Thursday, January 19, 2006

Santo Nino festival

The past few days have been very stressful for me. And I still can't stop thinking about all those frenzies.

I went to Shang's house last Sunday to celebrate Sto. Nino's Fiesta. I was expecting, like, at least 10 XZENOs there but I ended up being disappointed.

To add being badtrip, I like, walked from North Bay to Shang's place because traffic was very terrible and no matter how much scrimping the driver could make, he's just wasting his time for no vehicles are moving.

When I went there, only Eden and Jeisen were actually the Xzeno visitors Shang has. No Marian, Jeng,Jen,Jhile, and some people who promised to be there. And still, no Jayson. Actually, that part was when I really got disappointe..XD

So anyway, Eden and I fetched Ann at her house. I was hoping to go home at 3pm but got delayed since Jen said she'd be at Shang's. 3pm came, and still, NO JEN.

And then, someone finally went in.

Okay, I'm being a drama queen again, but I felt so kilig when he stepped into Shang's house. Maybe because I haven't seen him for years. The last time must be Eden's birthday 2 years ago. And since we both didn't go to Shang's birthday last year, it's been too long since we haven't spent time with one another.

Jayson is Shang's cousin. I have a huge liking for him. You know the feeling when someone calls you and you get all tangled up because his voice would already cause you thrills? That's what I always felt. And although I've TRIED giving up, he's one of my friends, I can't shut him out of my life. Like when he called last Christmas, I thought nothing could ever bring back my feelings for him. I guess I was so WRONG!

He was all dressed-up and saw that he looked really good. I would've controlled my feelings but I felt that kilig in that instant. I wish I didn't, though.

First things first, he said hi. I said hi back. But was suppressing everything inside me. I don't really know what to do but he didnt sat beside me first. Eden gave way. It was cute actually.And pictures, of course we took pictures! Why wouldn't we right?

Then it was already 6:30 pm so I really have to go because my Lola's alone at our house. He said he'd walk me to the jeepney stop. Ok, slower Ria. He said ihahatid niya ko. I asked him if were going to ride in one of the pedicabs. Then asked him if he usually rides one whenever he goes to Shang's place. He said he just walks. So to make it longer for me to be with him, I insisted we just walk even though my feet were already aching because of walking earlier. Chika, Chismis and other stuffage. Fireworks. And fireworks in my heart.


The end because I feel as if it wouldn't go far. WHY?

He doesn't like me, period.

Or if he does, I can't really feel it. Maybe I'm just feeling that giddy because I haven't felt mushy and kilig for nine long months. I'm not saying I need someone who would care for me, but if there could actually be one, I hope he comes now. I can't help feeling alone everyday.

As for this guy, I don't really know what'll happen next. Tama yung testimonial ni Meri. Ako ang babaeng kinikilig. But it stops there. I even made our picture my fone's wallpaper. I'm nuts. And I need saving from my insanity.

Were friends, I know, but I can't stop thinking of you.
I can't shut my eyes without dreaming of that day
And I can't focus because all that's been running in my mind are thoughts of you.
And I feel as if I'm only kidding myself
Because I'm the only one who can feel it.

Tama ba ko? Totoo naman diba? Wawa naman ako.


jayson and ria XD

Oh diba? Were so bagay? I don't know if you'll agree though..

luv ko xzeno!

ann and eden_XZENOs
Hope you read this one of these days.

And I hope you wouldn't realize this when I'm already over you.

We watched this movie yesterday. It was star-studded. Great Movie! Thanks pala to Mela and her family. I hade a blast :D

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