Sunday, January 15, 2006

First of all, sorry for the verrrry looong delay of not posting in my blog. Actually, ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng Internet connection.. Alleluiah, my mom finally bought us a PC..

So anyway, we went to Arlene's mom's wake last Tuesday, but before going there, it actually took us a lot of patience waiting for the other car (no offense, Anne!), bangayan ng ULTRAELECTROMAGNETIC JAM, and the popular car chase. Yeah, tristan broke a rule and an MMDA almost got us. Fortunately for Tan, he went speeding just to escape the "would be lechon manok" for the MMDA official.

Just in case you wanna know, it felt as if we're in a roller coaster of some sort. But it was really fun, muntik na nga lang akong mabukulan coz i was at the back seat. And imagine how fast Tristan is going just so we wouldn't be given a ticket, or worse, end up in jail. Wahahaha..

Last Thursday was indeed a lucky day. After slaving myself to study, our long quiz for Mam Perena turned out to be an open notes one. And Poldy? Sir Trillana couldn't make it on class due to his so busy schedule for the accreditation..I am indeed lucky!

So yun, update update lang, and was just trying kung gagana internet sa house. Sorry, sobrang overwhelmed lang ako..

gotta go.. will update tomorrow about the fiesta in Tondo, but not here Tondo.. anyway, I really gotta go.. =)

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