taskbar to load, I'm indulged to talk to people in the MIRC.

And I came across this person last night...

I was feeling sleepy, but then this guy made me wake up angrily. He was asking me to find him a suitable girlfriend, but since his standard's are too high, or as he says "non-bitchy features". I was compelled to give him a friend's email add but says he didn't want her.

That's why I hated pairing up! If someone doesn't want the one paired, you'd be responsible for it. And besides, i haven't seen the guy before. How would I know if he's worthy for my friend. Oh anyway, I hope I wouldn't come across him again.

Sir Opiniano went to class earlier to announce the schedules of defense. Now this is what I call SCARY.
I really hope we'll do good on it. Kaya nga we joked about the place of defense nalang. Kasi outside the campus is forbidden, but since the carpark in USTe has different shops and fastfoods, ano kaya kung sa ICE MONSTER kami mag-defense? Ipapasara ni Mela. Hehehe.

I love this pic. Its from Postsecret I think I can relate to it. But I guess I wasted too many wishes from a lot of guys. Because if I didn't, I wouldn't waste my time looking for someone I could be with. In a relationship kind.

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Have to go while Internet's faster.


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