Friday, January 20, 2006


I'm bored

I haven't had classes for two days now. And my money's not adding up so I had to resort to waking at midnight just so I could have unlimited access to the Internet. And besides, our fone wouldn't ring if I'm connected. My mom would kill me if I missed an important call.

Good thing Bezzie went here this afternoon. She didn't bring Googoo though. And when were finally done with the chatting and checking her friendster and other internet stuffage, I walked her home. Googoo was very excited to see her mom. She was so cute with dancing too, I wish I have a kid too, but not now. I have to graduate first, have a job, get a stable salary. And not welcome unemployment. Or if all else fail, I'll marry rich. Nah,just kidding.

Something with the President's security is happening now. And it involves the Oakwood Mutiny soldiers. My dad says the soldiers are already killed, but again, it is his hunch. He doesn't believe in PGMA kasi. But I think security should be followed well. And I still think it's stupid that we are afraid of our own countrymen. Some people sure has different values.

And I'm saying this because I'm a peace lover. In a would-be profession where you are in one with pursuing the truth and giving out infos for people, its a big deal to be balanced with all the judgements. After all, everyone's the same. It's just a matter of choice.

BTW, a guy asked me what my course is. I said JOURNALISM. And then he asked me a stupid request.

"sige nga, gawan mo nga ko ng poem"

I was pissed then told him

"JOURN po ako hindi literature"

Guys, when you're pretending to be so cool, don't be such a know-it-all. It just shows your weak sides. Sheez..

So I guess he was embarrassed so he asked,

"meron ka na bang na-interview?"

So I thought this guy is full of himself. Please, just don't try to be like him. I'm saying this for your own good.

*Number one, nasa USTe ako. Does he think I'd waste my 4 years sitting around looking for inspiration? He really doesn't know journalism.

Second, a current senior student wants herself to be published. Not just in school papers, but also in a nationwide paper. It is a longing if youre into writing. It actually gives a sense of fulfillment. Also, you cannot pass the whole thing without having internship. I may be writing inside the Times office without so much legwork, but they're published and were given bylines. And it's good to write there. =)

And third, most of our articles are non-fiction. We would sometimes write imaginary-based stories but it's in the real stories were focusing on.

Im still not done with Mela's "11 Minutes" book. I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow. It's a good book actually. Its kinky with all the stuff about sex but it's good. And it's not porn. It's just a matter of leveling your mind into other ideas. About desire, and about love.

And although I haven't experienced it yet, I know time will come that my first would be the best one I ever had. A friend once said that I should be "oriented" with it. (and cmon, he's a guy) He insisted on making me ask questions about making love and all. So I decline his offer and brushed him off. I don't know if we should really be oriented, but I think it's silly. It shouldn't require great moves and all. And I believe that once 2 bodies and souls unite, you'd be better with it. Forget Kamasutras and those stuff. Some people have great relationships just by being too much in love with each other.

I'm not sensual. I just think this way. And since I'm still focusing on major goals (to graduate, to have a job as a writer or photojournalist, and be stable with my life) I don't need it yet. I'm contented with kisses and a whole lot of hugging for now because when that time comes, I want to feel so free. As if nothing in the world matters at that very moment..=)

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