Sunday, January 08, 2006

I can't believe it, I actually found a teeny-weeny time for blogging!!

Well, Christmas Break was so divine, gained lots of pounds because of the house to house celebrations and again, screamed my lungs out to videokes at home. It was fun, really, coz I used it as an outlet to all those "cold xmas nights", especially now that im still *sigh* single and lonely. (huh?)

Good thing my high school friends decided to plan a party, but sadly, only 6 of us actually came. But albeit the number of those who came, it still three's already a crowd right? We still rocked Eden's house. Though Im hoping to join them in their Pyro Olympics rendezvous, I wasnt able to join them since my grandma would be stuck alone and I would have guilt trip all over me.

But Im proud to announce that our thesis (breathe) is finally over. Just revisions from Sir Jeff and were ACTUALLY! passing it to Sir Jere. Now I'm terrified of defense.. Also have to pass our letters to panelists (Sir Ian and Maam Pusta)..

Oh and by the way, the most exciting part of the Christmas break is when I dreamt that Sam Milby was finally mine. It brought me to the highest point of the day. I just hope it's real. But I guess I have to stick with the fact that he's real, and I'm a goddess. Bad combination. (^____^)

Mela just lent me her ELEVEN MINUTES book. It was catchy and straightforward acutally, I'm not sure if its for the "conservatives" or anything but I'm having fun reading it. I just hope that one day, I WOULDNT be like the first lines of the book. Kamusta naman ang "once upon a time, there was a prostitute named Maria".. yeah right! me?

UST still has the glowing lights. I got a picture of it last Paskuhan but I couldnt upload it since it is still on my phone. Super ganda nya coz it looks like Hogwarts. really, glowing and shiny.

gotta go back to the revisions and stuff..

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