Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

I'm not sure if I spelled it right, but Happy Chinese New Year. I remember something about saying to Ms. Leah before that I don't have a chinese blood just so I wouldn't have to do her research work. But I'm proud to be part chinese, though I don't look like one. But my brother has inherited the looks.

We went to the Jose Villa Panganiban Lecture yesterday and the guest speaker was Mam Eugenia Apostol. She's so cool. Founder of Inquirer, already 80 yrs of age, but her memory's still good. And she's so kalog. Instead of lecturing about "by the book" infos, she just let the audience ask questions about journalism. Ang nice pa niya. Wow.

After that, the happy THREE friends with Jam and Badet went to SM Manila to help Mela buy a dress for her friend's wedding. It's just nice there so we took lotsa pictures and stuffs.

This afternoon, since there are no classes coz of Feast of St Thomas, i decided to meet Jonnah. Well, I kinda missed her, and its nice that she called before I was going so napadaan sa Binondo and there are dragon dancing and all. It was cute actually. I loved the firecrackers.

basta, Happy chinese new year y'all!mwah!

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