Friday, March 19, 2010

Are You One Of The Single Ladies Who'll Bring Home A New Scent?

The long wait is finally over. After carefully going through all your answers to our promo question "How do you stay blooming and desirable as a single girl on Valentine's Day?" in our The Question We ‘Pop’ To Single Ladies This Valentines Promo, here are the three fab registered users who not only recruited the most number of friends to become fans of Cosmopolitan Philippines on Facebook, but also gave the most creative answers:

hazelnutzy (332 friends recruited AND first to join the promo)“I stay blooming and desirable as a single girl on Valentine's Day by being with my friends and living life to the fullest. Instead of sulking in my room, I make sure that I travel to different destinations, watch comedy movies with my girlfriends, get makeovers, and simply have fun even though I'm yet to be coupled up. That way, I won't feel pressured to snag a date on the most romantic day of the year. Being with my friends and family is enough for me to feel happy and pretty!”

Who ever thought being single and fab makes you lucky? Now I really love being single! hahahaha. :P

Thanks again Cosmo for letting me win two times in a row! :)


hey congratulations! ang swerte!


Oo nga po eh. Sobrang my lucky stars are working out these days. I received another email na naman that i won another contest. hehehehe. its like shopping for free. :)


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