Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel

Yup, that would probably the first song that I remembered this morning. Although, I haven't heard it for a while.. Weird. :P But anyway, if I were in a movie today, my morning would probably like Natalie's in Charlie's Angels. I dont know, but I'm looking forward to mornings again, and I couldn't be happier. :)

One day, I know I will feel the same way too. I just feel safe that he's giving me all the time I need. And I couldn't ask for more. I just love the way things are going so well.

Last night, Deena and I met each other after four years. It has been graduation since we last saw each other. Had dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak then strolled around Mega to look for her baby's clothes. Time flies so fast. Next thing I know, I'd get hitched na rin. But I guess I have to wait for a couple more years.

Speaking of college, my good friend Deejay just broke up with his long distance girlfriend. See one time during college, he and I used to go out. We have the same environment, him being in Architecture, while I, in Journalism. But there's just nothing there, so we decided to keep each other forever as friends. So last night, he was rambling about how he did everything and got dumped in the end. But it was even hardcore when the girl's mom messaged him and blamed him for their breakup. I mean, WHAT THE HELL? So I told him to let her be engulfed by the sand dunes in Saudi. My friend doesn't deserve her. Stupid, stupid woman.

Oh well, guess I needed to be distracted for a while. Helping Deejay made me think a lot about relationships and the what-if's of the world. Him being in a long distance relationship makes me fathom about my future, if ever I say yes to MJ. Plus we haven't talked yet if he decides he'd go back to the States. And that would be super sad. Everyone knows I'm not gonna leave Manila. I have all the reasons in the world to stay, and my family and friends are on the number one list.

So I guess, I just have to enjoy it first while it lasts. Its not like I'm rushing to snag someone right? Because if its meant to be, it will slowly fall into their own place.

Happy Tuesday Morning everyone! :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Back Baby!!!

This baby is definitely back!

This morning, Magic 89.9's radio program, Good Times, hosted by Mo Twister, Grace Lee and Mojo Jojo threw in a topic called "Baby, I'm Back". Callers have to tell about their story on how they were feeling unlucky at first but then for some time, winning streak finally comes their way. And thus, I can totally relate.

Last year is definitely not my year, as everyone already knows by now. For most of my life, I havent won contests even though its a habit for me to join one. During college, I lost a singing contest, even though I believed I deserve to win. And that made me think that contests do not like me. Even a single raffle wherein anyone could get a simple token made me pick out a "Thank You, please join again" note. But at the start of the year, I feel as if I won the biggest jackpot ever. I had friends at my back when I felt so down. That enough, is proof that I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Then February came...

When I opened the Cosmo issue for that month, the entry I sent them last August was published (though anonymously) and it won me a thousand worth of Maybelline goodies. And if that isn't lucky enough, an email was sent to me that I won premiere night tickets to "Its Complicated". Well of course, I had no one to go with, so I asked my Mom to join me and it started our relationship as mother-daughter-friends.

See, I'm not that close with my Mom. Its even harder to tell her how I feel most of the time because I felt that she might not understand what happened to my previous break-up, but she did. And that was a load off my shoulder. I couldn't be happier because I can finally stop pretending to be so tough and mighty all about it. And she could defend me whenever her friends tend to ask about the relationship. And somehow, I felt that I wasn't the only one battling with my heartaches. She even resorted to ask about my Dad's employee at work where they thought had a thing for me. :P

The first date I had since the breakup is the worst.ever. I had enough of cheating and lying bastards and yet there's Kyle, the biggest scum I've ever met. Or well, second biggest scum I've ever dated. I had to be with him for six hours and yet it feels like it was the longest year of my life. But anyway, at least I learned to trust my gut and be wary of signs that youre with an a**hole. And it made me cautious of the people I meet. So again, not giving up on the concept of love, Jayson went back to my life as a friend and I thought it was great for a while. See, he is like my knight in shining armor. He knows the right words to say. He knows how to make me feel better. He just doesn't feel the right feelings for me. At first, I was devastated, but I guess, the only way to get over a heartache is another person who would mend it for you.

And then came MJ...

When I thought I would swear off chinito guys, Shang went on blabbing about a guy she knew would be perfect for me, because I mentioned I like the Ted Mosby-sensitive types from now on. At first, I didn't want to meet him because they described him as the conyo type, and well, too much conyo is so not for me. Then I found out that he worked at the States. Okay, so swell, because my ideal thing is not leaving my homeland for work or for good. Manila is my first love and I can't imagine going somewhere else, and I want a man who would share my beliefs. Third, he also went out of a long term relationship, seven years to be exact, and well, I'm not sure how much drama I'd be dealing with, especially when I just got out of the same drama.

But in just a week, I have already found a great deal of respect for him. At 25, I can't believe how he's been able to teach me a lot about life and people you encounter everyday. Last night, I was so pissed but he managed to calm me down and listen to me rant. And he managed to say what I have been long been denying to myself. Sometimes, I just wish that I could also feel the same about him. I'm no Summer Finn, but maybe, I am in the process where I feel so cautious on giving my heart away again. He called it the three month rule. :P And he's willing daw to give me another three months or we can screw it instead if I wanted to. Whatever!

I just feel happy now. I don't care about what anyone says. I'm not wearing around the guilt anyway, so why should succumb to yet another argument. My conscience is clear. Explaining is for sissies. And I'm not one of them.

So yeah, I am definitely back in the game, baby! And it's gonna be better than ever!

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Earthquake Will Not Snap Me Out

Crossing the bridge to happiness!

Two earthquakes happened in my life yesterday. One, literally, a magnitude of 6.1, and rocked the heck out of Tektite and the other, figuratively, finalized all my suspicions about the buzz I've been hearing lately.

Well of course, I didnt care anymore. I had enough evidence before it was blurted out to me. And well, I thought I would get so affected, but it didnt. It made me laugh actually, because as I am living my life well today, and happily proud, by the way, somewhere out there, is a miserable prick who deserves every miserable thing that's been going on. Assuming that I was hurt, I'd be happy to tell that I'm not. Because I know what the ending will be, and good karma always prevail if you do good things, as for the latter, well you guessed it, bad karma is on the works.

Speaking of good karma, I am proud to say that I have finally finished the THREE MONTH RULE. I realized that it really works out if you give yourself an ample time to finally heal your heart and open it once again to the deserving ones. No, I'm not yet into a relationship, but the thing with Kyle was too rushed, so it didnt work out. Now with MJ, I definitely feel like a princess. (OMG, I sound like Taylor Swift. ERASE!) But yes, I do love a happily ever after with someone who praises the ground I walk in and tells me to sleep because he's worried I might get late to work, or would volunteer to pick me up at the office and offer to drive me home because MRT and LRT's crowded during rush hour. :P Oh, and wait, ze guy friend has also risen from the ashes for unknown reasons. Miss Cherry keeps on teasing me that I really needed a haircut this summer. LOL. Oh, and by the way, she's already planning my wedding, she's already foreseeing a wedding abroad, with Ecuadorian roses, a gown made by Monique Lhuiller and get married in a castle. Well, good luck with that. Really Miss Che? You have an active imagination there.

Not only was I showered with a blooming love life where I would have to choose who's more deserving, a lot of changes in the workplace is buzzing around too. And I would gladly accept the next step. I wanted to learn more of photography too, but my baby will arrive at October pa, so I guess I just have to ask MJ to teach me how to drive instead. hehehe. :P I have been winning contests too lately. I'm about to pick up my Cosmo Prize again this afternoon, and a trip abroad is definitely oozing.

Now if not for the unbelievable events that happened to me last year, my life wouldnt be this good and exciting. If not for the heartache, then I would still be stuck in a toxic relationship and not find the people who would value you more than the asshole who broke your heart. So even if I am yet to decide who's worthy, I am happy with my life. Come to think of it, my three months of happiness could not compare to the three years I've wasted with someone so not the one.

Just like today, drizzles come and go, but my sun would never refuse to shine! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Out Out and Going Out. :)

Because first impressions last. :)

Went out on a first date with MJ last night. You see, after Kyle, I refused to go on dates for a while. Trauma, perhaps, made me like boys but not exactly go out on a "just the two of us" date recently.

But last night, felt like the trauma's gone. My friends made me realize that if I keep pushing myself away from something I went through badly and not take a chance, it would be the end of a "would be" wonderful experience, and this date happens to be one of the good things.

Refresher: MJ is a friend of my high school best friend, Sharlyne. Actually, I don't date guys who are not recommended by friends or family because the nosy in me needs to get information on hand so I wouldnt be hooked into another asshole that I couldnt get back to if he did something bad. Yeah, I still feel cautious after eight heartbreaks.

So anyway, we hang out for coffee, talked for hours, insisted to drive me home, stopped over at Shang's place before dropping me home and there, date one over. Overview, I survived it.

Verdict: I'm not sure if there were feelings involved, but the date went well and felt good. Actually, he was the first guy I dated who I never got a bad conversation with. Well, he was teasing me all night for being petite and all but it was okay. Mayabang lang because he's 5'9. Hmmmp. Will there be a second date? Why not? He was the tarot card guy. He's settled, he's stable, he doesnt drink, nor smoke. He isnt hitched. He's a perfect gentleman, he has class, he's adventurous. The only problem was, he's kind of conyo, and he looks so chinese. Something in my head says he's the perfect guy to be the next boyfriend, but I don't know, I have to test the waters first.

Ive seen this at Tumblr and I guess this should be a guideline for, say, if it happens to do well. Hehehe. :)

1. Your friends approve- You’ll know he’s the right guy for you if your friends feel the same way. If your man hasn’t earned your friends’ stamp of approval, he might as well be waving a big red flag.

2. He gets along with your family- Introducing someone to your family can be awkward and tense— we can thank Ben Stiller for his excellent portrayal of all the worst-case scenarios. However, if he does mesh with the fam and becomes an instant member of your Dad’s “circle of trust,” then you’ll know he’s a keeper.

3. He listens to you- Communication is the foundation to any good relationship. If you’re trying to build a life with a guy who doesn’t think that what you have to say is important, your relationship will inevitably come crashing down. You need a man who truly listens to you.

4. You share the same values- You may say “tomay-to” while he says “tomah-to,” but there is no need to call the whole thing off. Just be certain that you both agree on what matters most in life. Finding a man who shares your ideals will make for a smooth ride.

5. He’s the type of person you would be friends with- You should have the same standards in your love life as you do socially. If you’re dating a guy who you would never be friends with, you might not be a good fit long-term.

6. You trust him- Without trust, your relationship is doomed to fail. If you can honestly say that you trust your man, you may have just found Mr. Right.

7. He makes you feel special- We all know that new-relationship high a little too well, but those feelings tend to dwindle as the days and months progress. If your man is still able to give you butterflies well into the relationship, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

8. He talks about the future- In your search for Mr. Right, you have to remember that he is also looking for a Mrs. Right. If your significant other verbalizes his thoughts on your future together, then it’s likely that he’s also considering you to be that special someone.

9. You feel secure- A man who is financially unfit may not be a good life partner. If your significant other can’t even take care of himself, how will he be able to take care of others? While we don’t recommend gold digging your way to your next boyfriend, we do think it’s important to feel secure in your relationship and in your financial future together.

10. He loves you for you- Surprisingly, this part has to come from you, not him. If you aren’t being true to yourself in a relationship, then he isn’t falling for the realyou. Although we all want to be seen as perfect, the facade will eventually crumble. Be yourself and if he still loves you, you know he’s here to stay.

So, goodluck MJ. Let's see if you're tailor-fit for this girl :P

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And Because Here I Go Again with the Pair-ups

Virgo sign compatibility with Capricorn

That is twice Earth, what could go wrong? Two Earth signs like you should get along wonderfully, according to all known and unknown standards of astrology. That's about all the good news I had.

Let's be honest: any Virgo in this world is a perfectionist. Not "a little perfectionist", not "somewhat perfectionist". But completely perfectionist. Capricorn often feels the same thing. The problems start when everything is filtered through the complicated mind of a Capricorn. Although Capricorn is an Earth sign, (s)he is not very earthly. And not as serious as (s)he is supposed to be, either.

Capricorn will amuse you, and that's good because any Virgo needs something or someone to offer him/her some relaxation, you overdo it at work! But Capricorn's humour is often called irony and Virgo will fly off the handle after a while, even if it is self-irony.

Otherwise, everything is fine. You get along well, because you think alike, you like saving money and neither of you spends too much or thoughtlessly. You might even like the same movies because you have almost the same preferences, since you both are Earth signs.

Capricorn's great ambition goes very well with Virgo's perfectionism, intellectually speaking or from the point of view of social climbing. Your criticism will often be appreciated (finally, someone who doesn't mind your trying to help him/her!) because Capricorn is a balanced sun sign who knows his/her limits and accepts criticism, taking them as life lessons.

Both of you are disciplined and hardworking, and Capricorn is almost obsessed with becoming successful: (s)he likes holding a good social position and often his/her possessions or the things (s)he buys reflect it.

Governed by Saturn, apparently Capricorn is not very sentimental. That means (s)he does not show his/her emotions. But Virgo, governed by Mercury, has the ability to look beneath the shell and has enough patience to discover the Goat's real nature.

A Virgo can read between the lines and go beyond others' pride, shyness or lack of self-confidence. And Capricorn will be grateful to you for the rest of his/her life because in fact (s)he wants to be discovered although (s)he is hiding.

Sexually, you both prefer taking things slowly and reaching a moral intimacy first and only then starting physical relations. Capricorn will be the one leading in bed, whether (s)he is the man or the woman in this relationship. That's because Virgo is a little self restrained.

Therefore, generally speaking, the Virgo-Capricorn relationship is a harmonious one. Earth signs come together for life because they have some essential features in common, such as faithfulness and stability. But, at the same time, they move slowly. It's difficult until they take the first step.


Pwede? Well let's see after tonight. Hope and crossing my fingers that everything goes well as I planned it to be. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Zoocobia: The Life Sized Barn Buddy

Here's to the first leg of our roadtrip: Zoocobia!

Last Saturday, we went on this roadtrip with my officemate, Miss Rose, to accompany her for the ocular of Zoocobia and Zoobic Safari for our new product, WISE Savings Account, designed especially for kids. Part of the perks and freebies of the product are discounts to different kiddie establishments, such as theme parks, specialty stores, etc, and Zoocobia happened to be part of the pack.

By the pond

Zoocobia is located at Sacobia, Clark Field, Pampanga. Going there, you should make sure that you are armed with a map and via an airconditioned vehicle because the roads are still being developed during this time. Though already operational, the zoo will be having its grand launch this April. Entering the establishment, you will be welcomed by the pond and the geese that are bathing in it.

I had to let go of the bird feeds because their feet and beaks feel ticklish

See, Zoocobia isn't the typical zoo wherein you do not get to interact with the animals. For 20php, you get to be inside the huge lovebirds' cage, and feed them. Even kids are enthralled when the lovebirds fly into your hands. It would be ticklish because they swarm into your hand, but they just look so adorable!

Miss Rose's niece feeding the ostrich.

The next attraction would be the ostriches. Again, you could feed them, but this time, with gloves, because they might peck you too hard. The scaredy cat in me did not join the bandwagon. I was too terrified to go near the ostriches. They look so cute but they are bigger and they could run faster, so if they bite or something, they could bolt just like a lightning. And I just couldn't amount to that. The Birds of Paradise section also features different kinds of birds, huge birds that were actually out of their cages. You could also hold them, but you should really be cautious. I saw a different light of the bird family that day because of the tour.

Who doesn't love a good luge adventure?

What zoo wouldnt be complete without the usual display of snake, peacocks, monkeys and other animals right? But this zoo has the most different thing of them all, a LUGE RIDE. See, luges originated from Sentosa, Singapore and Zoocobia just happens to have them right here. And fortunately for us, we got to experience it for free! :)

To the barn!

The Alpaca looks so lonely.

Mom is so thrilled with the huge camel!

After the luge ride, where you get to stop at the lower side of the Zoocobia, you will be led to the Barn, where they have a huge display of different animals that are rarely found in the Philippines. They have the Alpaca, deers, a huge camel, miniature horses, sheeps and a lot more. And if youre lucky, one of their attraction is the animal show every now and then. Nothing's going on when we were there, but their animal trainer is practicing with the monkey to dance tinikling. So cute!

Monkey on training

Yes, they're feeding my friends. LOL

For 149php, you can see these and more at the Zoocobia Fun Zoo. Their guides even told us that you can also go to the Paradise Ranch, a nature trail beside the Zoocobia for free. Unfortunately, we didnt budge going there because its already 12NN and we had to go to their sister company, the Zoobic Safari afterwards.

So if youre looking for an unusual place to spend your summer and do something educational, go on a roadtrip with your family and visit Zoocobia. Who says learning should stop during vacation anyway?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Proof That I'm Lucky These Days...

Are You One Of The Single Ladies Who'll Bring Home A New Scent?

The long wait is finally over. After carefully going through all your answers to our promo question "How do you stay blooming and desirable as a single girl on Valentine's Day?" in our The Question We ‘Pop’ To Single Ladies This Valentines Promo, here are the three fab registered users who not only recruited the most number of friends to become fans of Cosmopolitan Philippines on Facebook, but also gave the most creative answers:

hazelnutzy (332 friends recruited AND first to join the promo)“I stay blooming and desirable as a single girl on Valentine's Day by being with my friends and living life to the fullest. Instead of sulking in my room, I make sure that I travel to different destinations, watch comedy movies with my girlfriends, get makeovers, and simply have fun even though I'm yet to be coupled up. That way, I won't feel pressured to snag a date on the most romantic day of the year. Being with my friends and family is enough for me to feel happy and pretty!”

Who ever thought being single and fab makes you lucky? Now I really love being single! hahahaha. :P

Thanks again Cosmo for letting me win two times in a row! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Now brewing... Coming soon.

New memories from the vacation, new friends to new destinations, new people to fill into the gaps that were once lost.

This is the life I'm headed to. It just has to be. After all, God will never put you into a position where he would let You down. And he brings new beginnings to those who wait patiently.

New life. New love.

I can't effing wait! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Playing Cupid

Not a stupid cupid. :P

Lately, I've been playing cupid for my friends who are not doing well in their relationships. Now, I don't know where I got the notion on having the Ph.D on love since clearly, I am not doing well on the affairs of the heart these days, but I guess the experiences that I tell them helps. And somewhere in my subconscious self, I needed to distract myself from finding true love, so I meddle with others' affairs.

This guy I used to date told me that he was having difficulties with his relationship with his girlfriend who's overseas. Her absence caused a little coldness in the process. I don't usually believe in long distance relationships, but he never fails to treat her like a princess and I can only tell him to wait. I just hope they could fix their issues immediately because I am rooting for the two of them. Now there's also this couple who's very dear to me, happens to be having problems recently, and I just had to intercept with something. Thankfully, all's well now. Not that I am responsible for patching them up, but I just had to barge in or else, I don't know what could've happened.

Sometimes, my pakialamera ways are paying off. :P

But for now, I'm letting my friend Shang brew over my romantic affairs. I need someone to back me up knowing someone who doesn't even have any online accounts so this one's a toughie.

So I have to go pack my things now. 22 days to go and I'd be having my vacation! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paramore Live in Manila: Parapa-parapapapa-parapapa-parapapa!

Finally breathing the same air she's breathing! hahahaha

Manila rocked hard last night with the hottest, most sought after band, PARAMORE!!! Hayley Williams opened the show with the song off their new album Brand New Eyes, singing Ignorance.

Hayley was so ecstatic to be in Manila. She said that among their tour, Manila is their last leg and definitely the biggest crowd. Yup, you've got to hand in to the Filipinos to the most number of attendance possible. While us, even on the farthest post possible, enjoyed the concert so much that Shang, Lester and I didn't mind how hot it is at the venue, nor we could only see them at the three widescreens provided at the venue.

Pure win during the concert

To ease our sadness by the fact that the bouncer friends Sir Rolly wanted us to meet also guards the Bronze Aisle, we bought EYEMAX! See, theyre foldable binoculars to further view the stage. It sells for only fifty bucks! And it has been the source of our humor for being at the farthest end. :P

Lovin' the concert with Sir Rolly's bouncer friend (Para daw safe kami. LOL)

The other songs that they performed (and I remembered, sorry...) were Crushcrushcrush, Careful, That's What You Get, For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic, their only love song The Only Exception (which I so adore, by the way), Decode (one of my favorites! :P), Misery Business, then closed the show with Brick by Boring Brick.

Yay Hayley!

I loved Hayley's shirt, which reads "Thrilla in Manila". Awww, so sweet.

My first concert for the year, and basically my whole and new life. Next time they visit, I should be at the VIP section already. (Hahah! I so wish! :P) Good times! I couldnt ask for a more perfect night than this. Next up, Justin Timberlake? Let's see if we can score ourselves tickets for that. hahahaha!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

You Are My Only Exception...

Far. But still at the venue. Hahahah!

To people who knew me too well, they will tell you that I will never spend for something that lasts for a few hours except if I'm with someone special or I just got a hefty sum of money. It also goes to say that I have never been in a concert before. Of course, Miss Saigon is not counted a concert and well, I got the ticket for free. But when I first heard that Paramore will be performing this March, I don't care if my burgeoning bills will have to wait, because I really have to go there. Even on the farthest seat.

Her tweet says: i just got "lei-d" in manila?

Hayley Williams (Lead Vocals) arrived with the rest of her bandmates, Josh, Jeremy, Zac and Taylor yesterday afternoon. As expected, kind words have been said to our dear Manila again for the warm welcome and the dried mangoes that she enjoyed. Hospitality, something we all can be proud of.

My "devotion" to Hayley started when she first sung Misery Business. I remembered loving the whole girl-rock attitude in her videos. Then they brought out the best in Twilight as they performed Decode and I Caught Myself. Current favorites: The Only Exception (Because it was featured at Gossip Girl) and Brick by Boring Brick.

Last December, during the radio interview that was aired by Magic 89.9, their lead guitarist confirmed that they are indeed going to Manila. Since Shang is a follower, I immediately told her about it and so we both decided to watch them, regardless of our schedule. Fast forward to present day, March 9, 2010, history, as we say it, will never be the same. Ria's first concert, and Paramore's first Philippine concert! I just couldn't wait!

Oh and I got up early this morning. That's how ecstatic I am. Hahahaha! :P

Manila, we will rock tonight! See you Paramore freaks later at Mall of Asia Concert Grounds!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Don't You Just Hate It When...

after gruesome hours and days of planning and contemplating, putting out magazine clippings, designing your bulletin board with your dream destination, your companions would back out at the last minute and leave just the two of the original planners go to the said trip?


One of the million reasons why were pushing through with the trip :P

Since Mench and I are the only ones to go to Ilocos, might as well spoil ourselves. I need to hit the beach! I wanted to explore new lands. Never mind the 12-hour bus ride, because I know it will be worth it, but we are definitely going there this April. Nothing, and no one can ever stop me. That's how persistent I am.

To think of it, this will be my first trip without a family member or with a boyfriend. I am so excited! Total freedom from almost everyone. And I am assuring myself that this would be my another step to going forward. I.CAN'T.WAIT.

So Ilocos, please wait for me. Please clear your skies when I get there. I wanted the sun to shine and kiss my skin. I wanna bring my backpack and stroll around like Dora the explorer. :P I wanna frolick at the beach and leave all my problems in Manila and just feel like I'm in paradise once we meet at last.

First timer, north bound. Where are the other destinations would you recommend me to go to? Surprise me everyone! :P

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Always a Loser?

Try your luck and win prizes at http://generouslygreedy.blogspot.com/2010/03/g2-give-way-ii.html

Who knows, your lucky charm may be on its way too! :)

Why Have I Been Born A Little Late?

I so love Barney Stinson! (Neil Patrick Harris) I mean, I adore Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan), but Barney is the best. He delivers the best lines, he makes you want to hate him when he seems super insensitive, but you just love his antics, especially when he were in love with....not spoiling anyone who haven't been past that episode yet. :P

Everytime I tell the older folks about How I Met Your Mother Series, they would immediately tell me about Doogie Howser. So I definitely didn't know a thing about "Doogie" or whoever the hell he is, so I made a little research about it. And young Neil Harris is just so adorable. :P

Hey Doctor!

Since I was just four years old at 1989, there isn't any possibility that I have come up to see the series. But I am definitely searching for it this weekend. Neil Harris has a way to make you laugh so hard, even by just looking at his face. And he doesn't even have to be ugly just so to make his audience heckle.

So anyway, this is Doogie Howser, M.D.'s plot line from IMDb.com

Doogie is no ordinary teenager, he is a doctor. As smart as they come, he has been a doctor since the age of fourteen. But it's not because you are highly intelligent that you don't have the same feelings toward life. He is constantly torn between a life of teenage fun with his buddy Vinny, and a more serious and quiet life practicing medicine.

Now I'm really hooked! Being someone so addicted with American Series (oh wait, even Korean and Chinese, to boot), I just have to see this one. I hope I can scour one at Quiapo.

So SUIT UP! DVD hunting tomorrow, just because Barney is Legen...wait for it... DARY!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Do You Believe in Foretold Future?

I never believed in fortune telling back then. In fact, I was against knowing what the future holds for me. Mainly because I was too scared of its outcome or I might disappoint myself in the process if it doesn't happen to me.

I guess I shouldn't have kept my last word about being against it.

Lately, fortune telling comes naturally for me. Not that I begged my way out of it, but I learned to anticipate them since it is a win-win situation for me. After all, what have I got to lose? It's fun, it may be disappointing, but I guess that's life. Whether something good or bad happens, it is still meant to happen, no matter what. After all, only you can shape your universe. And you have to be responsible of yourself.


When I attended the Belle De Jour Fair last October, the my tarot card says ex and I wouldn't work out anymore, I will meet a settled guy, promotions are not yet possible during 2010 but a lot of travel opportunities are in store for me. Look where it got me now? Settled guy, still not here. :P

And if that doesn't seem freakish enough, my tarot cards last Chinese New Year's Eve says I haven't found someone yet because its natural for me to feel so difficult in moving forward, my current problem is in terms of finances because I have too many bills to pay, I'm happy with my current job but I feel as if I needed to do more, my family gives me tons of advice but I seem to snap out of it because I'm really hard-headed and I will meet someone, but its as if he would find it rather difficult because I have high standards in a relationship. Great.

That, I just had to agree. Because its so transparent already.


This, I just had to believe. I would love to tell what they said about me here, but they're kind of personal. Let's just say that the two of the people Ive consulted with brought me hard hitting facts about my life and summarized everything that happened the past year. That their guidance helped me think about a lot of things and the game plan for this and the succeeding year. One of them gave me a paper and asked me to burn it tonight. He said that all the hurt was written in that paper and I should let it flame so that it could lighten my heart. For a solid second, I think it worked. And maybe, it'll work for a long time.

Chances are, good things, no, great things will definitely come my way. I may have to wait for now, but then again, it is the only thing worth looking forward to, so I'm good with that.

How about you? Do you believe in fortune telling? Or "what you do not know wont hurt you" is still your favorite passage?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Post Valentine Blog Giveaway by Lipstick Addict!

See, I'm all for girly stuff. And since I super love the things that make a girl pretty, let's all join Ms. Anna's blog contest to win a beauty pack! :)

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And here's me, wishing to win another contest again! Happy Monday everyone! :)

Can Exes Really Be Friends?

I've had horrible and not so horrible break-ups. But after a long time and suddenly, you see each other, can exes really be friends?

Two weeks ago, my ex and I decided to meet near his workplace because I was having dinner with a friend just across his workplace. He said he'd just drop by a while because he has work at 10PM. So he came and said our hi's and hello's, but he had to go to work already. After a while, I texted him, saying I was sorry we couldn't hang out much longer. He then said he missed me and asked me if we could hang out sometime, maybe grab a dinner or something.

See, that's where this goes wrong... HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND NOW.

Now, see is the only ex I've stayed in touch and friends with. When I was having troubles with my former relationship, he would listen and console me, telling me that there are million fishes in the ocean. Even though he just woke up or back from his shift, he never ignores any of my calls. That's how good of a friend he is. But now, asking me if I wanted flowers again when I texted him about the prom I've seen at his former school has been causing me confusion. Plus everytime I ask him to find me a suitable guy, he just wouldnt respond. The most bizzarre of them all, is asking me if I was telling him to go at OUR (as in him and I) house. Not that we have one, but still, not a good joke. :(

See, I wanna continue being friends with him, but him being a tease is a bit uncomfortable for me. It's just that he's one of the people I trust, and I don't want his girlfriend to lose it on me or something. I just hope everything will be okay. At least I'm praying for now.

No, I shouldnt be stressed by this. I am far more above the situation now. :P

Oh, its the first day of March. Also the first day of summer! Soo excited!


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