Sunday, January 22, 2006


Langya, kung di pa ko nagkainternet sa bahay, marami pala kong hindi alam.

1. May sound pala yung blog ko sa blogspot

Wahaha, this actually got me so amazed. I thought I'm hearing a Harry Potter soundtrack. Tapos when I closed the blog, nag-stop din yung music. So much for being tanga.

2. Sobrang bagal pala ng limewire sa dial-up.
Lo and behold, may LIMEWIRE na rin ako. Actually, it took me a week to actually download the program. The downloading's kinda fine, but still, its slow. Or maybe I was just used to faster connection ng limewire nung intern pa ko sa Times. And the worst part is, kung 89% na yung downloading tapos biglang may nakasulat na "needs more resources"..grrh!

3. Madali lang pala lagyan ng layout yung friendster
May mga tools kasi to personalize it. Pero di ko tuturo ha? Explore niyo na lang din. Mas maganda if you discover it yourself.

5. Madami ka talagang makikita sa friendster
Mapa-ex, ex ng ex, current boyfriend ng ex ng ex mo. At kung sinu-sino pang sinumpa mo noong Grade school ka pa lang. Minsan nga nakakagulantang kasi sobrang iba na yung looks nila and all.

I made a big mistake just this moment. Had the chance to chat with this amazing guy, but I guess I blew it. I undermined him. And I really feel sorry for that. I was being the tactless lady again, and said mean things to him. I'm horrible. Maybe that's why I'm alone. But its just that I have to push him away because I'm not used to real life. The adventurous life. I can only travel when I'm with my parents and the farthest place I've ever been to with friends was in Subic. Just so if ever your'e reading this, I'm really sorry. I know it isn't enough. But it doesn't hurt to try.

And BTW, I'm really loving Limewire now. Its a new friend. I just wosh I wouldn't be bad at it too.

....and i feel like junk

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