Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finally breathing the same air she's breathing! hahahaha

Manila rocked hard last night with the hottest, most sought after band, PARAMORE!!! Hayley Williams opened the show with the song off their new album Brand New Eyes, singing Ignorance.

Hayley was so ecstatic to be in Manila. She said that among their tour, Manila is their last leg and definitely the biggest crowd. Yup, you've got to hand in to the Filipinos to the most number of attendance possible. While us, even on the farthest post possible, enjoyed the concert so much that Shang, Lester and I didn't mind how hot it is at the venue, nor we could only see them at the three widescreens provided at the venue.

Pure win during the concert

To ease our sadness by the fact that the bouncer friends Sir Rolly wanted us to meet also guards the Bronze Aisle, we bought EYEMAX! See, theyre foldable binoculars to further view the stage. It sells for only fifty bucks! And it has been the source of our humor for being at the farthest end. :P

Lovin' the concert with Sir Rolly's bouncer friend (Para daw safe kami. LOL)

The other songs that they performed (and I remembered, sorry...) were Crushcrushcrush, Careful, That's What You Get, For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic, their only love song The Only Exception (which I so adore, by the way), Decode (one of my favorites! :P), Misery Business, then closed the show with Brick by Boring Brick.

Yay Hayley!

I loved Hayley's shirt, which reads "Thrilla in Manila". Awww, so sweet.

My first concert for the year, and basically my whole and new life. Next time they visit, I should be at the VIP section already. (Hahah! I so wish! :P) Good times! I couldnt ask for a more perfect night than this. Next up, Justin Timberlake? Let's see if we can score ourselves tickets for that. hahahaha!

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